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  1. @cutecharm Thanks so much for your very detailed reply - I appreciate it. When I begin a round as a counsellor I simply start searching the nearest cabin that is not already occupied by another counsellor. Given that there are a limited Medical Sprays on any map (and all the counsellors want them!) - should I be heading directly to one of the locations you have listed? What is your strategy? Do you end up finding at least one Medical Spray most rounds? Thanks also for your tip concerning 0% damage on the Medic Perk.
  2. Hi all, Thanks for your responses and poll data so far. There is only one surprise for me: I knew Medic was popular but I didn't know it was (at this stage of the poll) the most popular. I realise statistically so far we only have a small sample range. I have been reluctant to use Medic because most rounds I don't even find a Medical Spray. Am I looking in the wrong places? Any advice? Thanks, Matt
  3. Thanks for your replies guys - I appreciate what you've written. I rolled through my remaining CP (about 100,000). I rolled 6 new Legendary Perks. I also rolled several Legendary Perks which I already had - I didn't record how many but probably 3 or 4. That would make it roughly 1 Legendary Perk per 10,000 CP - which is what a lot of people have already quoted. During rolling I am of course selling back many unwanted Perks - so the real figure is much higher than 10,000 CP per Legendary perk. To my dismay I have noticed how often Legendary Perks are actually inferior to Epic Perks that I already have. I'm embarrassed to admit that more than once I have replaced an Epic Perk with an inferior Legendary Perk just for the sake of vain glory! (stupid, I know) @F13 Seppuku Squad I'm curious as to what you wrote about the bonus increased repair speed on Medic Legendary Perk. I think you're suggesting that when the repair mini game moves faster, it's actually harder to hit the correct buttons in time?
  4. Which Perks do players consider to be the best (assuming Legendary Perks stats)? I realise individual responses will depend on play style and counsellor choice but I'd like to get a general idea. The poll only allows me to include 20 choices - unfortunately I may have neglected some Perks which players use.
  5. Hi there, A little while back I asked a question about rolling Legendary Perks: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27852-rolling-legendary-perks-technique-or-100-random/?tab=comments#comment-374845 Since then, I increased my Level to 150 and accumulated about 200,000 CP. I have followed the advice received. I activated Max Value Perks on all counsellors. I am spreading the rolling out between every counsellor. I began with 11 Legendary Perks. I have gone through 100,000CP and rolled 8 more Legendary Perks. I already had one of those - so I currently hold 18 Legendary Perks. These are the Legendary Perks I think I would most like to have: Level Headed Marathon Nerves Of Steel Thick Skinned I currently have Epic level Perks for each of those four. To the point: does anyone have any specific advice for rolling those four Legendary Perks? Perhaps certain counsellors roll those Legendary Perks more often than other counsellors? Perhaps I need certain other Perks activated before I begin rolling? I will be very glad to receive any advice. Thanks, Matt P
  6. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. I am now just a few Levels away from weapon selection - so I will soon have some practical knowledge on the matter. Looking forward to it. Matt
  7. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. I suppose cross-platform play is a challenge to provide...I wouldn't know. I wonder which platform has the most active online players? I suppose if the developers want to keep the game alive, cross-platform is the way to go? Matt
  8. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. I look forward to getting some fast XP, CP and maybe even some Tapes! Matt P
  9. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. @ExpertDual I would like to better understand what you have told me. I am at Level 108 - so I think it's a good time for me to be rolling Perks. I will activate any Max Value Perks on my counsellor(s) before I begin rolling. Is the link below the best listing to determine what the Max Value actually is for each Perk? https://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/Perks Thanks for your help. I am glad I posted here. Matt
  10. Hi there, I am playing Friday the 13th on my Nintendo Switch. When I join a match - am I playing only against other Nintendo Switch players or am I also playing against players on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Just curious. Thanks, Matt
  11. Hi there, I have saved up quite a bit of CP and will soon do a "rolling session" to try and get some more Legendary Perks. I currently have 11 Legendary Perks - many of which I do not use. Is there any technique to roll Legendary Perks? For example do different counsellors tend to roll certain Perks more often than other counsellors? Should I divide up my rolls evenly between all counsellors? I am most interested in Legendary Thick Skinned and Legendary Preparedness but in the long run I would like to gain access to all the Legendary Perks. Am I asking a silly question i.e is the rolling system 100% random? I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks, Matt PS. I am playing on Nintendo Switch, in case that makes any difference.
  12. Hi there, I have been looking around to see whether there will be a Double XP (or similar) event this Friday 13 March 2020. I can't find any information...anybody know anything? Thanks, Matt
  13. Hi there, This was posted on the Official Friday the 13th: The Game Twitter account 12 May 2018: Jason Weapon Selection is a level 113 unlock. Jason Strengths & Weaknesses are tied to Jason and not to weapons. https://twitter.com/friday13thgame/status/995029378915545088?lang=en I take that comment to mean that Jason Part 3, Jason Part 4 and Jason Part 7 do not lose their Weapon Strength when they are equipped with an alternate weapon. I also take it to mean that equipping any other Jason with any of the weapons belonging to Jason Part 3, Jason Part 4 and Jason Part 7 does not give that other Jason Weapon Strength. Have I understood that correctly? Aside from Weapon Strength being non-transferable - are there other weapon qualities or effects that do transfer between Jasons when using Weapon Select at/after level 113? For example do some weapons have a longer reach or are they wielded faster and do these qualities create an advantage when using that weapon? Do people on this forum have a genuine weapon preference which doesn't only relate to how the weapon looks? I have a couple of other totally unrelated questions: 1. I play on my Nintendo Switch. Am I only playing against other Switch players or is this game cross-platform? 2. Does anyone know when the next double XP event is (perhaps Friday 13 March 2020)? Thanks for your help. Matt P
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