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  1. Thanks for your reply @I'm Not a Goalie To be honest, nowadays I only play Offline Bot mode when I cannot find a Quick Play lobby. I truthfully have forgotten whether the boat spawns in that mode or whether kills count towards badge/achievement progression - I suspect all of what you have said is true also for Nintendo Switch. So then...what is the explanation for me being stuck on 28/31? Is that a Nintendo Switch problem?
  2. Hi there, Before writing this I used the forum search feature and read through the various posts concerning the Torpedo badge. The posts however are mostly several years old, so I am wondering whether there is any new information as to whether or not it is possible to get the Torpedo badge - particularly on Nintendo Switch? I have been stuck on 28/31 for that badge for a very long time. To be honest I am not actively trying to get the badge but as I got the first 28 Torpedo kills without trying - I would have expected to have advanced by now. In the beginning I used to exclusively play Offline Bots - does that somehow explain how I got 28 Torpedo kills without trying...but none since playing against humans (even though I have since knocked over many boats and killed the human player occupants)? Can anyone enlighten me? Is this a Nintendo Switch problem? Thanks, Matt P
  3. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. @Somethin Cool are there any posts online showing Pocket Knife locations for each map? @tyrant666 when a counsellor (including Tommy) dies - are their unused Pocket Knives located next to their corpse - or do these Pocket Knives return to cabin drawers and campsites? Thanks, Matt P
  4. Hi all, Most times when I play as a counsellor I do not find any pocket knives. However, when I grab counsellors as Jason - most players have pocket knives. What am I missing? Where is everyone finding their pocket knives? I am aware that first aid sprays appear in some set locations as well as random locations on each map - are pocket knives the same? Two days ago I came up against a counsellor that was holding 3 pocket knives! While it is possible to find 3 pocket knives, it is extremely unlikely. Was this player cheating? Matt P
  5. Hi all, When I experience long delays finding a lobby via Quick Play I resort to playing against bots, to pass some time. Last night I was playing against seven bots on Pinehurst. I had them set on easy. Towards the end of the round I was really surprised to find a dead body as I entered one of the cabins. I checked against that counsellor's name and saw that their cause of death was suicide. Now I'm not suggesting that the bot deliberately killed themselves to deprive me of the kill (as many human players do)...but in countless offline games I have never seen that before. I couldn't even work out how the bot died until I noticed a counsellor-set bear trap stuck to their foot. It's very rare that the bots set traps (I've only seen it around 3 times). I suppose this bot must have set the trap, walked through it, reset the trap, walked through it again...and repeated this until death. Weird. Has anybody ever seen a bot suicide (presumably by accident)? Thanks, Matt P
  6. Thanks @Carrboxx1, I always use Part 2. He's the one I started with and therefore I have gained a fair bit of skill using him. I am often able to kill all the counsellors and I would have to have a truly terrible round to kill less than half (it happens very occasionally). I have however often wondered whether I would be even more successful with a "statistically better" Jason. I love using Part 2 so much that I will probably never find out. Don't get me wrong - I have tried every Jason but not repeatedly. I am a pretty good Jason but I remain a mediocre counsellor. I have improved over time as a counsellor but not at the same rate that my Jason skills have improved. I think perhaps I am an impatient counsellor and I take too many risks, getting things done quickly. I am completely focused on repairing everything and perhaps not enough on survival. It's frustrating to have repaired the phone and one or both cars/boat and to die and witness cowardly players escaping because they've spent the entire round avoiding any danger! I also won't escape in either vehicle unless it is full - which gets me killed from time to time. To be honest I play the game in anticipation of being Jason. Sometimes I have a satisfying round as a counsellor but it's never as good as being Jason.
  7. Well...I have no idea why this post suddenly came back to life, after dying more than 5 months ago - but thank you for all your replies!
  8. I read somewhere that the bots cannot lay traps (I can't recall where I read that). I have played a lot of rounds with the bots and while it is extremely rare I have twice come across traps that have been set by bots. This hasn't led to the bots surviving but I just think it's interesting that this happens.
  9. Hi all, I am playing on Nintendo Switch. Yesterday I could not finish a round as the final two counsellors got themselves on top of the rock in Higgins Haven Small. I waited nearby the rock and watched YouTube videos on my phone to try to figure out a way up onto the rock or another way to kill them. Eventually I was actually kicked from the game due to inactivity! According to these discussions there may no longer be any way for Jason to get up onto the rock without help from a counsellor: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27981-fix-rock-glitch-behind-higgins-small-main-house/?tab=comments#comment-375991 http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28104-glitch-spot-behind-sofa-in-vacation-house/?tab=comments#comment-377451 This is what I would like to know...I had several throwing knives and aimed them well before throwing them but none of them seemed to make contact. Is it possible to hit a counsellor with a throwing knife when they're on top of the rock? Thanks, Matt P
  10. Hi all, In previous posts I have written about how I am a pretty good Jason (I kill all counsellors most rounds) but that I suck at being a counsellor. I would like to be a better counsellor, so I am scrutinising my play style – looking for areas I could improve. One thing I am wondering about is whether I need to be more selfish as a counsellor. At the moment I use Vanessa Jones or Deborah Kim with Legendary Marathon, Nerves Of Steel and Thick Skinned. I focus on getting items (boat propeller, car batteries, fuse, jerry cans) to where they need to be and I will often make repairs if Jason isn’t lurking nearby. If I cannot transport an item for any reason I will at least pick it up and put it down again, so that other counsellors can see where it is located. When I am in a cabin I usually try to barricade all doors and enter and leave via two different windows to create a safe haven and easy entry/exit for any counsellors who may enter that cabin fleeing from Jason. I try not to escape in the car or boat alone – certainly never in the four seater. I am careful not to escape the map with useful items in my possession – especially not the fuse or car keys. I use my microphone to tell other players where tapes are located – as I have already collected them all. Of course playing unselfishly ought to improve the odds of survival for all counsellors and thereby improve my own odds but I am wondering whether I am taking too many risks in doing so. I don’t want to become a counsellor who deliberately runs people over or places repair items out reach or lays bear traps for other counsellors or who assists Jason to kill other counsellors but I need to consider a more balanced approached. The fact of the matter is that I usually get killed early in the round - so my play style does not work! Please don’t misunderstand me I am not trying to boast about being unselfish…I play selfishly too. I usually never drop the car keys because I don’t want to be left behind. I am careful as to how/when I deliver the propeller or jerry can to the boat because again – I don’t want to be left behind. If I am in a cabin with another counsellor I rush around checking for items in drawers before they can get to them. I’m no saint. I am interested to hear any and all opinions on this matter but especially the opinions of players who most often survive as a counsellor. Thanks, Matt P
  11. Hi all, I frequently see counsellors strobing (rapidly turning on and off) their flashlight, while pointing it at Jason. To me it always seems as if they're trying to hypnotise/distract/stun Jason. Perhaps they're trying to reduce their Fear? Can anyone please explain this tactic to me? Thanks, Matt P
  12. I am interested to know: 1. Which Spawn Preference do players select? 2. What are all the impacts this setting can have? For example: can Spawn Preference impact which server/session a player is placed in via Quick Play?
  13. Hi all, Thanks so much for your replies and for your votes. Before this poll I was exclusively using Vanessa Jones with Legendary Marathon, Nerves Of Steel and Thick Skinned. I focus on completing objectives, moving lots of items around the map and even making repairs when players with better repair stats won't/can't repair. I understand how the game works and I'm a pretty good Jason (I kill all counsellors most rounds) but I seem to just suck at being a counsellor! I am often killed early on in the round, probably because I am moving around the map too much too fast - moving items with Vanessa's very low stealth stat. Even when I come back as perfect Tommy - I often get killed again! Don't get me wrong I have survived/escaped many times in every possible way (even killing Jason) but my record of survival is so much lower than my success as Jason. I have changed to Deborah Kim for the time being and overall I am doing better...but not as well as I would like to. Perhaps I need to watch some YouTube clips of really good players and see what I am missing? The best counsellor player I have seen (on Nintendo Switch) is a guy called Michael. He always plays as Victoria Sterling - who nobody voted for on this poll! This guy is an absolute phenomenon and survives/escapes almost every game (though I have killed him at least once). It just goes to show that a really good player may have a less popular counsellor or Jason choice that enables them to best play their own style. Thanks for your help. Matt P
  14. Hi all, Thanks so much for your replies and for your votes. Well this is embarrassing...I exclusively use Part 2...which nobody voted for...though @SonofOdin6039 and @Eva Watanabe did mention that they have been doing well with Part 2 of late. Do you two swap his weapon or leave it at default? I do quite well with Part 2: I usually kill all the counsellors and even when things go horribly wrong I kill more than half. Traps and Morph are a big part of my game - so perhaps my decision to use Part 2 is valid. Nevertheless I cannot ignore the poll results. I used to play Part 3 - so I am going to start using him sometimes (Retro Jason!) I am totally inexperienced with Part 8 - so I am going to focus on learning how to use him. Thanks for your help. Matt P
  15. Which Jason do players consider to be the best/their favourite choice? I realise individual responses will depend on play style but I'd like to get a general idea. I have deliberately not included Savini Jason in this list, as most players cannot access him. Still, I would like to hear any comments about Savini Jason from those who have him or who have seen him in action. I also did not include Retro Jason because his abilities are the same as the regular skin Part 3. When I use Part 3 I like to use Retro Jason because I have spent many hours playing the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System Friday the 13th game. I have however always wondered whether Retro Jason is actually disadvantaged - as he is likely to be more visible in darker surroundings. Does anyone agree with that thought? I would like to hear from players who equip their favourite Jason with an alternate weapon. I would like to hear any explanations concerning which Jason players prefer? Perhaps some players alternate between several Jasons?
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