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  1. I’ve recently been playing friday the 13th and I keep finding new players in the game who are cheating. I keep getting run over(others as well) or there’s a player who is working with Jason. I didn’t know where else to turn but my matches have been frequently like the pictures below. I made an account on here to get help. I feel powerless and unable to stop this. I don’t only think about myself in the game I like to cooperate and help out other counselors and play the game right. I mean helping each other out increase survival anyways so why not? Some people who read this are like join another lobby. I keep running into them. On switch those same cheaters can instantly change there name and hide themselves (whatever you name your profile that becomes like your gamertag online).It’s ridiculous at least on xbox you can easily report players like that. On switch it’s hard there no report button or anything except maybe call Nintendo? I pay for my online service just like anyone else. I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say “We all pay to ENJOY our online service”. Is there anyway these cheater can get banned?I have photos too btw
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