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  1. I have been debating whether to buy this game for a while - not going to lie - was definitely a let down to hear no new content will be made for the game and my concern over the longevity grew. However, as someone who does not own the game the Ultimate Slasher edition looked pretty cool and I thought perhaps it would get more players in to the game and prolong its inevitable end. Feeling less confident now that I look around at all the retail spots and see its now got a release date of September 25th. Doesn’t seem to bode well...not to mention just another disappointment. Anyways.. TL;DR - Ultimate Slasher edition has been delayed from Sept 4th to Sept 25th without a mention or bulletin from Gun. Don’t go looking for it at your local retailer.
  2. I’ve been looking into the cuts of some of these films and realized that some of them have a surly received uncut releases that I never knew existed. Examples of released uncut versions I know about are Jason Goes To Hell, The original 1980 Friday The 13th, and the 2009 Reboot. My question is, how many other films in the franchise have received uncut/extended releases?
  3. What is the crash issue? Does it crash at specific points? Currently playing it, close to the end but have experienced a fair few crashes. Thankfully I mostly save frequently. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  4. Hello there im new here just want to say hiiii Kodi Lucky Patcher nox
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