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  1. Cocky Jason's need to be put in their place as well.
  2. Personally, I think Jason is too OP, and half of my counselor perks are useless with Jason being invincible after 10 minutes. Counselors need a 4th perk. Jason's grab should have a little cool down time of about 2-3 seconds. It's never worked properly, and I have enough to deal with as counselor...team killing, people helping Jason, bugs, glitches, etc. This game is not balanced.
  3. Since Jason got a major, major buff to be invincible, does anyone else think counselors should get a 4th perk since a lot of our perks are useless now, and the game is clearly unbalanced? I want Jason to be OP, but invincible after 10 minutes is too much.
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