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  1. I saw Humble is having a sale on the game listing it for $5 and I've played before when it first launched and I loved it and it was a lot of fun but ever since the content cuts and the stop on future content is making me question if I should get the game again. I have just a few things I need for me to get this game and need a hand from the present community to reassure me on it. -Queue times, Are there people actively playing because I really don't want to sit in queue forever (I'm from North America East if that helps with the queue time point) -Prox chat/player base, Is everyone still comedic or has everyone become toxic and super competitive (I don't wanna load into a game and get teamkilled if that's still a thing) -Bug fixes, that's it for that one is the game getting patched out to fix bugs or balanc10. hotmail.com e updates etc.
  2. Last night a counselor finally survived the night on me, that has never happened to me before. The last two counselors were a Chad and Deborah that were grouped up with a third person that I got early on (they all had matching names). Looking back they were pretty bad and if my shift grabs were on point then it would have went differently, so we were all bad. It also didn't help that the Deborah managed to toss firecrackers so far that they landed where she wanted them? Pretty sure firecrackers aren't supposed to work that way which kind of changed how I dealt with these two, figured they were gonna cheat some more. Ultimately ended up with 5/7 kills, another counselor that was alive left and I ended up getting the Deborah, who managed to eat like more than five hits in a blocking combat stance? The Chad lived but eh. I like getting games like that because it's a major learning experience.usps trackingshowboxspeed test
  3. I’ve been looking into the cuts of some of these films and realized that some of them have a surly received uncut releases that I never knew existed. Examples of released uncut versions I know about are Jason Goes To Hell, The original 1980 Friday The 13th, and the 2009 Reboot. My question is, how many other films in the franchise have received uncut/extended releases?whatsapp web routerlogin
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