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  1. I took maybe a 5 month break from the game and it’s hilarious that people still run Vanessa and what blows my mind even more is that they’re mostly max levels that still get wiped out! Y’all have 0 skill… can’t even repair and can’t even don’t the main job, RUN JASON throughout the match so others get the objectives done
  2. vanessa can easily be a top 3 counselor if you have good focus when it comes to skill checks but i always tell people fox and adam are the best counselors since they can do it all
  3. I’m so tired of getting killed as jason only because the host has the worst internet. Blocking is super delayed, you and others teleport, your abilities freeze, you can’t jog/fast walk, combat stance never works, it takes ages to break down doors, grabs and throwing knives go right through counselors and there’s plenty of more issues. I am sure others are having the same frustrations and only get killed because they can’t do anything due to the shitty lag. Correct me if i’m wrong but the lag was never this intense when the game was first released without dedicated servers?
  4. Since the patch, I have not been able to do it on or off host. My friend said it works off host but I had no luck, could anyone conform if it is still possible to do?
  5. This is probably the most annoying thing in the game, what exactly is the point of even trying if you're just gonna quit like a total douche? It's a game where you kill people, stop whining
  6. That bloody savini i’ve been seeing in pubs since 2017, i’m not just gonna throw your gamer tag out there but i’m pretty sure you’re the guy i’m thinking of because i usually check someone’s stats when they pull up as savini and it seems relatively close and i like checking yours because I enjoy seeing that brutal kill count go up so much lol, if i’m not mistaken you’re the one jason that pulled a 4 minute and 50 second match in one of your private lobby’s, 7/7 just like that, all max levels. my friends and i have been trying to kill you for years but you’re usually playing on host matches and you’re just really good lol especially with all your different types of shifts, speed, ghost, side, lock-on, overhead, etc. you also are the smoothest at using combos and blocking and you tend to static spam a lot which screws me over sometimes lol
  7. If you are who I think you are... that is freaking awesome!
  8. Just a little rant here, the posts on xbox are down right terrible! It's just a bunch of little kids and people that wanna role play and when my friends and I request off a good looking post, nobody ever invites us whenever we make posts, we never get anybody and when we do it's usually just a try hard that takes the game too seriously. I just wanna have fun but there are never any good posts anymore and I always hear people saying they can never find people that talk so PLEASE, if you and your friends ever need some fun people that aren't kids, JUST MAKE A POST!! Fun lobbies still exist, they're just unfortunately rare nowadays haha.
  9. I remember seeing this one guy in a pub who goes by, "elsuperbebo", he had 275 days played which is 6600 hours, that was back in March I think... i'm sure he is still adding hours to this day, really makes me wonder if anyone has more than 300 days
  10. I miss those glitches, i've seen it happen to a speedo chad and shelly haha, too bad I never got the chance to see the mighty LaChappa fly like an eagle
  11. Accomplishing all of those for the first time are definitely some of my favorite memories as well, everyone being a noob was actually pretty fun back in the day
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