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  1. If block really reduces damage by 100%, and Jason can hold it infinitly, how to kill a Jason that is aware of this? I was never killed as Jason knowing this, and neither could kill a Jason that was aware of this. Like, he can just hold block and deny being demasked, feed revenge and break the weapons. And it is not hard to quick block. It is just boring. Trying to swing and grab is much more interesting, and that is why most Jasons die. But when a Jason just holds block and only attacks when he's mostly safe, what could counselors do?
  2. I always just quick check the big map from a safe distance and with that I never had many problems with minimap lost. Why is this perk so valued?
  3. Just remembered something. There was a lvl 1 in the lobby that insisted it was his first match blablabla. I was picked as Jason. I put the trap on the phone, when I was from a far distance grabbing a knife the guy went straigth into the trap and disamerd it. I thought like "maybe he's just confused cuz he's a beginner" and morphed away. The MF called the police. He disarmed a trap right under my nose with a PK and fixed the yellow car. I was about to kill the last counselor aside form him when I heard the engine of the car. He bamboozled me with the car for the remaining 5 min, with no intentions of getting out. Then he quitted the lobby. Odd experience, happened to me just this once.
  4. These ones were funnier cuz they had reaction. I think it was one the matches that I mostly got grabs by Stalk this year lol. Time marks: At 1:18:50 At 1:19:40 At 1:20:15 Stalk is just too much fun.
  5. I personally don't care. I'm just sparing lives if they say something funny on their mic lol.
  6. That would make killing Jason impossible lol. Not that it is a bad thing, I just think things should prevent Jason from being killed should be active, the player need tp have skill to use them correctly, rather them being passive, the player will benefit from them regardless of how potato he/she is. I think he should have a 5 seconds immunity. I also agree to implement a new parry system on the game, maybe for F13 the game 2. If an attack is blocked on the last 100ms of it it is parried. Parry for counselors guarantee 100% damage reduction, regains stam as if they hit Jason and can be recovery canceled with a dodge. Parry for Jason means 100% damage reduction and the counselor gets stunned guaranteeing a swing or a grab. This will make combat in the game so much more interesting. Possibly more interesting than it was when Jason had his 2017 strong and fast grab.
  7. @GeneiJin IDK why people hate so much on lootboxes. Like most of the time they just give you cosmetics, and when they don't it is usually a free to play game. If a paid game has cool characters like Darth Vader only available via lootboxes, well, don't buy that kind of game. Not too big of a problem in my opinion. But I agree that PS2 was the best era for video games. 2004-2009.
  8. @Strigoi Who is the guy that told you that? How you got that kind of contact? Why should we trust on him more than on the own Gun Media? For people to believe on your stuff you need to also provide detailed proof. If you do that, you can be sure I will be the first one supporting your posts cuz I'm really excited for a Halloween game.
  9. I'm all up for adding new things to the game. His stalk can turn him invisible instead of cutting the music. His shift could be a massive jump. His morph would be, well, a morph. His sense could be exactly the same but his "infra-red" vision. He could have a passive to hike on buildings and cabins to use his massive jump. His throwing knives could be arrows and a bow, which deals more damage but it is slower to set up. But this is more for another game. Maybe a game with Jason, Freddy, Myers, Predator, Alien, Pinhead, Leatherface, and why not modern day "slashers" like Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Siren Head, perhaps also some SCPs. Survivors could be celebrities, just like you posted in the other day. I personally would like to play with Jonathan Davis (lead singer of Korn) or Chuck Norris. Maybe you could create and model your survivor. I think I would model Chuck Liddel or Wanderlei Silva to hit the killer. A True Horror Slasher game that is not janky and lame like DBD. THAT would be cool. But ideas like that never leave the paper. I can dream...
  10. Exactly, both of them are kinda bad in solo. However, their mear presence can mean a strong group is in the area, and what makes them os high on my ranking. My worst Jason matches had either a Adam or Fox involved. I forgot to mention that.
  11. @I'm Not a Goalie You should try to use Shelly. I've been using him on the next 2 weeks. He can demask, he has good stealth so you prob won't be smoung the first dead counselors, and you can repair flawlesly if you get used to the mini game. His composure is not enough to compensate his poor speed and stamina, but if you are able to survive with Lachappa it is 100% possible to survive quite a few with that guy. I think he's in my top 3 counselors now. Everytime I want to troll/demask but also be somewhat useful I use him. @GeneiJin Most of the times I saved my ass from getting killed were because Nessas didn't deal enough damage to demask and just fed my revenge so I could slash Tommy to death.
  12. The best and safer option for Counselors should be ALWAYS to run away. The rage buff made so hitting Jason for nothing is completly stupid, as it should be. This is a horror gamea and that means monster chase victims run, not the other way around.
  13. It mostly depends on the strength. I posted here in the forums a match where I was Shelly. I was not even trying and the mask just got off. I think it was 2 hits by me, 1 hit by a Bugzy, and 1 shotgun shot by me. It was a part 6 if I'm not mistaken. If I could do it by literally trolling around, then a crew full of high strength counselores should remove that in a sec.
  14. I haven't been interested in killing Jason for many years. Last time I joined a serious Killing squad was in early 2018. The last time I killed Jason was in the beggining of 2020 when a crew of kids (9-13 years old prob) almost cried for my help; I found it cute then I helped. The last time they tried to kill me, it was a group of 2 Nessas and another counselor that I don't remember (prob Adam or Bugzy). When I noticed they were trying to kill me, I pressed block so they could hit me and feed revenge, they got into combat stance, and then akward silence and staring for like 5 seconds. Then I morphed away, killed more 2 or 3, and there they were again. Same thing happened, except 1 Nessa could score a hit before I could morph. Then I killed all of the solo potato counselors, revenge popped in, and I slashed them to death. That should be the most sweaty/boring attempt of killing Jason I've ever seen. As I moved out from the Jason killing business, I am unaware what really changed after the grab/revenge changes. Is that what killing Jaosn currently looks like? If so, why would people waste their time doing something so tedious. What would Jason do if while he's blocking the 7 counselors surround him in combat stance? Do they just stare at each other until the 20min mark? That got me thinking lol.
  15. @F13 Seppuku Squad From 2018 until late 2019 I played DBD on my bif F13 break, and I got to rank 1 killer and rank 5 survivor. This does not mean I am right, but it prooves that I might know what I'm saying. Actually, it is every m1 killer rank 1 match against decent survivor. I will explain why Myers is considered by most of the competitive community as a horrible killer: 1)DBD early game is crucial, mainly cuz of the 3 gens popping on first three minutes. Also, cuz there survivors have 100% of the pallets in the map, so there is where you need your power the most. The best killers are the ones who have good momentum on the early game. Myers does not have that. Besides being slow af, he needs to tier up once more to be an actual threat to survivors (m1 killler is not a threat. game is designed around killer using his power to finish chases quickly, if you rely solo on m1 you lose). Plus, terrible map pressure with 105% speed. Watch any experienced player tier list, Myers will be alwasy E or D. I was talking about the things that break the game, but yeah they fix bugs more often, prob cuz they have more money now. You wouldn't believe how messy those bugs were back in 2018 lol. My experience: this game works really well on casual matches, I remember until rank 6 this game was very fun. However, when I got to rank 1 the game out of nothing turned out to be a frustation machine. Keep in mind what I'm saying, you'll prob experience that if you get to rank 1. Some time Survivors just bring OP items and there's literally nothing you can do. Agree partially. DBD does have a good perk system, however, because of this: DBD perk choice is limited. Pop along side Ruin or Corrupt is mandatory for all killers, so they just have 2 perks. Survivors is even worse: DH, DS and borrowed time are mandatory, so they have just 1 perk of choice. As you'll ranking up, you realize the perk diversity of the game is kind of a lie, just like the killer diversity. I would suggest you to never invest too much of your time on that game, and stay only on casual ranks. The more you play, the more trash the game gets, and it just goes downhill. See the high comp/streamers that play this game. They are most of the time serious and sweating, often being frustated and they have like 5k hours in DBD in average. It is not worth it to invest so much time to end up like that. But that is just an opinion from a green angry Lachappa. For many the game is great.
  16. No. Finding the first survivor can take from 20-30 seconds. Average chase with m1 killer takes 60 seconds, according to statistics. Bringing a survivor to a hook takes 10-15 seconds. Survivors doing a solo gen takes 80 seconds. If survivors do everything right, 3 gens will pop on your first hook. And from there it goes downhill until the four survivors Tea Bag you at the exit gate. The game is broken, and the only viable killer are the ones that break the rules of the game, like Nurse or Spirit. Casual game's balance rely on survivors making mistakes, so pray you get normal players and not a bully squad, otherwise you will get rekt. Comp players basically just use Nurse and Spirit, and when they use anything else they lose miserably. DBD is like a bowl with thousants of holes. From one to two years, devs decide to cover one hole with something; and not everytime they use glue or tapes. Most of the type they cover those holes with weird thing like gum, band aids, dirt; and in the end it is a weird ass bowl smelling and looking like shit who still fails in what it was supposed to do. "There are loops that are infinites and killer can't catch survivor? Killer receives speed boost of 5% every 15 seconds", INTEAD OF FIXING THE BROKEN LOOP. "Gens are too fast? Here, some perks to slowdown gens that you'll need to use every match" WITHOUT SOLVING THE ISSUE WITH BROKEN GEN SPEED. "Hmm, slugging, tunneling is unfun? Well whatever we'll look at that later" -devs, 5 f*cking years ago. They've been doing that lame thing for so long that the game ended in such a sorry and complicated state that I don't think it is possible to balance that anymore. That, and because devs realized 3 things: 1-They don't gain money from balancing the game. 2-This game is very popular among survivors that want to bully killers, and they tend to buy every dlc that they release. 3-Most players commit mistakes and lose eventhough the game is broken, so we can ignore the issues of the game, still have most of the player base happy and buying our stuff, and focous the work on DLCs and marketing to earn more money. Too big of a skillcurve to be casual, too many balacing issues to be competitive, most of the meta perks that fix the game are behind a paywall (and the game is not for free, it is quite expensive actually). I don't now WTF is this game and I regret the hours I invested on it. Anyways, in summary: 1)The game favors survivors. Every comp player knows that (and this is why they make special rules on some tournaments to make the other killers have a chance). 2) 90% of the killers are useless against survivors that actually know how to play. 100% of paid killers are uselees against survivors that actually know how to play. 3)NOTHING will ever be done to fix this game. The devs made it very clear on these 5 years that they don't care. 4)Taking all of those things in mind, I don't think it is good to compare F13 with DBD. F13 is a good game. It achieves what it was supposed to be: a fun game. DBD is broken and unfun in every sphere of gameplay. F*ck that game. I don't think anything that comes from that garbage can be used in this game. Let us not guide F13 in the same shithole DBD is currently in. Jason deserves more.
  17. Every tier list I've seen is based on which counselor the player feels more power/confortable whan playing as. I thought of making this in the other way around, saying which counselor I feel are the most threatening when I'm Jason. This is 75% opinion. I'm considering the counselors will be encountered in a random pub lobby, so they will be based on the average player and not a 10000k hours comp _xXsN1pErXx_ player. Theoretically every counselor can be a beast when used by 5k hours players. 14-Chad He can't repair, can't unmask, can barely distract Jason, can be seen from the other side of the map cuz of the low composure. I think Chad is the most patethic counselor and I usually don't take much time to kill them, even if they are decent. 13-Tiffany Cox She's very good at surviving the night, and that's it. In everything else she's outclassed by Vanessa. 1 counselor survives the night if she's good... whatever. 12-Victoria She can't do much. I don't think she's bad, I just don't see her 4 speed and 3 repair as a threat. 11-Jenny Myers Don't get me wrong, no fear Jenny is good on the hands of good player. However, she'll effectively only have 1 perk and a 3 speed to juke me. And her repair is kinda bad. 10-Lachappa It is really scary how Lachappa can do objectives under your nose. However, most player don't know how to compensate for his low speed, composure and stamina, which makes him a guaranteed kill if I find him. 9-Deborah Kim Pretty much just like Lachappa, if I find her she's dead. However, she can take the sweater so I put her higher. 8-Shelly Shelly can repair, can do stuff under your nose and can help demasking you if it is needed. In my opinion he's can do a bunch of stuff, although he's relatively easy to kill. 7-Mitch He can do stuff under your nose and he is one of the only fixers that can effectively juke Jason. His high composure extends the chase for at least 1 min. 6-Kenny He's ability to adapt decently to any task cannot be underestimated. 5-Vanessa 90% of vanessas just run around like headless chickens until they die. All you need to do is to focous on the fixer and these Vanessas will die right next. However, there are those Vanessas that are absolute pests, stepping on your traps for nothing, stunning and distracting you, picking the sweater. Just because the Vanessa player in the lobby might be this type, I already feel threatened. 4-AJ Mason I can't find that b*tch. It is really annoying to deal with that, and it allows her to freely do almost anything she wants. 3-Buggzy There's nothing more terrfying than seeing an army of Buggzys marching in your direction. This alongside hering "THEY COM FOR ME DON'T LET THEM TAKE MOMMY". If you try to morph your mask gets pooped in 3 seconds. Seeing 4 Buggzys with similar names on the lobby makes me wish to not be Jason. 2-Adam He's an absolute beast when used right. He can juke, demask and repair. In my opinion he was the most terrifying counselor to be used by an experienced player, until... 1-Fox She's a version of Adam that can take the sweater. It makes her to the 1rst with no doubts. Remembering that there are playstyles that can make a Chad the most threatening counselor, this is just an average of my perception of pub lobbies.
  18. Can the Ghostbuster be considered superheroes? If so, can the Ghostbusters defeat Jason? 🤔
  19. Chain stunning is when a counselor stunds Jaosn right after the end of stunning animation. Something similar can be done after grab kills' animations. If the counselor knows the timing, there's nothing Jason can do about it. My opinion: Everybody knows Jason should have at least 5 seconds of invencibility (no damage and no stun) after executions or stuns. I just pretend he has and, as a counselor, don't chain stun. I don't think it is something to abuse in casual matches. Jason should not be punished for killing in any way, cuz that's literally what he's supposed to do lol. To be honest, I kinda think those are exploits. What do you think?
  20. Jason can die to a crew of teenagers, so even Robin can defeat him. However, Jason will resurrect at the post credits as always.
  21. @Strigoi The more image rights we get into the game, the more chances it has to be f**** by a lawsuit like F13 the game.
  22. Sometimes the host is in another continent. Be aware if there are people in that lobby with odd names and good ping. Either way, you can always quit till you find a decent host or even be the host. I do that and I often get hosts with 50-70 ping or I can host my own matches. It takes like 5 min and makes the gameplay better.
  23. @Laotian Lam The funny part is at the end where I respawned as Tommy with 1 min left and Jason quitted. The rest of the match was just me potatoing using unpopular high level techs. You can imagine tho. At 11:43 if the Jason did not had messed up I would be dead. If I had Sneaky I would've been hit but ended up in the other side. That is a situation where sneaky would save your ass. Throwing your self through the broken window would've damaged yourself even more, and you would've eaten a throwing knife which might ended up killing you. In situations like that Sneaky really makes the difference. To be fair the window was not broken and Jason did not use knives, but imagine lol.
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