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  1. nah he's more like an alternative to AJ that has 10 repair. 7 repair is enough, but if more is wanted lachappa could be a good choice. there's no reasons for picking him over deborah, besides liking the counselor and memes. he's not viable at being stealthy and he's bad at running from jason, the only good thing a bout him is his repair, and deborah can do the same. you definitely can survive with him, but i wish he was viable at least on the things he was supposed to be viable at :/
  2. I thank jesus when it happens while I am playing jason. Generally when counselors try to kill Jason they just focus on that, so if they f up they are f'd. When this happens I just look at the about to be tunelled girl who stole my sweter and say "Hehe boiiiiii"
  3. I know this is kind of repetitive, but after maining him for almost 3 years I just had to say it. Lachappa is weak for two reasons: 1-His stats don't synergize. He is a high stealth high repair counselor with low composure, and what does he have to compensate for that? An average luck? Why would Lachappa use luck consistently? Why is Lachappa average luck if he looks like the most unlucky dude of all the counselors? It just doesn't work 2-There's no reason for picking him over Deborah. Deborah hides better than Lachappa because of her higher composure and stealth. She can run from Jason better cuz of the higher composure stamina and speed. She defeats Lachappa on everything he was supposed to be good at, and what Lachappa can do that Deborah can't? He has higher luck and higher strenght so what should he do? Unmask jason? Fight against Jason? He is mediocre at best on doing that, not even mentioning his deplorable speed and stam. My suggestion: Composure:6 Luck:1 Repair:10 Speed:3 Stamina:2 Stealth:10 Strenght:3 1-Now Lachappa is a viable stealthy counselor. 2-Now there's something he's better than Deborah. Deborah is slightly better at running from Jason having 1 more speed and stamina, and Lachappa is slightly better than Deborah at hiding from Jason having 1 more composure and stealthy. I know some people think he still going to be weak because of his low speed and low stam, but if you really think that, Lachappa is not for you. He was meant to be the slowest counselor in the game, so I don't think his personality should be erased. (Another thing that could be done is to buff luck. If you see, every counselor that invests too much points on luck is considered weaker than the ones that focus on other stats, so if it was worthy to have an average luck Lachappa would be viable.)
  4. jason gains 100 xp for a kill plus more xp depening of the kill (10 for weapon kill, 20 for grab kill, 50 for eviromental kill). for me when a counselor disconects or dies (by suicide or betrayal) jason should receive the normal 100 xp kill points.
  5. when jason was viable against large groups of counselors
  6. for honor and overwatch. used to also play killing floor 2 but... ;_;
  7. i think they should buff grip strength instead, like for stunning a grip strength jason needs to be a hit from combat stance (while he's holding someone)
  8. i remeber when spear was the worst weapon. dark times for part 6 mains...
  9. I was trying to fix the car when this happened. It was a gas fix on the yellow car. Didn't matter what I press it would always count as a miss skillcheck. Tried to stop fixing, didn't work out; tried to drop the gas, didn't work out. After droping the gas the fix minigame didn't go away. I had to quit.
  10. p 7 jason is good on maps where rivers cross the map. he goes on the water and uses sense while swimming really fast to see everyone around, it's kind of good and i dont think it should be changed.
  11. this is bad. defense would make him easier to kill, and it would stack with his less hit points. pls let part 9 the way he is, he's the best jason imo.
  12. don't you know about the lawsuit thing?
  13. not necessarily i guess, it's been like that since launching
  14. I wanted actual numbers on km/h, m/s or something similar since the beginning, so I am doing them by myself. Be free to correct me if something is wrong. Most of the credits are for this post: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619 he did 99% of the measuring. For time, I used seconds, for distance I used one Jason step. There are three ways for Jason to move, walking, fast walking, or running. I used the first one to measure cuz it's equal on all js=1 jason step s=1 second COUNSELORS Jog Speed (Approximation) 10 speed: 2,9 js/s 9 speed: 2,9 js/s 8 speed: 2,8 js/s 6 speed: 2,8 js/s 5 speed: 2,7 js/s 4 speed: 2,6 js/s 3 speed: 2,6 js/s 2 speed: 2,5 js/s (probably) 1 speed: 2,5 js/s (probably) note: just because some numbers are equal here doesn't mean they are actually equal, this is not exact, it's just an approximation. Sprint Speed (Approximation) 10 speed: 4,7 js/s 9 speed: 4,7 js/s 8 speed: 4,7 js/s 6 speed: 4,4 js/s 5 speed: 4,4 js/s 4 speed: 4,1 js/s 3 speed: 4,1 js/s 2 speed: 3,9 js/s (probably) 1 speed: 3,9 js/s (probably) note: just because some numbers they are equal here doesn't mean they are actually equal, this is not exact, it's just an approximation. JASON Normal Walk: 1,6 js/s Fast Walk: 2,4 js/s Running: 3,1 js/s Shift: 17,5 js/s Again, some things could be wrong, be free to correct the mistakes. I hope it helps with something.
  15. Does the perk activate when he unmasks and wear the mask?... ...Because how could the perk work on that case if Tommy Jarvis needs to take off the mask to wear it? it wouldn't be fun, and it would feel clunky. his animations were made to hit jason and not counselors. how would he help jason if he needs to kill jason before he kills the counselors? why would tommy jarvis want to kill the counselors?
  16. i dont like slashing, i like to grab and do environmental kills, but i dont blame jasons that only slash.
  17. a team needs to have everything to be good. needs counselors that distract jason and counselors that fix stuff. idk how a team of 7 vanessas could ever escape. if you dont believe in stealth go against offline bots and see what are generally the last counselors alive. if you use stealth correctly you'll be always one of the last ones to die. playing stealth counselors with teamwork is possible, while they do their stuff, distract jason, try to unmask him, the stealth dude repair stuff. i cant even count the numbers of times that the killing jason thing went wrong and counselors just escaped because i called the police while they were doing their stuff.
  18. why would we want this? i mean dont you ever play as jason?
  19. Restful is garbage. When you are with zero fear the stamina regeneration is high, so 15% is nice, but when jason chases you (the time you most need decent stam regen) and your fear increases it makes you stam recharge really low, and 15% of something that is really low is basically nothing. Marathon is better, but is only worth using on high stam counselors. deborah and AJ shouldnt focus on running from jason, but hiding from him, so both perks are bad on them, use low profile or home body and keep these perks for your vanessa or for your tif. that's my opinion. AJ+low profile+home body= 14,5 stealth (4,5 increase) Deborah+low profile+home body=13,05 stealth (4,05 increase)
  20. 2% sprint penalty is imperceptible i would keep the max stam one but do what you feel better.
  21. that never happened to me and if that was true this topic wouldnt exist it also never happened, a less stat becomes a normal stat, normal becomes a plus, and a plus becomes even more plus. that's how it's been working for me. look at the other stats, they work exactly like that, dont see why sense would be different. i've done this multiple times. the results i got: raged plus sense jasons can see low stealth low composure counselors across the map, the rest need to morph and get closer. go on a match against offline bots. kill everyone normally. when there are only two counselors, see who they are and their stealth level. if you play stealth correctly you will be one of the last survivors almost every match. all of that is solo based on my experience, not a single of them were officially confirmed. still i think it is correct because the game has been working for me like that.
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