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  1. Damn you guys need to chill. Every time I share a funny build people think I want to use it to win tournaments lol IDK why people keep pulling the "top tier Jasons" card. Currently, the most viable way to find a match is through quick play. What is the probability of finding a "top tier Jason" in quick play? I bet it is lower than 1%. Definitively more worth it to use a trolling build and have fun.
  2. @Somethin Cool Making Jason unable to see you is a conjunction of things. Using sense avoidance perks on low stealth and low composure counselor is a waste, even though they work exactly the same in all counselors. Spamming sense is annoying. You use sense, then it doesn't work, then you wait 5 seconds to recharge, then you use it again, then it doesn't work again, then you wait more 5 seconds, then it works, but the counselor is already in another spot, then you use it again and it doesn't work... It makes Jasons lose interest in you. Even when you are the last survivor, these 5 seconds may help you gain a minute when you stack them together. I already won many matches by surviving the night because Jason needed to wait to use sense again on almost half of the time he tried to see me.
  3. I already tested it a lot of times. On me vs other Jasons. Me as Jason vs friendly counselors Me as Jason vs bots They all worked the same and as intended. This is why Low Profile + Level Headed + Light Foot on AJ can be so fun. I also like the trolling swimmer AJ. Low Profile + Level Headed + Quiet Swimmer. Wait still Jason is busy chasing someone than go to the end of the lake by swimming. As long as your composure level is good, Jason will never see you; and on his brief attempts to check the lake, these perks will negate 60% of his chance to find you. Very good to troll friends.
  4. nhe... my gamma is always on max and I never felt a difference, besides being able to see more clearly.
  5. I agree that composure is the best stat, but Jenny having more stealth is more like a bug than an intended thing. Mitch and Adam also have high composure and their stealth is normal, as far as I know.
  6. I am pretty sure most would agree that F13 is way better than DBD. But with the lawsuit thing, opinions may shift. I played DBD for the first time in 2017/2018 and hell that game sucked back then. However, with major changes in the generators' design and animation, graphic improvements, and reworks of multiple broken perks and killers, I thought that the devs were finally making the game good. Unfortunately, what they did is still not enough. On this thing, I will say my reason for why DBD sucks and why F13 the game is still LEAGUES above it, even with no new content at all. 1) Pay to win I get that already existent characters like Micheal Myers or Freddy, but why in the fuck are killer original from DBD also paid????? And why in the hell perks that come along with the new DLCs are also paid?? Dead Heart, Pop, Corruption, DS, Undying, BBQ, and many others are God tier perks that can definitively make the difference between losing and winning, but they are also paid. The most insulting part is that (idk what they cost in dollars) each DLC costs 20 reais. There are around 15 paid killers, and you can only get their perk when they are bought. It is a total of 300 reais... so. So? The game costs 100 reais. I had to pay 100 reais and now I have to pay more 300 to get the full game???? Is this some kind of joke? Seriously this game is trash. 2)Toxic community For a long time, I thought that F13's killer system was bad and that the DBD system, where people freely choose whenever they want to be killer or survivor, was better. I couldn't be more wrong. This slip up the community between killer mains and survivors mains. They are in constant war, saying that each other is trash/overtuned/toxic/unhealthy for the game. At the end of the day, both sides end up being toxic and more like a Democrat vs Republicans discussion Forum than a Video Game Community. There is another thing, which is people rage quitting. IDK why it happens more often in DBD than in other games, but it happens. 3) The Devs I sincerely feel bad for those guys. Imagine being a dev in a community split up between two sides that are constantly attacking each other. Those guys try their best, but all they do is interpreted by one of the sides as OP/toxic/unhealthy and they have to nerf it into the ground. They also took a more Survivorlish side on the war, and I use to play more as killer, so I also didn't like it. About their bad part: they basically only care about money and probably they already lost the little love they once had for this game. 4) Game mechanichs Most of them are absolutely boring and they make no sense whatsoever. Keys basically make survivors that played badly escape easily for some reason. The end game, where every survivor hides and the killer has to keep walking and searching them for 3 minutes. The add-on reliance, that is basically like that athletes that rely on drugs to win competitions. Pallets, that most of the time are safe and have no mindgame. God pallets and God loops, which is the reason behind killer mains are only playing with a few amount of killers that can deal with those. For me DBD is trash. It is now certainly better than it was back in 2017, where it was even less than trash, but it is still trash. I honestly feel bad for those who believe in the potential of this game and keep playing it; hoping that someday the main flaws that make this game trash will be fixed. Yes, even with no content whatsoever F13 is way better. At least it is fun and it is not not pay to win.
  7. Jason wears a mask and people are discussing who interprets him... lmao Nowadays computers can make anyone look tall and strong, so probably Jason would still look like Jason no matter what I don't see any reason to be upset about Kane Hodder as Jason
  8. Every time I slash a Sweater Vanessa I am accused of "Tryhard" "Sweating". I think these guys are so used to bully baby Jasons that their feelings just cannot handle defeat anymore.
  9. @HaHaTrumpWon I meant stepping on an important trap like the one at the fuse. I mean, what can Jason possibily do? Just guess it is a bait and potentially guive the fuse for free? And while his morph regens we go to the island. I am not sure if there's time to go swiming just with the shotgun shot. And even if you get there, you would be out of stam which would make Jason's thing 10% easier when he morphs to the island. Idk man not buying that one. It may only work with potato Jasons. Never tried it though... never had the balls.
  10. It is possible to kill Jason on every map with the right coordination. 1)Tommy arrives 2)Demask 3)Position 4)Vanessa steps on a trap 5)Tommy, sweater, and whenever is with them go to the shack 6)Do a dance party until Jason arrives 7)If Jason arrives kill him There's little to no counterplay for that. Of course, if the killing thing fails everyone on the island would be pretty much screwed, but good counselors teams usually are able to do multiple things at once. While you were killing people on the island other counselors can repair objectives. I am personally the kind of guy that gets worried when people start to take the killing thing too seriously. The moment Jason morphs to his shack I rush an objective. To summarize what I meant to say: don't underestimate counselors even when the map looks shitty. After all, the game is slightly more generous towards them and party chat just makes them broken. I mean seriously I already killed a lot of Jasons on that map and I wouldn't exactly say it was very difficult.
  11. Most of the time the bed glitch is not made on purpose. Sometimes the person that got in cannot get out. Had to quit sometimes because of this glitch.
  12. Part 4 is a beast in the right hands. You underestimate him.
  13. It is by no means a rule but it is very helpful. Every single cabin I loot, I trap the door outside, barricade the door and open all windows. It really seems unnecessary, but it takes less than a second and it can literally save someone's ass. Also, it is great when you use those cabins to juke Jason... and more 50 points from the trap is also noice.
  14. Higgins is the easiest map to drive the cars. Hiss less morph really sucks on that map.
  15. There are three types of maps: counselor sided, Jason sided and neutral sided. Packanack, Higgins and all the reduced maps are Counselor sided Jarvis House, Pinehurst are Jason sided Crystal Lake is neutral sided However that doesn't really matter once there's a way to win on every map, playstyle just needs to shift. It's nearly impossible to find a stealthy counselor in Pinehurst, but it is very easy to find the counselor in the reduced maps. Just play smart and maps don't matter.
  16. Lack of stamina can be compensated by jogging and only running when necessary, lack of speed cannot be compensated at all. You don't need enough stamina to run across the map, you just need the stamina to go to the other cabin (as fast as possible). It's all a matter of opinion ... but the fact is that when Chad stuns Jason, in 3 seconds he is already in the other half of the map. When Victoria stuns Jason, she doesn't run fast enough to get out of his reach.
  17. Speed makes you move more meters away from your previous location in less time, which means it will be harder for Jason to catch you. Like Vanessa's dance goes --><----<---- and Chappa's goes -><-->, idk if that was clear it's difficult to explain that was my best lol Summarizing: the variation on high-speed counselors is bigger, therefore it is harder to catch them. Also getting to a window on the last second can make the difference between living or dying, that alone already makes speed good.
  18. Stamina regen. I can easily survive the night with no fear Jenny; and also with Mitch although tryhard is needed. Composure helps you while hidden and while being chased by Jason. You just drop inside a cabin and boom your stam is 100% again. That's why I think composure is a god-tier perk, having value in 100% of the match. Stamina is not that good for me because: 1)The difference between high stam and low stam is just some seconds 2)Speed and Composure absolutely compensate for low stam. Why should I invest in a stat if I can invest in the other two that can basically compensate for it and do a bunch of extra things? 3) Just like luck with the car, stamina is only really valuable when you have to escape by the police. If you know how to manage your stamina you don't need it high. Speed is not negated by shift at all. In fact, speed is the thing that mostly helps you when Jason uses shift. Compare Vanessa's and Lachappa's antishift chickendance. Also, it is gold when running around the map. Another stat that you are going to get value at almost 100% of the time. Of course, all of that is just my opinion based on my personal playstyle and experiences.
  19. Talking seriously tho S-Mitch A-Lachappa, AJ, Deb, Shelly B-Jenny, Tiff, Victoria, Kenny, Chad C-Adam, Fox, Brandom, Vanessa @odista2000 agreed @Victoria_Best_Girl As you can see on my tier list, I disagree with some. I think you underestimate some counselors. Counselors' tier lists are always meh because it is just a matter of which stat you give more importance to. For me it's: Composure>Stealth>Repair>Speed>Strength>Luck>Stamina Like, look how opinions diverge. A lot of people think composure is trash and stamina is a god-tier stat
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