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  1. Soon this forum will blocked, and alongside with it, all of the opportunities for new players to ask questions about anything they don't understand. But it doesn't matter. My nick was actually xX_Sn1P3rW0lf_Xx and I am a pro player that one multiple F13 tournaments, including the F13 Russia eSport 2018 Online, both as Jason as well as counselor. On this guide, I will be talling exactly how to make this game seem it is ez peez. Remember, don't question it. Just do what I am telling, otherwise you will lose. COUNSELOR 1) To start off, Lachappa is obviously the best counselor. He is the most powerful counelor in terms of fighting and distracting Jason. Don't bother with his 10 repair, because he is soo broken that is more worthy to fight Jason then repairing objectives. 2) If you fail with Lachappa, do not worry, because there is a mechanic of this game specialized on distracting Jason: the boat. The boat has a retarded amount of speed, so Jasons like part 8 or part 7 don't have a chance. Don't live with it, use it to distract Jason. 3) Car: it is useless. Too slow, if you try it, you will ended up dying. Your best bet is to drive it to the lake and try to use it as a boat, as the boat is a superior distraction tool. 4) Perks: don't get fooled by the lies spitted by noobs here in this forum. The best perks are "Escape Artist" "Heavy Slipper" and obviously "Grinder". 5) Strategy: Run in a straight line. Hell, a f'ing psycho is chasing you, and more do you think you should do? 6) Transportation: taking a swim in the lake is the better option, always. Use and abuse them. JASON 1) Slashing is shit. Never slash, just grab. 2) Throwing knives: the breaking window animation is too slow. Luckily, you have those things, so you can use them to break the windows. As I said before, slashing is trash, and because those things are basically a ranged slash, they are worthless when used to damage counselors. 3) Sense: Never use it outside of a cabin. 4) Shift: It is shit. Don't use it. 5) Morph: Basically a better shift. Use it so you can catch counselors as they run. 6) Stalk: The best use for this one is to always activate them before you are about to break down a barricaded door. 7) Don't trap objectives. Invest your traps on something more useful, like bridges and electrical boxes. Cool tips 1) Stick is undeniably the worst weapon. However, there is a 1% chance of spawning a stick that can 1-hit unmask Jaosn and stun him even after Rage. 2) The shotgun deals more damage if you aim at Jason's feet. 3) The flaregun is the best weapon to stun Jason after rage, but only if you fire it from up close. 4) If you crouch on the exact right timing, Jason can't grab you. 5) After getting shot by the police 20 times, their ammo will end, and Jason will be able to kill all of the cops, removing an escape option from the counselors. This is it. Do it and you will probably become #1, since I am going to retire soon, and there will not be many F13 players in the future. C ya 😎
  2. I do agree Jason gameplay can be really boring and underwhelming sometimes. They should've made him a killing machine on 100% of the match, and not only while he is in rage. I miss old block, old grab and how you felt a little bit proud after killing a decent Jason. I miss the epic fights between counselors and Jason. Counselors were experienced enough to organize and do multiple objectives at once, Jason had to play perfectly to kill every single one of those pesky counselors. Now, it is not even funny. Jason is so weak that coordinating like before led to various and repetitive easy wins, which made parties extremely boring and unfun. It was also unfun to face an experienced 7 man party as Jason because you knew that was not much you could do. Experienced players then were more into the pub loobies gameplay, once it was more challenging to survive with a trashy team. The community spread out, and the connection between its members was being lost. When the lawsuit came, a lot of experienced players got really frustrated: channels stoped to make content, people uninstalled the game, and I was among those players. When I came back to the game months later, I played again in a pub lobby. I got to say, the game I was playing in 2019 was not the same I played and had so much fun in 2017. Don't get me wrong, the game continued to be ok-ish, but nothing like it once was. I am not even sad because of the servers shut down that will cause the inevitable death of this game, because the game I really loved so much already died. RIP OLD F13 THE GAME 2017-2018 YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
  3. Man, back in 2018 I was very frustrated when the lawsuit thing began, so I uninstalled the game. After some months, I came back because of nostalgia. I think the same will happen. Currently, I am very disappointed and I feel like uninstalling, however, I am afraid that when I come back for the nostalgia, I will be the only one playing this game...
  4. Returning to peer to peer is a death sentence to this game. Everyone will realize it, be it sooner or later.
  5. First Counselor: Deborah Kim First Jason: Part 3 First Escape: By the cops, on my first match First Jason kill: I killed my friend. He was playing AJ. I grabbed him and used the choke kill. First time killing Jason: I think it was a Part 2, and at that time I was already playing as Lachappa. Don't remeber the map tho. Guess it was Higgens. First time dying as Jason: Higgens, as Part 6. I was so pissed...
  6. Not at all. Peer to peer is unplayable. Some PC players seem to not understand how shit peer to peer actually is. I feel sad for people who think they can quit until host consistently. Good luck spending 20 min of your life fiding a lobby and quitting to be a host; and then waiting more 10 min to fill up the lobby; and when the match ends, you have to repeat all of that. The searching process, as far as I know, works that way: on the first 5 minutes, it searches for other hosts, and after those 5 minutes it starts loading to create your lobby. However, it is very inconsistent because sometimes it just bugs and loads infinitely or it just says "game error" and you have to wait 5 min again (or it just creates a room with you as a host in the first 10 seconds, but it is very rare). If you finally do find a lobby, you have to wait for it to fill. Don't think it will be fast, usually, it takes around 10min, discounting people who quit because they were done waiting. Something that I do notice is that the more people you have in your lobby, the more chances you have to receive more players, so playing in a group is the most viable option. I played this game while it was peer to peer because I often had at least 4 friends wanting to play this game. Do I have it now? No, and that's why I am leaving. I don't want to be a pessimist, but this is my F13 the Game pee to pee experience. If you think it's a matter of "just quitting until you are host" and all of your problems will be solved, you'll probably be surprised. If you work or have any obligation, this will be a problem for you because you'll have to invest a lot of time to find one match. If you have other games that consistently connect you on matches, is it really worth it trading them for a game that can take more than 30 min to find a match? Probably not. Things were already very bad with the dedicated server (sometimes took me 10 min to find a match). Imagine now... My honest suggestion is to keep only the good memories and not make bad ones. F13 the Game was the best game I played in my entire life, but things have their time to end; and time flies when we are having fun. It is the end of F13 the Game, but not of Jason, nor our amazing community... nor future video games that will be just as amazing as this one. Sorry for the long text, but I really wanted to say something. Thanks, mattschotcha, these changes are all great. Hope to see much more of both your as well as Gun's work on future horror-themed video games. Hope to rencounter this lovable community in other games. I am very happy but also very sad. Thanks, F13 the Game, but unfortunately, I think it is time to move on.
  7. Not if the counselors know what they are doing. Not if you morph to the wrong place. At thecurrent state of the game, Tommy will be called no matter what. I don't know if it is a bad or a good thing.
  8. For some this game is nothing but a dead game that will be forgotten with time. For me, it is not. For most of the people that don't know me, I am really young. When I first played the game I was 14 years old. In my 2017 vacations, I played this game every single day. I used to wake up at 8 AM and played until 23 PM, only stopping to lunch and go to the bathroom (seriously I almost end up having to use glasses because of that lol). So yeah, even though it is just a game, it is a very important thing in my life because the time I spent on it was in that phase that I will probably be remembering every time with nostalgia when I get to 40 years old. I tried to stop before, but I just couldn't the game was too amazing. Knowing that it will be reverted to the unplayable pee to pee dumbshit makes so pissed that I want to jump out of a window. I was not just in the game that I have good memories though. Although I am relatively new to the forum, I had a really good time here as well, even when discussing the dumbest things (Sneaky is still better than Thick-Skinned in my books, maybe I am a lost cause...). But well, enough of talking about this. I had good experiences in this game and in this forum thanks to you guys. I really appreciate the cool way I was treated by the member and by the moderators. I will miss all of this. Bye. ;-;
  9. I play on PS4, and lately, I've been having this same thought.
  10. Your fellow teammates that run-pass you with the car and team with Jason lol My phylosophy in pub lobbies: TRUST NO ONE. I don't think by no means that it is a reason to crucify someone, but it is selfish. I am also selfish sometimes. What is mine, is mine. Don't waste your time teabagging and flashlight clicking. My pocket knives will only leave my inventory if Jason grabs me. >:T
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