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  1. this would probably cause bugs, plus why will someone want to edit something while checked? to get interrupted just when you removed on perk to add another one? hell no.
  2. I don't want to be affected by somebody else's perk. Plus Jason's weapons are fine. I don't agree quite much with anything. For me a perk about pocket knives should at most increase the duration of the stun, nothing more.
  3. That's a very good idea not gonna lie. Edit: Make it so you can just see dropped items like the fuse or the car pieces on the big map if you have a walkie-talkie, then it would be really useful.
  4. ha imagine jason being able to use walkie-talkies. it could make more sense if it was available on part 5, cuz he's a regular guy. still it would be completely broken XD
  5. walkie-talkies are not that important. they are just used if you are in an online match playing with the game audio prioritize, but yeah in party walkie-talkies are useless. My friends and I like realistic matches, so as soon as the match started everyone usually goes for the game audio, so for us walkie-talkies are not that useless.
  6. I am just going to say it. there's a problem in the matchmaking of this game that always made players quit: -you can't enter in a game mid-match -lobbies are basically locked for 20min and are only available to accept are players for 3min -you have nothing to do once you die. besides fixing dedicated server i want to propose something that could make match searching from 4min to 1min: 1-you could play some kind of minigame with the dead counselors or alone, could be something making a reference to NES jason's game 2-players can enter mid-match as spectators 3-players that entered mid-match can play the minigame with players who died during the match 4-players that entered mid-match can spawn as tommy (when someone spawn as tommy the minigame gets interrupted obviously) 5-players should have the option to not find mid-matches on the matchsearching I know that it's kind of too late for this game, but i really think people should get that in mind for future jason games similar to this one
  7. then jason would be even weaker than he already is. it is not that hard to make jason your bitch if you have 2-3 experienced friends.
  8. people quitting from lobbies would not be good for the game at all. i play with lachappa i hardly find someone that also plays with him, but i understand how it is frustrating to not pick someone you wanted. to me it doesn't. 99% of video games work that way 😕 not good for his health, but good for his soul... if he has one 😂
  9. why would i play a game that doesn't even let me chose the char i want. if this game was competitive i would understand, but it's not. and dude there's nothing easier to obliterate a team of vanessas. vanessas can't fix and are not that good at unmasking. counselors that really make me scared when i am jason are those with high strength or high repair.
  10. I think your nick "HarrisonSawyer" has more personality than all of the suggestions. You can mix "Sawyer" with something related to chainsaw idk. This will not be that great of example but I think you should do domething like "HarrisonChainsawyer" That's my opinion.
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