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  1. If block really reduces damage by 100%, and Jason can hold it infinitly, how to kill a Jason that is aware of this? I was never killed as Jason knowing this, and neither could kill a Jason that was aware of this. Like, he can just hold block and deny being demasked, feed revenge and break the weapons. And it is not hard to quick block. It is just boring. Trying to swing and grab is much more interesting, and that is why most Jasons die. But when a Jason just holds block and only attacks when he's mostly safe, what could counselors do?
  2. I always just quick check the big map from a safe distance and with that I never had many problems with minimap lost. Why is this perk so valued?
  3. Just remembered something. There was a lvl 1 in the lobby that insisted it was his first match blablabla. I was picked as Jason. I put the trap on the phone, when I was from a far distance grabbing a knife the guy went straigth into the trap and disamerd it. I thought like "maybe he's just confused cuz he's a beginner" and morphed away. The MF called the police. He disarmed a trap right under my nose with a PK and fixed the yellow car. I was about to kill the last counselor aside form him when I heard the engine of the car. He bamboozled me with the car for the remaining 5 min, with no intentions of getting out. Then he quitted the lobby. Odd experience, happened to me just this once.
  4. These ones were funnier cuz they had reaction. I think it was one the matches that I mostly got grabs by Stalk this year lol. Time marks: At 1:18:50 At 1:19:40 At 1:20:15 Stalk is just too much fun.
  5. I personally don't care. I'm just sparing lives if they say something funny on their mic lol.
  6. That would make killing Jason impossible lol. Not that it is a bad thing, I just think things should prevent Jason from being killed should be active, the player need tp have skill to use them correctly, rather them being passive, the player will benefit from them regardless of how potato he/she is. I think he should have a 5 seconds immunity. I also agree to implement a new parry system on the game, maybe for F13 the game 2. If an attack is blocked on the last 100ms of it it is parried. Parry for counselors guarantee 100% damage reduction, regains stam as if they hit Jason and can be recovery canceled with a dodge. Parry for Jason means 100% damage reduction and the counselor gets stunned guaranteeing a swing or a grab. This will make combat in the game so much more interesting. Possibly more interesting than it was when Jason had his 2017 strong and fast grab.
  7. @GeneiJin IDK why people hate so much on lootboxes. Like most of the time they just give you cosmetics, and when they don't it is usually a free to play game. If a paid game has cool characters like Darth Vader only available via lootboxes, well, don't buy that kind of game. Not too big of a problem in my opinion. But I agree that PS2 was the best era for video games. 2004-2009.
  8. @Strigoi Who is the guy that told you that? How you got that kind of contact? Why should we trust on him more than on the own Gun Media? For people to believe on your stuff you need to also provide detailed proof. If you do that, you can be sure I will be the first one supporting your posts cuz I'm really excited for a Halloween game.
  9. I'm all up for adding new things to the game. His stalk can turn him invisible instead of cutting the music. His shift could be a massive jump. His morph would be, well, a morph. His sense could be exactly the same but his "infra-red" vision. He could have a passive to hike on buildings and cabins to use his massive jump. His throwing knives could be arrows and a bow, which deals more damage but it is slower to set up. But this is more for another game. Maybe a game with Jason, Freddy, Myers, Predator, Alien, Pinhead, Leatherface, and why not modern day "slashers" like Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Siren Head, perhaps also some SCPs. Survivors could be celebrities, just like you posted in the other day. I personally would like to play with Jonathan Davis (lead singer of Korn) or Chuck Norris. Maybe you could create and model your survivor. I think I would model Chuck Liddel or Wanderlei Silva to hit the killer. A True Horror Slasher game that is not janky and lame like DBD. THAT would be cool. But ideas like that never leave the paper. I can dream...
  10. Exactly, both of them are kinda bad in solo. However, their mear presence can mean a strong group is in the area, and what makes them os high on my ranking. My worst Jason matches had either a Adam or Fox involved. I forgot to mention that.
  11. @I'm Not a Goalie You should try to use Shelly. I've been using him on the next 2 weeks. He can demask, he has good stealth so you prob won't be smoung the first dead counselors, and you can repair flawlesly if you get used to the mini game. His composure is not enough to compensate his poor speed and stamina, but if you are able to survive with Lachappa it is 100% possible to survive quite a few with that guy. I think he's in my top 3 counselors now. Everytime I want to troll/demask but also be somewhat useful I use him. @GeneiJin Most of the times I saved my ass from getting killed were because Nessas didn't deal enough damage to demask and just fed my revenge so I could slash Tommy to death.
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