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  1. @I'm Not a Goalie I pay attention to noise pings. If I see noise ping on the direction of the boat or the phone I morph there. Caught many people with that, even was accused of cheating some times because of that. You also might do that unconsciously when you morph/decide to go to places; more than you think you do. Try to pay attention to which type of conselour dies first. Usually the first ones to die are always low stealth counselors. It is not a crazy good stat, but it does fullfill the niche of the sneaky fixer, who can be extremely vital if Jason killing bugs (aka Jason does not knee down), and... now you have a raged Jason to deal with; ops good thing someone fixed stuff so we have a chance now. I see that we have different playstyles, however, don't you think Luck would be more interesting if it could increace your chance of stunning Jason? Also coding stun resistance would be cool. I now that changes like that will never happen, but I love this game so much that I enjoy sharing my ideas to for the sake of talking about the game.
  2. Best counselor for me: Composure: 10 Luck: 1 Repair: 6 Speed: 7 Stamina: 1 Strength: 3 Stealth: 6 My overall opinion about stats: Composure: That is a good stat, and one of the most underrated stats of the game. This stat has the power to prologue chases vs Jason and enhance your counselor's stats and your skills during a chase. However, I still think it needs a buff because once max fear kicks in this stat become useless. I think it should also decrease the effect fear has on you. For example, when in max fear, a character with high composure would regain stamina faster than low composure counselors. Luck: This is also an ok stat. It is good for brawlers and becomes very handy when you need to restart the car. However, I still think it needs more. When your weapon break, you can just get a new one. If you know how to drive, the chances of Jason cacthing you are low. 2-3 hits is all it takes to stop Jason from breaking the phone, something a low luck conselour can achieve with a metal pipe. I think to buff luck we need to make it affect the odds of you stunning Jason. That sounds like luck, and stunning or not stunning Jason can mean the difference between living or dying, making it a good stat. I would make chances of stunning Jason are based on multipliers, where 1 equal 100% chance and nothing can be bigger than that, 0.9 is 90%... you got the idea. 1 bar stun weapons have the 0.15 multyplier, 2 bars 0.3, 3 bars 0.45, 4 bars 0.6. Luck gives conselours multipliers to enhance the weapons' multipliers. 1 luck gives you the 1 multiplier, 2 luck 1.1 multipler... 10 luck 1.9. Basically, a character with one luck with 4 bar stun weapon would have (1)(0.6)=0.6=60% chance of stunning Jason. A character with 10 luck would have (1.9)(0.6)=1=100% chance of stuning Jason. (Because it can't be bigger than 100%). However, it would be never guaranteed to stun a normal Jason. The way I would introduce stun resistance to the game is, regardless of the counselor's luck, when hit, normal Jasons have a 10% chance of activating stun resistance, Plus stun resistance Jasons have 33% chance, Minus stun resistance have a 1% chance. When stun resistance is activated, Jason is not stunned no matter what. So basically not even a 10 Luck conselour is guaranteed to always stun a mins stun resistance Jason. I think that would make Luck more fun and introduce stuff to the game that should've been coded. Repair: Repair is very good as it is. I just think it should be more linear. There's a hugh difference between 1 repair and 4 repair; but not so much between 7 and 10. I think the difference between the number should be somewhat similar. For example, for each one 1 repair 1 minigame thing and 2 seconds are removed. I alos think the repair minigame should always have a fixed amount of minigame things. Speed: Speed is very good as it is. Stamina: For me this is the worst stat of the game. There is a few seconds difference between 1 stam and 10 stam, which can be compensated with jogging, high composure and speed. However, as many people love this stat and say it is the best in the game, I suppose it is good as it is. Strength: Strength is a niche stat. It only good if you want ot kill Jason. The effect that it makes you free yourself form traps is underrated, as if you have strength lower than 3 Jason has enough time to morph, shift and kill you. I think it should also slightly increase the swinging speed to make it not so niche anymore. 1 strength is 1% faster... 10 strength is 11% faster swing. Stealth: Stealth is another underrated stat. Just play with bots and see the last one killed, always high stealth conselours. Even in groups or kill squads, you always want to have that sneaky conselour that can fix stuff in case your pinata party end up really bad for the team. However, I still think it should affect Jason's sense ability. It makes no sense that Composure is the only one who helps you with that.
  3. For me, using PKs for traps is lame. I like to step on the trap and use my PK to fight Jason. There's nothing more satisfying than stunning Jason and repairing right on his face. But if your goal is to win, using your PK is the best strat. Just sucks when Jason gets lucky and looks at his map right after you disarmed the trap.
  4. Happy new year, extremely delayed lol
  5. Just came back after a huge break. This game has the best community ever. Lawsuit, no content, no severs, almost with no forums. Still, people are commenting on this almost 1 year post. No need to discuss more on this thread, it is clearly not the end.
  6. If block really reduces damage by 100%, and Jason can hold it infinitly, how to kill a Jason that is aware of this? I was never killed as Jason knowing this, and neither could kill a Jason that was aware of this. Like, he can just hold block and deny being demasked, feed revenge and break the weapons. And it is not hard to quick block. It is just boring. Trying to swing and grab is much more interesting, and that is why most Jasons die. But when a Jason just holds block and only attacks when he's mostly safe, what could counselors do?
  7. I always just quick check the big map from a safe distance and with that I never had many problems with minimap lost. Why is this perk so valued?
  8. Just remembered something. There was a lvl 1 in the lobby that insisted it was his first match blablabla. I was picked as Jason. I put the trap on the phone, when I was from a far distance grabbing a knife the guy went straigth into the trap and disamerd it. I thought like "maybe he's just confused cuz he's a beginner" and morphed away. The MF called the police. He disarmed a trap right under my nose with a PK and fixed the yellow car. I was about to kill the last counselor aside form him when I heard the engine of the car. He bamboozled me with the car for the remaining 5 min, with no intentions of getting out. Then he quitted the lobby. Odd experience, happened to me just this once.
  9. These ones were funnier cuz they had reaction. I think it was one the matches that I mostly got grabs by Stalk this year lol. Time marks: At 1:18:50 At 1:19:40 At 1:20:15 Stalk is just too much fun.
  10. I personally don't care. I'm just sparing lives if they say something funny on their mic lol.
  11. That would make killing Jason impossible lol. Not that it is a bad thing, I just think things should prevent Jason from being killed should be active, the player need tp have skill to use them correctly, rather them being passive, the player will benefit from them regardless of how potato he/she is. I think he should have a 5 seconds immunity. I also agree to implement a new parry system on the game, maybe for F13 the game 2. If an attack is blocked on the last 100ms of it it is parried. Parry for counselors guarantee 100% damage reduction, regains stam as if they hit Jason and can be recovery canceled with a dodge. Parry for Jason means 100% damage reduction and the counselor gets stunned guaranteeing a swing or a grab. This will make combat in the game so much more interesting. Possibly more interesting than it was when Jason had his 2017 strong and fast grab.
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