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  1. Taking in consideration advantages given to yourself and to the team this is my tier list: S TOMMY JARVIS A (meta) VANESSA JONES- The best at distracting Jason TIFFANY COX- The best at stealing Jason's mother sweater DEBORAH KIM- The best at repairing while still being able to hide from Jason BRANDON WILSON- The best at unmasking Jason plus he can distract Jason pretty well B (useful) A.J. MASON- The best at hiding from Jason, but that doesn't really help the team. She is still good at stealing Jason's mother sweater and her repair is also good. FOX- She can fight and steal the sweater plus she has a ok repair. ADAM PALOMINO- He can fight and has a ok repair, but can not steal the sweater and that's why he's below the girls. KENNY RIEDELL- He's not good, but not bad. He can be used for anything but doesn't excel on nothing. MITCH FLOYD- He can repair and has good stealth, but others do what he does better. He's still pretty ok though SHELDOM FINKRlSTEIN- He's the only heavy hitter that can be with stealthy counselors without alerting Jason, but it's pretty much it. C (bad) JENNY MYERS- She's the best driver because she starts the car fast and her vision almost never get foggy due to her high composure, but that's pretty much it. VICTORIA STERLING- She barely gives advantages to her team, but at least she can steal the sweater. CHAD KENSINGTON-He gives absolutely no advantages to his team. He struggles at distracting Jason because his stamina is bad and recharges slowly, he struggles to unmask jason and can't repair, but at least he runs very fast. D (hardcore mode) ERIC LACHAPPA- His stealth sucks because his composure is low so the only thing he can do is repairing things. He gives ok advantages to the team, but zero advantages to yourself and nobody can help the team if dead and this is what makes him the worst counselor in f13 the game. At least he is S tier on the meme tier list.
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