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  1. I do the same. I always attempt to go back and help the others get out if I can. Though, I tend to usually die before I get a chance lol.
  2. I bought the game on PS4 not to long ago and can say that it's very active. I've had a blast on it and so far, haven't run into many unfriendly players.
  3. Hey all, So I've been seeing a lot of different ways people utilize Tommy's character and I'm curious how you think Tommy should be used. Me personally, I do what the screen says.." save the other counselors"...or die trying lol. I've seen people run straight to the cops, use him as a sacrifice character and allow others to escape and even go as far as to run and find Jason's house. Are there any strategies that you guys use? Or rather any specific role with Tommy? Looking forward to your thoughts...
  4. That would be awesome! The game is just a lot of fun. I've had so many " oh crap" moments I can't count now....
  5. I voted for counselors. I don't know if it falls into the same category, but my number one request is offline counselors as an option ( I know it's probably very hard, but I can hope lol). I would also love a way to still play with other players and keep the game going.
  6. I found a tape, but not sure how to listen to it. Is there an area in the menu I go? Or did I have to listen to it while in game. Saddly I got killed right after I found it. Lol
  7. @Fair Play. Oh you know they will. I believe if anyone has seen the "success" this one has done, they will at least try it out. I use the word success loosely, because this game is a blast and was on the right path.....but got shut down for unforseen reasons.
  8. Yep. Content is gone. I'm pleased with what we do have, but more never hurts. But I knew that when I just picked up the game recently.
  9. @Wolledc. You can see how there could be some issues for sure! You bring up valid points. I will be the first to admit, I don't know the first thing about implementing an AI or how hard it is, but I would still love to see it in some way if it's possible.
  10. @PackASnack_Lodge. I thought the exact thing. Alot of the dlc paid for is for counselors. Maybe I could post in the suggestion thread if the community wants it enough? I don't know if it would make a difference, as they are focused on other things but maybe it's a possibility since new content is unable to be added?
  11. Well, I thought of that myself but think the answer is no. It's virtually just reworking what's already in the game and making Jason an AI. I could be totally wrong though!
  12. I saw Jason "die" for the first time today and had no idea what was going on.... Lol
  13. Hey all, I posted a question not to long ago to Matt in the patch section as a suggestion about this, but just wanted to see what the community thought as I still like the idea. Though it all boils down to priorities with the game I suppose. I tried searching and didn't see any previous threads. With that all said, how would you all feel about being able to play as counselors offline with Jason as AI? I personally would love to be able to still do that expierence, especially when the servers go down eventually. I've been having a blast even just playing as Jason against the bots when I get tired of online sessions.
  14. Saddly, as much as I'm ready for it to be over....I don't know that it matters as the damage had been done. Maybe I'm wrong!
  15. Sounds good. Thank you both!
  16. Hello all, Just purchased the ultimate slasher edition on PS4 after finally getting around to it. Wanted to jump on and say that I will be playing this quite a bit and keep an eye out for me online. Username is the same as here for PSN, so if you see me on....be gentle lol. Still getting the hang of the game as I can't quite figure out the counselors just yet....and seem to always do things the hard way. Anyways, love the game. Hope to hear from you all.
  17. @mattshotcha I understand. Thank you for the response. I Iook forward to whatever juice the game has left in it! I hate I'm late to the party and just recently picked this up as I've been meaning to play for awhile, just never got around to it. Thanks again for everything.
  18. @mattshotcha I'm new to the forums and the game, but I have to express that you all have done a fantastic job with it as it's very fun! I thought I would jump on board with the community and get involved. I wanted to post a comment as far as a request goes, that I thought may make the offline more fun. I didn't see this discussed and if it's been requested I apologize. But has it been thought of to make counselors playable in the offline mode of things? I think it would give more variety for offline players, if the online was to ever go down. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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