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  1. Keegan


    I’d rather have a good game with DLC than a great game with DLC this whole thing from the beginning has been nothing but a joke
  2. Keegan


    No I knew there was a search function I just didn’t care to use it, if they all have the same thing and if they get taken down then it’s obvious Gun media doesn’t care about trying to do the right thing and fighting for a game that has potential
  3. Keegan


    Okay I know I’m probably gonna get hate for bringing this up because this has probably been brought up enough times but I’m honestly tired of playing the same stuff over and over. Like I understand the lawsuit that went down but can’t Gun media do something about it? cause this game has so much potential when it comes to DLC, can’t they just give a cut of the earnings to whoever took it to court I’m the first place? Or just part ways with whoever killed it to begin with. Just because they say there’s not gonna be anymore DLC doesn’t mean they can’t try and revive it (again), bring the game to its true potential like I know you can Gun Media. (All my opinion but I’m here to listen to others about the whole situation even though it’s been about 4 years later)
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