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  1. Completely in the buff but covered in blood. I'm playing on PS4 so automatically assumed it was a cosmetic but then after a quick google search realised it wasn't. It was almost identical to the counselor in this video - Bloody Naked Vanessa - around the 0:12 mark, apart from it not being that particular character.
  2. Hey I'm very new to the game, currently level 6 and really enjoying it. I got fed up of playing DBD after 2 years so thought I'd try something different! Anyway... I play on PS4 and recently just played a game as Jason and one of the counselors was naked. Couldn't tell you which character and don't have any screenshots but is this a bug or a mod? Couldn't find anything about it when doing a google search.
  3. That's really good to know, I'll keep trying. Does anyone know if there's a legitimate way of switching servers if I'm still unable to find games?
  4. Hi, I have a question regarding queue times on PS4. How long does it take on average to find a game, and is there an active player base in the UK Region? I haven't played F13 before but decided to give it ago and i've already been waiting 12 minutes with no sign of a match. Is this the norm?
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