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  1. A couple of days ago, Wes Keltner had made the following tweet: What do you guys think? Is this a hint to Gun Media's next game or is Wes pulling our leg?
  2. I have made a rough calculation as to when we might hear something definitive about Gun Media's next game. According to Twitter, Wes Keltner can't say anything about the project because he had signed a non-disclosure agreement with the copyright holder of the franchise. As far as I know, Wes first tweeted about this project on Twitter in January 2019. I'm no game developer but from what I understand, it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 years for a company to develop a game. Using January 2019 as a starting point and adding 3 to 5 years to that date, we will probably hear what Gun Media's next game is at some point between January 2022 to January 2024. Is my logic sound?
  3. I agree with Fair Play here. Although I could be wrong, Wes is probably taking a regular vacation with no intentions of announcing anything. Although I hope Gun Media is working on a Halloween game that is similar to Friday the 13th, everything is pure speculation until we get an official announcement.
  4. Has there been any further news about this project? I haven't found anything recent on the internet.
  5. Can you please post the link to the teaser that showed Pinehurst small? Thank you.
  6. You might want to check out my counselor tier list: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28510-my-counselor-tier-list/
  7. I don't think your statements are correct. The reason being is because my bluetooth headphones/microphone works together just fine on Skype so I don't believe it's a Windows issue. I think there's something about the game itself that's preventing my microphone and headphones from working together.
  8. Hello Everybody I've been playing F13 on a PC for a while now and recently got a bluetooth headphone with a microphone. I can connect the headphones to the computer and it works fine. I can clearly hear music videos on YouTube for example. The microphone works too. When I play F13 though, other players can hear me but I can't hear the game at all through the headphones. I found sort of a work around. When I change the sound output option of the computer from the headphones to my speakers, that works. I can hear the game through the speakers and talk to other players through the microphone. However, I can't get the microphone and the headphones to work at the same time. Although I can live with playing the game through my speakers, I would like to have it go through my headphones. Does anybody have any suggestions for me? The model number of my headphones is MPow HC5. I'm using an HP computer with Windows 10. I'm playing the game through Steam. I don't think it matters, but I'm also using an Xbox controller too. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have.
  9. I've been having this problem a lot lately too especially on my Steam account. I would pick a counselor like Fox or AJ to start with and get a different counselor like Tiffany or Buggzy. It doesn't happen a lot but it does happen. I hope they patch this soon.
  10. Does anybody know what the current status of the F13 lawsuit is? I haven't found anything recent on the internet.
  11. Although I'm not officially retiring from the game, I'm not playing it as much as I used to. I'm playing Dead by Daylight more now. I think the reason is because Dead by Daylight keeps creating new content that keeps the game fresh and exciting. Recently, they introduced a new killer called the Blight and a new survivor named Felix Richter. Both characters come with new perks too. Although I haven't purchased nor played either character, their introduction does introduce a certain variety. Their latest patch has also improved some of the animation and graphics. I also think another reason why I don't play F13 as much as I used to is because once your reach level 150, there's nothing to look forward to except for maybe the opportunity to roll for better perks. In my opinion, once you've reached level 150, the only reasons to play is either for the pure fun of it or to hang out with your online friends. In fact, I've reached the point where some of my online friends have become more entertaining than the game itself. A few of them have developed some great comedy routines! Playing Dead by Daylight has really highlighted the importance of new content for me. Without that, I would imagine a lot of people will lose interest in playing a game over time. I know Gun's official position is no new content ever, but once the lawsuit is over, they might want to reconsider that position. Although I doubt that they will based upon their most recent press release, but in my opinion, introducing new content will increase the longevity of the F13 game. That's all I have to say. Thanks for reading and peace out.
  12. What you said may be true, but I still don't see speed as a top tier stat. Based upon my previous experiences, speed may help you to outrun Jason or get to a cabin quicker, but that stat is dependent upon stamina. If you run out of stamina while Jason is chasing you, then I don't think it matters if your speed is lightning fast or as slow as a turtle, Jason is going to get you. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to agree to disagree. In my opinion, stamina still remains a top tier stat while speed remains a bottom one.
  13. I'm sorry, Carlso, but I'm going to have to agree to disagree. Based upon my experiences, speed doesn't seem to be all that valuable when Jason uses shift. In fact, just the other night, I was playing Jason and used shift to catch a Vanessa who was running as fast as she could from me. I caught and killed her. When you say doing the chicken dance, I assume you mean the counselor running in a random pattern to avoid a shift attack. If that's what you mean, then I don't understand how speed will help with that. I believe any counselor running in a erratic way can avoid a shift attack even low speed counselors like Mitch and Eric. Could you please explain how speed helps a counselor to do an effective chicken dance? I honestly don't see how.
  14. I probably shouldn't have used the word, "useless." I think your description of "less effective" is more accurate. Yes, I have heard of how difficult it is to find a No-Fear Jenny. However, as you have pointed out, if Jason is close enough, he will find Jenny regardless of her no-fear build. Based upon that, I believe I can say having a high composure is no guarantee of success when Jason is in rage mode.
  15. I don't think composure is trash. I think composure and its sister stat, stealth, are useful up to a point. If you're playing a high stealth/high composure counselor like Mitch or AJ, I believe it would be best to complete an objective ASAP and then get your butt the hell out of there. From what I understand of the game, once Jason goes into rage mode, composure and stealth are useless. At that point, I believe stamina is the best stat to have because Jason is going to be chasing you all over the map. From past experiences, a low stam counselor like Mitch or AJ isn't going to last too long especially if an objective is not completed whereas a high stam counselor like Vanessa or Tiffany would at least have a fighting chance of running out the timer if nobody's completed an objective. In my opinion, my stat ranking would be this: 1. Stamina – In my opinion, this is your lifebar. If you run out of this when Jason is chasing you and you don't have a pocket knife or a weapon, you die. 2. Repair - In my opinion, somebody has to complete the objectives. If they're not completed when Jason enters rage mode, your counselor has a high chance of dying. Way too often, I see public lobbies filled with Vanessas, Tiffanys or Buggzys. Yes, those counselors are nice and fast but they are lousy at fixing objectives. They are too slow and have too many skill checks. Because of that, I believe it's best to play a counselor with at least a six or higher in repair like Fox or Adam. 3. Composure - I believe this is a great stat during the first half of the game when Jason is not in rage mode. But once Jason enters rage mode, this stat becomes useless. 4. Stealth - Same thing as composure here. I think stealth is good when Jason is not in rage mode, but useless when he enters it. 5. Luck - From what I can tell, luck is only beneficial with weapon durability, crawling through a broken window, or starting a vehicle. This stat isn't all that important to me for the following reasons: I rarely fight Jason so weapon durability means little to me. I use a 20% thick-skin perk which protects me from broken windows. Based upon my past experiences, there's only a few seconds of difference when starting a vehicle between a high luck counselor and a low luck counselor so this doesn't mean much to me. 6. Strength - This perk only seems to be good at demasking and stunning Jason. Since I rarely fight Jason, this perk has little value to me. 7. Speed - In my opinion, this is the least valuable stat in the game. I believe Jason's shift ability effectively negates this stat. Because I place high value on stamina and repair, my main counselor is Fox. Her repair score of six allows her to repair quickly with only three to five skill checks. I believe her stamina score of five is at least passable and gives her a decent chance of juking Jason. If you use the 15% marathon perk on her, her stamina pool would be slightly higher than an unmodified Vanessa allowing her to lead Jason on a merry chase around the map. That's all I have to say for now. Please be advised that everything I've written in this post are my opinions only. Thanks for reading and peace out.
  16. You might be joking, but if not, I don't think you can use Tommy in a tier list. He's not a counselor you can choose to play but rather a hero who is randomly assigned to a player who either died or escaped.
  17. Several weeks ago, I posted a fairly in-depth counselor tier list. You can check it out here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28510-my-counselor-tier-list/ The short version of my tier list would be this: S Tier: Fox and Vanessa A Tier: Adam, AJ, and Victoria B Tier: Buggzy, Tiffany, and Jenny C Tier: Mitch, Chad, and Kenny F Tier: Deborah, Eric, and Shelly
  18. Part 5 Jason is my main. In my opinion, he's the most balanced Jason in the game.
  19. I must have misunderstood what you said. My apologies for that. Yes, I agree that Jason can interrupt AJ repairing an objective if he throws a knife at her. But wouldn't that happen with Eric as well? For that matter, wouldn't that be true of any counselor? On 8/2/20 at 1:28 PM, Carlso said: Yes, you can do that with every counselor. But on your second stun, the bat broke, and you had to get out of there to pick another weapon. If you were Lachappa, you would stun him the third time, and the people of the yellow car would've started the car. Yes, I agree that Eric is a much better fighter than AJ. In fact, she's probably the worst fighter in the game which is why I don't think it's a good idea for her to go toe to toe with Jason unless she has to. I must have misunderstood your original post. My apologies for that. I was under the impression that you thought AJ couldn't stun Jason and I was showing that she can. I agree with your statement: "it's just a matter of what stat you think is more important." As I said before, any counselor can be good in the hands of a skilled player. If you prefer Eric over AJ and have had good success playing him, then by all means, continue to play him. The tier list and all comments on the counselors are my opinions only and I know others may not agree with them. As an aside, you say Mitch is your main and the best counselor in your opinion. In my list, I rated Mitch much higher than Eric. So can I safely assume that you and I would agree that Mitch would be a much better choice than Eric?
  20. I'm going to have to agree to disagree with some of the things you've posted. Granted Eric may be better at escaping traps and stunning Jason, but AJ can certainly repair an objective by herself with Jason nearby. I've done that several times. In fact, I did that last night. I agree with you that Eric's luck and strength are better than AJ's so he would make a better fighter than her. However, I wouldn't play either counselor as a fighter unless I had to. In my opinion, you would need either a high strength character like Adam or a high luck character like Victoria to effectively fight Jason. As an aside, you can stun Jason with AJ. I've stunned Jason many times when I played her. Here's proof to back up my statements. Please check out this video of me playing AJ last night. I put gas in the two-seater with Jason running toward me and then I knocked him down later with a bat: Your original message sounded to me like you were saying that Jason will morph to an objective if he sees the noise rings near it. To the best of my knowledge, I've never encountered a Jason who played that way. In this post you seem to be indicating that if Jason sees you with the objective part like the battery or the gas, he will tunnel you. Yes, if Jason actually "sees" me with an objective part like the battery or gas, he will chase me. That has happened to me several times.
  21. Like I said before, any counselor can be good in the hands of a skilled player but if you're interested in being stealthy, why not pick AJ over Eric? In my opinion, she would be a much better selection than him. My prior experiences seem to indicate otherwise. Based upon the games I've played, most Jason players will usually trap the objectives first, knock out the electrical boxes, and then chase whatever counselor happens to be nearby. The only time Jason has ever morphed to an objective that I'm fixing with Fox, Adam, or any counselor for that matter is if I fail a skill check. I agree that perhaps a good Jason will morph to an objective where he/she sees a lot of noise rings, but I've never encountered one who played that way. Based upon my experiences, most Jasons will only follow the noise rings if he/she can't sense anybody. I agree that Fox and Adam may not be ideal lone wolf counselors but they could certainly perform that role if necessary. In fact, I have done so many times. While I also agree that Eric could perform as a lone wolf counselor, I still think AJ would be the superior choice. Please consider the following: she has a ten in stealth whereas Eric has an eight, so she would emit fewer noise rings than him. AJ has a seven in composure wheras Eric has a four, so she can manage her fear better and stay off of Jason's radar for much longer. She also has a four in stamina as opposed to Eric's two. This would allow her to run farther than Eric and gives her a better chance of escaping Jason. In my opinion, the only real advantage Eric has over AJ is his repair score of ten as opposed to AJ's score of seven. But I don't see this as a big deal. Eric gets an average of two to three skill checks whereas AJ gets an average of three to five. While this would allow Eric to fix an objective faster than AJ, we're talking a few seconds at most. Therefore, I don't think Eric's repair score is a meaningful advantage.
  22. I agree that any counselor could be good with the proper support but unfortunately I and I believe others rarely encounter a good, well-coordinated team especially in the public lobbies. I agree counselors like Chad and Eric could be great in a team environment but in my opinion they're lousy as lone wolf characters. Because I believe you can't depend upon a good team to help you, I think it would be best to select a counselor who could function well as both a team player and a lone wolf like Fox or Adam.
  23. In response to Shady's request, I posted my ranking of the counselors on this forum. You can check it out here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28510-my-counselor-tier-list/
  24. Hello Everybody, Last month, a community member named Shady had submitted a posting, asking for a counselor tier list and I thought I’d chime in with my two cents. A few months ago, I had posted some comments on this forum stating that I don’t believe that there’s a best overall counselor, however I do believe there’s a best counselor in each category. After playing the game for a while, I have modified my opinion. I now believe that there are two best overall counselors and two that deserve an honorable mention. I’m going to define each category, show the results of some polls I had posted, rank all the counselor from last and then go into details about my top four favorite counselors. Please be advised the ranking, categories, definitions, and all comments are my opinions only. Please feel free to disagree. Here are what I call the five categories of counselors and my definition of them: 1. The Mechanics: These are counselors who are good at repairing objectives. A counselor needs a six or higher score in repair to qualify for this role. 2. The Runners: These are counselors who are good at running. They excel at kiting and juking Jason. They're also good at delivering parts to objectives. To qualify for this role, a counselor needs a six or higher score in stamina. 3. The Defenders: These counselors are good at protecting mechanics while they repair objectives. A counselor needs a six or higher in luck to qualify for this role. 4. The Brawlers: These counselors are good at going toe to toe with Jason and knocking off his mask. To qualify for this role, a counselor needs a six or higher score in strength. 5. The Double Classes: These are counselors who can do double duty in the above categories. In order to qualify for this role, a counselor needs a six or higher in two or more of the following stats: repair, stamina, luck, and strength. A couple of months ago, I submitted several polls asking people who they think the best counselor in each category is. Here are the current results of those polls: 1. The Mechanics: Deborah Kim 2. The Runners: A tie between Vanessa Jones and Tiffany Cox 3: The Defenders: Vanessa Jones 4. The Brawlers: Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson 5. The Double Classes: Vanessa Jones My picks for the best counselor in each category are going to be somewhat different from the results of the polls. I will present my categorial picks but first I’m going to present my overall ranking of the counselors. As I said before, this list and all comments are my opinions only. Also, please be aware any counselor can be effective in the hands of a skilled player. Please note also that I’m going to judge each counselor by their natural stats without the inclusion of any perks. Now on to my list with my comment on each counselor. Please be aware that I’m going to start from the bottom and work my way up. 14. Shelly – In my opinion, Shelly is the worst counselor in the game. With a seven in strength, it seems like Shelly’s role would be that of a brawler, but there would be much better picks for that role like Adam or Fox. The rest of Shelly’s stats are either bad, mediocre or pointless for this type of character. For example, Shelly has an eight in stealth which I believe is useless for a brawler counselor. If you’re going toe to toe with Jason, what is high stealth going to do for you? I would pass on this counselor. 13. Eric – With a ten in repair, Eric’s role would be that of a mechanic. While he’s great at fixing objectives, his abysmally low stat of two in stamina makes him extremely vulnerable. If Jason finds him, Eric has a very low chance of escaping. I would choose a different counselor. 12. Deborah – I might catch some flak for this one. Deborah is very popular with other players and I do see her a lot in the public lobbies. I myself used to play Deborah quite a bit before moving on to other counselors. In my opinion, she’s the female version of Eric. She’s a little better than him but not by much. She’s practically got the same weakness as him. With a three in stamina, she’s going to have a hell of a time escaping from Jason if he finds her. Although she’s got a ten in repair, I don’t believe that means she’s a good counselor to play. I’m going to elaborate on this point, but first, I would recommend watching Slash N’Cast’s counselor re-ranking video on YouTube. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oXTIw8AMek. According to that video, having the max points in a stat isn’t always necessary. For example, Mitch’s repair stat of eight will sometimes give him three skill checks instead of the two Deborah would normally get, which wouldn't qualify as a meaningful difference in my opinion. Like I said, I used to play Deborah a lot and I used to think she was decent, but now my opinion of her has changed and I don't play her that much anymore. I would play a different counselor other than her. 11. Kenny – I consider Kenny to be the start of the mid-tier counselors. With straight fives in all stats, he’s not bad at anything, but he’s not good at anything either. The only reason I could see playing him is if you’re a beginning player who’s trying to figure out your style of play. Once you’ve figured that out, then you should switch to the counselor that best fits that style. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother with Kenny. 10. Chad – I know I’m probably going to catch hell for this, but in my opinion, Chad is just a so-so defender. Yes, he’s got that perfect ten in luck. Yes, his weapons will rarely break and he can crawl through broken windows with barely a scratch, but unfortunately that’s his only real advantage. Like I said before, you don’t need a score of ten in a stat to be a good counselor. Victoria’s or Jenny’s score of eight for example would be more than sufficient to qualify as a good defender. Chad’s other good stat is a nine in speed, but I don’t believe that’s very beneficial for him because his stamina score of four handicaps him. He may be good at running short distances but long ones are going to present a challenge for him. He wouldn’t be my first pick as a defender. 9. Mitch – With a repair of eight, a composure of nine, and a stealth of six, Mitch is good at sneaking around and fixing objectives, but he wouldn’t be the best choice for this role. AJ, with her repair of seven, composure of seven, and stealth of ten would be a much better selection. I would pick her over Mitch. 8. Jenny – For all you no-fear Jenny fans, rejoice! I actually find her to be a decent counselor. With an eight in luck, her role would be that of a defender and with a stamina of five, she would at least have a passable chance of juking Jason if necessary and running to hotspots. Of course, she’s got that perfect ten in composure which allows her to keep her cool around Jason while whacking him with a baseball bat. That’s way better than Chad’s measly composure score of one. That and her stamina score are why I ranked her higher than Chad. 7. Tiffany – With a six in speed and a nine in stamina, Tiffany is a good choice if you want to kite and juke Jason, however I believe Vanessa with her speed of ten and stamina of nine would be a better option. Also, I think Tiffany’s stealth score of ten is a waste except in certain circumstances. Having high stealth might be good if you’re delivering parts to an objective, but you would have to jog not sprint if you don’t want Jason to detect you. Also, I don’t think stealth is going to help you too much if you’re going to be kiting and juking Jason. 6. Buggzy – In my opinion, Buggzy would be a good brawler but not an ideal one. He’s got that score of ten in strength so he’s great at demasking Jason, but Adam with his score of eight and Fox with her score of seven would be more than sufficient at that task. Also, Adam and Fox have a repair score of six so if killing Jason fails, they can easily repair objectives. With a repair score of one, Buggzy would be lousy at that. I have to admit that with a solid score of eight in both speed and stamina, Buggzy would make an excellent runner. However, if running and kiting Jason are your thing, I believe it would make more sense to pick Vanessa with her speed score of ten and stamina score of nine over Buggzy. 5. Victoria – In my opinion, Victoria would be the best defender. With a solid eight in luck, her weapons will last a long time. Although she’s not very fast with a speed score of four, her score of seven in stamina make up for it. Unlike Chad and Jenny, long distances wouldn’t present much of an issue with her. She would be my first pick for a defender. 4. AJ – If sneaking around the map and repairing objectives are your thing, then AJ is your girl. With a ten in stealth, a seven in composure, and a seven in repair, AJ’s got that fantastic ability to stay off of Jason’s radar while quickly repairing that phone box or installing that car battery. Although her other stats are either middling or bad, making her a mediocre runner and a lousy fighter, that’s okay. When playing AJ, you don’t want to outrun or fight Jason; you don’t want him to know that you even exist. AJ would be one of my top picks for a mechanic. 3. Adam – I believe Adam is the best male character. With an eight in strength and a seven in composure, he would make an excellent brawler while keeping his cool. If killing Jason doesn’t work out, he can easily fix objectives with a repair score of six. Adam would be one of my first picks for a brawler. 2. Vanessa – Without a doubt, Vanessa is the queen of running. With a score of ten in speed and nine in stamina, she can kite and juke Jason with ease. Not only are her speed and stamina great, but with a six in luck, she would also make a passable defender. Unlike other defenders, she’s got the speed and stamina to get to a hotspot in a hurry. Vanessa would be my top pick for a runner and one of my top picks for a defender. 1. Fox - I think Fox is a fantastic counselor and she is my main. With a score of seven in strength and a score of six in composure, she would make an excellent brawler while keeping a level head. Her repair score of six allows her to repair objectives fairly quickly and easily. Out of all the mechanics, she’s got the highest stamina score of five which gives her a decent chance of outrunning and juking Jason. That’s it for my overall ranking. As you can see from my list, my top three favorite counselors are Fox, Vanessa, and Adam. Before I do my final pick for each category, I’m going to engage in some gender discrimination and boot Adam from the list. The reason being is because he’s a male and he can’t don the sweater. For that reason, I almost always play female counselors. My picks for the best in each category would be: 1. The Mechanics: Fox 2. The Runners: Vanessa Jones 3: The Defenders: Vanessa Jones 4. The Brawlers: Fox 5. The Double Classes: A tie between Vanessa Jones and Fox. This would depend upon one’s playstyle. I would also have to give an honorable mention to AJ and Victoria. Although I would consider each of them to be single class counselors – AJ would be the mechanic; Victoria would be the defender – both of them shine in their respective fields and would be excellent selections. If I add them to the categorial picks, this is what it would look like: 1. The Mechanics: AJ Mason 2. The Runners: Vanessa Jones 3: The Defenders: Victoria Sterling 4. The Brawlers: Fox 5. The Double Classes: A tie between Vanessa Jones and Fox. This would depend upon one’s playstyle. So, there you have it. Let me say again that all comments in this post are my opinions only. This is in no way the definitive word on the counselors and a lot of people may disagree with my ranking. Please be aware that my opinions may change in the future just like it did with Deborah Kim. I used to think she was good, but now I don’t. Thank you for reading and peace out.
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