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  1. Hello everybody. I have 2 marathon perks and I'm trying to decide which one would be the better of the two. One perk is 13% with a 0% sprint penalty. The other is 15% with a 2% sprint penalty. Could you please let me know which perk you think would be the better one to use? Thank you.
  2. I usually play either Fox, AJ, or Deborah with Fox being my main choice. I try to stay away from Jason and fix objectives whenever possible. The only perks I've ever used are thick skin, marathon, preparedness, medic, hypochondriac, and nerves of steel. All the other perks are either too situational for my taste or useless for my particular playstyle.
  3. IMHO, I don't think there are any best perks per se, although I believe some are completely worthless like easy listening. I think the best perks all depend on what counselor you choose and your playstyle. I usually play Fox and I use her as a repair counselor. The best perks for me are the following: thick-skin, preparedness, marathon, nerves of steel, medic, and hypochondriac. I don't use any other perk because they're completely worthless like easy listening; the benefit is slight like resful - from what I understand that perk only shaves a second or two off your stamina recharge; or the perk is too situational like my dad's a cop. MDAC is great if you can use it but if somebody else calls the cops or the phone fuse is never installed, then in my opinion, you wasted a perk slot.
  4. I've been looking for another game like Friday the 13th. I tried Dead by Daylight but I found that game to be disappointing. It's not a bad game IMHO, but I didn't find it as nearly as fun as F13. I was thinking about buying Last Year the Nightmare but that game got middling reviews so I'm reluctant to purchase it. Of course, reviews aren't the end-all, be-all, therefore, I would be interested in hearing what others think about that game. If you have played Last Year the Nightmare, could you post your opinion the comment section below? Thank you.
  5. I know this'll never happen but I'm curious as to what others think about this idea. Here's my suggestion for a new gameplay: create a map that's double the size of a large map like Pinehurst; double the number of counselors who can play from 7 to 14; double the number of escape options from 2 vehicles to 4 and 1 phone house to 2; and have 2 Jasons hunting counselors instead of 1. Or maybe you could have Pamela Voorhees and young Jason teaming up. You could still have a shack but maybe you could also have the old Voorhees house in place of one. You could still have Tommy Jarvis as a hero but you would have an additional one like Tina Shepard. I know this idea is rough around the edges and it would need a lot of work, but I think it has potential. Please let me know what think and post your comments below.
  6. I hope it is. I would love to play such a game especially if it's like Friday the 13th.
  7. For the 3rd answer, I meant to type "About half skill and half luck." Sorry about that.
  8. I understand what you're saying but based upon my experience, the marathon perk has come in handy for me. I usually play Fox with an epic marathon of 15% which according to my calculatons gives me slightly more stamina than an unmodified Vanessa. Although I agree the marathon perk isn't the end-all and be-all, it does give me an edge in looting cabins, going to other cabins, running to objectives, and as you pointed out fleeing to the police exit. It also gives me an edge when juking Jason. I agree with you that the marathon perk might not be all that usefull during a long term chase but in my opinion, you could say that about any perk. For example, other than taking two or three knife throws or weapon swings, what is thick skinned going to do for you during a long term chase?
  9. It's my understanding that restful doesn't work when your fear status is high, but I thought marathon always worked regardless of your fear status. Is that not true?
  10. I would add marathon and remove swift attacker from your list. Other than that, I agree the perks you mentioned would qualify as meta-perks. IMHO, all the other perks are either too situational or useless during Jason's rage mode.
  11. I've seen the word, meta-perks, used a lot and I'm assuming it means the most useful/popular perks. I believe it would include such perks like: thick-skinned, marathon, NOS, and medic. Is my assumption correct?
  12. I'm with you Laotian Lam. Although I don't mind playing Jason, I usually find myself playing as a counselor. Like you, I find it more fun to try to escape from Jason than trying to kill everybody. I would like to say I noticed something curious. I play this game on the PS4 and I've played with a lot of people. Generally speaking and based upon my experience, it seems to me that kids and young adults prefer playing as Jason whereas older adults prefer playing as a counselor. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that too?
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