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  1. I need to update my total. I died a few moments ago as Roy. Tommy runs over the trap I put in front of the shack. I grab him, and it glitches so I’m unable to kill him. Sweater girl enters and I morph a few yards away. I hit them with knives from a distance, and decided to face my death with some dignity. So I head toward them, sweater girl hits Y, Tommy hits me, and the animation starts immediately. Oh well.
  2. I hate juking Jason. I’ll usually just fight him to my death if I can’t escape.
  3. I have gotten pretty good at repairing stuff with Victoria so I’m less dependent on other counselors than I used to be. So my least favorite counselor is LaChappa. His stamina is pathetic, so he’s pretty much useless while trying to kill/evade Jason.
  4. I’m super proud of the time I shift threw a knife and killed someone through a window. It was a complete fluke, but It was still awesome.
  5. Halloween had the better franchise, but any Jason after Part 2 would defeat Michael in a fight.
  6. Well, they should have used the Freddy vs Jason script that I wrote in Elementary school, but I digress... I rewatched it a few months ago and I still don’t care about it.
  7. 1: Part VI 2: Part II - They botched the ending, but I love me some Amy Steel 3: Jason X - The least scary, but still highly amusing 4: Part IV 5: Part VII 6: Friday the 13th (1980) 7: Part III 8. Part V 9: Friday the 13th (2009) 10: Freddy vs Jason 11: Part 8 12: Jason goes to Hell
  8. I have died a total of three times. The second team complemented me afterward for not rage quitting.
  9. I have been told that both grabbing and slashing are cheating. So, some people are gonna be salty no matter how they die. That being said, I would prefer to go out with some Pizazz. I was however knifed like 6 times in one game so I do understand slashing. You also don’t really have a choice when four players team up with some baseball bats and teabag your stunned ass on the ground.
  10. I installed the propeller on the boat and went to get the gas in the next cabin. I go to install the gas and two counselors run onto the dock. AJ sort of pushes me over while I’m installing the gas and gets in to start the boat. Okay, no biggie. So I notice the other counselor trying to cut me off, so I start spanning the A button, but no luck - I found and installed both the gas and propeller and still didn’t get to escape. Any tips to stop this from happening?
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