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  1. I main Part 6 and while I’m decent at keeping them from repairing the boat - I can’t catch it all. I’ve tried morphing ahead of the boat in stalk, and they still seem to be able to dodge me.
  2. I just want to break furniture and stop people from looping around tables and cars.
  3. You’re choosing your opponents wisely if you’ve never been killed as Jason. It’s actually pretty easy IF you can get a counselor to work with you.
  4. I would like for them to bring in Amy Steel and other actors involved with the series to provide voice work. I’ll even provide my very own Friday the 13th fan fiction to improve the Story Mode.
  5. It took less than 5 minutes to kill me last time. I morphed to the shack w/ Tommy and sweater girl inside. Tommy hits me once, the mask comes off, sweater girl does her thing and I died instantly.
  6. Nothing better than a 5 year dropping F bombs and threatening to murder your family.
  7. I would like to think that I possess good sportsmanship, but I got pissy and rage quit earlier today.
  8. I accidentally ran over two counselors today while trying to escape in the two seater. Jason stops the car, we duel a little bit, and I get back into the car on the passenger side. Then another counselor runs into the car while we are trying to escape - 3 Accidental betrayals in one game.
  9. I don’t troll. I’ve never tainted Jason, teabagged him, or anything like that.
  10. I would’ve thrown an extra $100 toward their kickstarter to get Amy Steel to come in and do some voice work, especially since they make the Part 2 shack an important part of every map.
  11. I don’t have an exact time, but I was killed in under 5 minutes. Tiffany hit me once and I morphed to the cabin after getting the “ there coming for me” notification. Tommy and Vanessa are both in the shack. Tommy knocks my mask off with one hit, Vanessa does the sweater. Instant Kill!i didn’t get a beat down or anything - two hits.
  12. The early incarnations of Jason 2-6 would have killed children. He attempts to kill Tommy in Part IV & the children in Part VI. Kane Hodder took the stance that Jason wouldn’t kill kids or kick a dog. It’s an unwritten rule of sorts that children are “safe” in slasher films since most audiences don’t want to see film makers cross that line.
  13. True, Jenny is the only counselor modeled after a survivor.
  14. I prefer Part 6 since he has a magnificent shift, several throwing knives, and enough traps to protect both cars and the fuse box. There have been times where I needed to be able to swim faster, morph, or just be able to run to stop a juking counselor, but overall 6 gets it done.
  15. Not my escape, but one time when I was playing as Jason a counselor repaired the phone right after I finished placing my first trap.
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