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  1. Wow, yet another Jason buff, of course, because he wasn't strong enough already. To be honest this update was the change needed for Jason, not the rage change that was just ridiculous.
  2. Oh, basically by Jason main I just mean I mostly have my preference set to Jason. XD
  3. Glad someone actually see's light of just what is wrong with this buff, even before the buff, me and my friend always revelled in how ridiculously easy and fun it was to play Jason, and like you say it's fun to mind game and toy with your pray, using your abilities to the best of your potential, like stalking from afar for a sneaky shiftgrab, or break a door down and start shifting to make a counselor camping a window jump out to shift outside and grab them for example, I felt I rarely got hit as Jason before unless it was by complete surprise, like not knowing the counselor was in a certain spot, or just from a hit free, whenever counselors run at me to bait grabs for a free hit, yeah would work on a bad Jason but I never fall for it, I'd just throw knives at them to weaken them whenever they'd run towards me, it is easy to not get hit as Jason so I don't know why people had such an issue with it, the Jasons who were getting stunned all the time just need to practice more and learn how not to, on average most games I'm just hit by guns or firecrackers or potentially 1 melee hit unless there's a group of 2 or 3 counselors hitting each other free which I don't count as they're free hits, in which is the only case I slash, not caring if I get stunned because if I can't grab kill them they need to get slashed, I just think it was far too easy to remove Jason's mask in these situations, and the rage buff made it easier as you can spam attack him to get his mask off, I think Jason just needed a LOT more hit points for it to come off instead of no stun on rage, the rage buff just felt unneccessary in my opinion as I failed to see how Jason was so weak, to me it was just the player, counselors shouldn't be punished for successfully fighting back and evading, even as Deborah on Packanack small, if a running Jason's tunnelling you with rage and you try to head to the cops, even by just jogging you can't make it as you have to sprint in small bursts to keep distance from a running Jason but can't hit him for the stamina boost as they always resort to slashing now, unless the Jason is just completely useless, Vanessa, Bugsy and Tiffany feel like the only viable counselors, only times I ever lost as Jason was when people worked well together as a team and had to take like 4-5 players wailing on me to kill me, and I just take the loss as I know they had to work together for it and never got it easily, XD but exactly what you said about the rage buff feeling like a cop out, I always say that to my friend when I have a showdown with him when he's the last one left, when I catch him it just doesn't feel earned, as he does manage to land hits on me at times from zig-zagging and running round me to throw my grab off, which is a good strategy, I get round it a lot but he often also makes me miss a lot doing it, but now with rage even if he successfully manages a hit for stamina it doesn't matter, I don't have to use my brain, I just get rewarded for not successfully evading his hit. Whew, sorry for this rant I just always have a lot to say. Haha.
  4. I know I'm late to this conversation but my opinion on this still stands. This is just my personal opinion and am not intending to cause any arguments, I'm open to any disagreement, here's just my personal opinion on the matter that I posted on a YouTube video about it. " I used to love a lot of counselors but the game's forcing us to play as Vanessa and Tiffany now in case escaping isn't an option and if you get tunnelled all game and need the stamina, or if Jason is teaming with other counselors. I loved playing as Jenny and Deborah before as you could at least stun him for stamina, now you can't even stun him while the phone's fixed to get the call or get the car restarted when stopped, or grab the sweater off the Higgins Haven island. So much wrong with this update, over a year later I'm still sitting here hoping they'll change it, it's just ridiculous, I know a rage rework was definitely needed but they took the lazy way out, "For balancing and tuning they say" couldn't be any more unbalanced. Weapons I find now, after taking suckerpunch off since the rage update, don't even stun most of the time anyway, and he could already block. I often had my preference at Jason before the update, but rarely even reached rage as I almost never got hit without them using a gun, or from a hit free, only times I found Jason hard is when 3 or 4 people would wail on me with machetes and axes trying to get my mask off, which is why I think the no stun thing should be a cooldown, because once I clear out a group of Jason fighters it's easy when they're on their own as they can't afford to get away with piss poor gameplay. This update was definitely in favor of all the new players to the game who haven't practiced or developed any strategy, or know how to avoid getting hit. "
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