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  1. Thanks @Laotian Lam, now I can get rid of that problem. Thanks a lot 🙂 That's exactly what I was trying to say, and how people reacts to this opinion (Jason doesn't need Rage invulnerability). There is a difference between reacting "I disagree" and being insulted and just "shut up that's it, no changing, get over it". Do you understand ? Imagine, how extrem the reaction is, maybe there are many persons who agree with me but now are afraid to talk about this subject because every answer they have is "get over it".... You just end the debate with that, but the freedoom of speech is only efficient if you authorize the debate. With such a reaction, there is no debate, and that's where I am angry. You should consider the opinion of every body. Otherwise, why does this forum exist ? And about the 5 points at the end, that was just some cool ideas that could be done in this game... or the next one 🙃 Maybe the Lawsuit issue will end up someday, I hope so ! But try to keep in mind my main ideas : Jason just needed to be lowered the chance of stunning while in rage, and don't throw away to thrash this opinion. About the mask, I think it's a good thing. That was indeed too easy to unmask him. But the rage invulnerability... Men that's too much. Jason is not mend to be a punching ball, unless you voluntary let counselor surrounding you and punching you. If you indeed watched the movies, Jason only kill one by one, not facing everybody at the same time. If Jason is surrounded, he can teleport away and come back later. Like I said, I never saw a Jason bullied... I'm sorry but I really find this Rage invulerability is non sense.
  2. Okay guys. Hello to everybody. I read the whole thread, took me ages to arrive here. Since English is not my mothertongue, I will try to be as clear as possible. First of all, thank you Gun and Illfonic to have done such a magnificent and funny game. F13 is so fun and so good. But... I really need to talk about some things. - Many people overreact when we say "Jason is OP" and only respond "get over it".. I must say that makes me angry. People have the right to express themselves and tell their point of view, this is the basic freedom of speech. And if several people think like that, you may have to consider that yes, it's possibly true. I mean, indeed Jason must be overpowered compared to counselors, but you still have to let the counselors having hope. And with the Rage update, you took back all that hope. Because at a certain point, you punish the counselors that remain in the game just because "they should have already left"... But what if they were chased by Jason ? If they didn't manage to find parts of vehicle or Fuse box ? If some jerk took an esential part and didn't communicate ? There are many issues in the game, but Jason being powerless, is not one of them. And don't listen those who wants more power to Jason, it's just because they like to play God and have power over other people. That is not the purpose of the game. A game must be challenging, on the both sides. Being Jason must not mean victory. Listen to this: I played to the game for a year now (that doesn't mean I have more or less right to say my opinion, like some of the people likes to claim it) on both PC and Xbox One, and I never, NEVER saw a "Killing Squad" like you describe. Maybe I was lucky, or maybe I did not play with the same people you encounter, but the fact is. In my hundreds of games, I just saw (not done, saw) Jason's death twice. That leads me to another important point : - Developers are developers, not players. And you (matt) tend to forget that. The Devs cannot have the objective point of view that a regular player can have. And just by that fact, you should listen to them and not respond (about the rage update) "It's like that and we will never come back on that point". NO. You should listen the player, because you are not of us. Now that you perfectly know the game, maybe you find that Jason is powerless, because you play against 7 others developers. But that's not the reality. When you join a true game, you may encounter a 10-year-old child that doesn't know how to play, plus a Russian that just wanna die because he is not Jason, and a teamer, ect. And you finish all by yourself, with all the weapons and some perks that became useless. We've got to have hope, to defend from Jason, even if he will kill us at the end anyway, let the players having hope. With your rage update, we cannot even have the hope to strike back and extend our life expectancy. - I know it's not a kind of a proof, I am a player among others, I do not think I'm the best one, but the fact is : I take the slowest/weakest Jason as possible, I let counselor escape from my grab, I hurt them and then go to another, because when I play Jason, it is too easy. I don't know how people can complain about Jason being bullied. Can you imagine ? It's so easy for me that I voluntary let the counselors live in order to let them play a little and having hope, then slash them to death. Just to have challenge. Otherwise, I would kill everybody in a few minutes. That happens, because I don't play against developers. Nor with a team. Just random people put together. And you, all the ancient in the forum with hundreds messages, forgot about it. This is the reality. Unfortunately, that's not what happens when I am a counselor. When the rage comes in, it's hopeless. It's not a game anymore, just a chase. And it's not funny. You can't play. It's one step to far. That is said, I just will tell my humble opinion on several things : Modify the Rage process. Make it just harder to stun Jason, by 50% less when in rage. Add an option to report hackers/teamers in game, with a video capture of the suspected teamer being automatically transfered to your services Accident can occurs, it's more realistic. Put back the counselor kill each others with the shotgun. Add the abilty to Jason to move corpses. It would be so much fun ! Like in the movies, throwing dead bodies through windows to scare the counselors inside. Create our own counselor, with an amount of point to put in stats. Yes, I also sometimes have problem with voice tchat (on Xbox One), have to switch on/off Xbox to fix it That is a long speech, but I hope I will be heard. Thank you for reading me, have fun and be cool ! 🙂
  3. I totally agree with your point of view, Jason is too strong with this last buff. I just disagree about the last 2 min. Tommy Jarvis should always be able to fight Jason and protects counselors.
  4. I currently enjoy this wonderful game on Xbox One X. And yes I submitted a ticket at JasonKillsBugs.com. My first one 😊 By the way, since I'm posting maybe you can answer me here : I often do not hear other players, neither in the lobby nor in-game. I see that they are talking, but I do not hear any sound. I checked all the options (IG and from the Xbox parameters), didn't change anything. May you have any clue ?
  5. Hello guys. Sorry to jump to another subject, but since the update I can't hear the counselor specific screams when they die far away from the player. Is it normal ?
  6. Hello everybody ! I'm glad to see that the game is still supported I just have one concern, if you please listen to me : I think the modification made to the Rage Mode is too steep. Losing the ability to stun Jason make all the perks for that useless, and characters with high strength are just unplayable now. I can see why you did this, but it would be nice instead of dropping to zero, just lower the chance of stunning Jason when he's in Rage Mode. That would be more fair. Please, please, take this opinion into account ! I love your game and I would like to continue to play it, but not with this modification !
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