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  1. Mainly just rage, not being able to use a PK or it feeling anti-climactic
  2. This weird glitch happened while playing a couple days ago on the Switch version. It seemed to have mashed a bunch of textures up, but it came out to make a pretty cool skin. I was able to play the entire game with it, but haven't got it since. I have no clue what triggered it, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless.
  3. dude fuck whoever started this lawsuit, ruined the future of an absolutely incredible game. Hopefully one day, another developer will pick up where Gun left off and make a sequel or something like that.
  4. This is outside of menu themes, music ques, and other things like that. Which of the five songs that play on the radio are the best? Personally I would say Killer by Crazy Lixx but all of them are great in my opinion. They did a great job capturing the feel of the 80's with this soundtrack.
  5. This game has been incredibly fun to play, and I've already made a couple friends on it. I was really disappointed to find out about the lawsuit, but decided to give the movies a try. I really loved them, and have been enjoying reading into the lore of the franchise. I truly do hope that somehow the game is saved and we finally get Uber Jason playable, if not I'll still play because the game is fun as hell! Also, AJ is best girl.
  6. Uber Jason Grendel Map Manhattan Map Whatever the Paranoia mode was supposed to be Possibly the Jason from Killer Puzzle (would be a weird pick like retro jason) A sandbox mode (like others have mentioned) First Person perspective create a character and please more skimpy bathing suits for AJ and Tiffany ;)
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