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  1. so you are seriously trying to tell me that the game is considered the norm to play only in a team of 8 people??? If the game can not be played without an organized squad, then this is a problem of the game, for this purpose the game must have a system of complaints and bans for dishonest players
  2. time passed and the game continued to slide into shit. I downloaded this game 2 or 3 years after its release. In the first game there was a man playing in a team with Jason. It revealed the location of other players and prevented them from surviving. And as I understand it, the game banned killing their allies, and this player just ruined the game for everyone in the lobby... As long as this kind of shit happens in the game it will never be good for public matches The second game, and the man is playing in a team with Jason. Stopping to sit in the car, put her under the trap and kills the whole team.
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