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  1. Ok so I will be removing myself from this conversation and I won't be commenting anymore, if you really want me to answer something about what I wrote you can PM but this convo is just unpleasant. I just find it so hilarious that some of you guys are so offended by only the idea that some people would enjoy playing a female counselor that has a strenght stat above 4... It's so weird how that can get your panties in a bunch. I just don't understand. Let's say they do bump one of the female counselors' strenght stat and it is above 4 (oh the humanity), will you cry at night? Will you vow to murder that female counselor every game because she has the audacity to have an average strenght stat? Will it be immersion breaking because to you girls can't lift anything heavier than car keys? xd I just don't undertand. Clearly, from multiple threads, the fact that no female counselor has an average or above strenght stat impacts some forum members' experience. If they bumped one of the girls' strenght stat, would that impact your gameplay experience? If so, how and why? If not, why are you so hysterical? So anyways, bye, cool thread. Ps. Revan, you liked your own post again
  2. This is the Jock's description : « Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson is the strongest and most athletic of all the counselors and he has the energy to stick in the fight! With a high Stamina & Strength stat, we have our heavy-hitter of the crew. Brandon plays multiple sports and maintains a high GPA as well. In a well-rounded group, if Buggzy goes down swinging, it's time for you to run for your life! » So yea we do know. I should be able to start giving feedback then according to what you posted? Besides what good is speculating about the guys since they are not released? You know what we can comment on, the girls, who are all released, and who all have below average strenght. Also I never said stealth was a bad stat, but giving great stealth to 3/5 female counselors and above average stealth to 4/5 female counselors lacks originality and gameplay diversity to me. Also you liked your own post kiddo, might wanna fix that
  3. We know the Jock will have the highest strenght stat of all the counselors which is fine, most likely 10/10. We also know the Edgy guy will have a high strenght stat since his description said he defends nerds from bullies. So at least 3 male counselors (Head counselor, Edgy, Jock have average to high strenght stat). Is it really too much to ask from the girls to say they want ONE female counselor that has an average to high strenght stat? Also, no one had been making personal attacks or typing in all caps until you came along, so I don't know who the 6 year old school kid is.
  4. « Be a guy if you want to kick Jason's ass »= root of the problem
  5. Here's a suggestion, why does that Girl next door have a somehwat high stealth stat? The Final girls of F13th have never been particularly good at hiding which is why they often end up having to go up against Jason, shift all her stealth points to her strenght stat, she gets 1/10 stealth and 6/10 strenght which is respectable. Here's another one, A.J. is supposed to be a tough as nails chick who takes no shit from anyone? shift her stealth points (why would a rocker chick be quiet?) to her strenght stat. (Or some of her speed) I mean Bookish girl it makes sense that she doesn't have strenght because she's bookish (duh) and very small, Flirty girl is pretty dainty so yea I figured she would be weak too, Athletic girl is so strong in other physical components that I suppose it's ok that she has 4/10 strenght, but thematically and to have more diverse playstyles amongst the girls, either the Girl next door and/or the Rocker chick should get more strenght and drop some stealth, or else stat wise ALL the girls are encouraged to either hide or run away
  6. To me its more about having all characters feel unique, and I think that most of the characters of one sex having the same very strong stat doesnt achieve that. However, in the thread I linked before, a lot of female forum members were saying that they didnt like it in video games when if they wanted to play girls (which they are) they were encouraged to hide (stealth) or run away, so stereotypically female playstyles. They were saying that they would like one tough chick who was physically strong, and i know it was such an issue to some of them that they even contacted the devs. Thats why im disappointed on that regard. As for the guys, ill reserve my judgement until all 5 of them are revealed, but a jack of all trades doesnt seem like a bad thing.
  7. How can i be concerned about the guys' stat diversity when we haven't seen all five of their descriptions? We have actually seen all five female counselors' descriptions, so thats why im only giving feedback on that. Besides i dont think there is any point discussing this further, you are systematically against everything that doesnt concern you in all the topics so far. I have explained myself as best as i can on how ive seen this was an issue to some forum members and how it was an issue to me for gameplay diversity (with the variety of stats, 3/5 female counselors having extremely high stealth stat is boring to me), and ive explained how both realistically and thematically it could make sense. You have screamed biology. I think we've both made our points and can move on
  8. I said that it was laughable that the athletic girl had below average strenght, not average. I also said that it realistically made sense for at least one of the female counselors to have high strenght, but that even if it didnt, it made sense thematically, like for the Bookish girl whose high intelligence somehow translates into being really into cars. As for what Wes said, he was saying like if you want a super stealthy character, dont whine about the athletic girl not being stealthy, play the Flirty girl for example. I still think that feedback is justified here since what if you want to play a girl with high strenght? The game makes it impossible when realistically and thematically, it would make sense in the case of Athletic girl, Girl next door or even Rocker chick to have some stat points shifted to the strenght stat. I do not know why you are angry, i don't have a personal stake in this, Im gonna play the flirty girl and i dont care that she has low strenght, all i know is that it was a concern for some people on thw forum and that i think the female counselors lack a little gameplay diversity with 4 of them having above average stealth and 3 of them having perfect or almost perfect stealth scores.
  9. Why is it an issue : 1) As I recall, Survivorgirl made a thread discussing how she would like to see female counselors depicted in the game, and a lot of other female gamers in the thread said that they also didn't like always having to play sneaky, or fast, or smart characters and would like to see a physically strong female character. So from the sample of female members of the forum, it seems that it was important to them not to be canned in stereotypically female playstyles just because they're girls ( http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/2044-stereotypes-sexism-female-public/?hl=representation ) 2) Also, as I said, from a gameplay standpoint, it's disappointing that no female counselor is a hard hitter. Let's say some people prefer to play as guys, and some prefer to play as females : it would have been fun if variety was present both in the male and female counselors. How hard would it have been to make strenght a good stat on one of the female counselors? Because as of now, 4 female counselors have very good stealth, with their other strong stats admittedly being well pretty well distributed, but stealth is clearly the common denominator among the girls. It is disappointing that with so many stats that influence gameplay, people that play girls will pretty much have to rely on stealth no matter which girl they play. Why it's not about realism : I disagree with you that a strong girl will not be stronger than the average guy, but let's throw all that the window. The devs have distributed stats not according to what makes sense but to how stats would affect the gameplay. Take the Bookish girl for example, of course it makes sense for her to have 10/10 intelligence, but does it make sense for a smart girl who reads a lot of books to be the fastest at fixing car? No, but they wanted her to play that way so they gave her this stat. I think the same should apply to other stats. Does it make sense for the Girl next door to have 10/10 strenght and be as physically strong as the jock? No it does not, but considering her archetype and how this stat translates to being able to take down Jason easier, to make her feel like a Final girl archetype she should have 10/10 strenght regardless of realism. I am pretty limited in english, so I hope I explained how I think it is an issue, albeit a very fixable one. As I said, it is my one and only complaint, the game is gonna be amazing regardless. What do you think, and why is it an issue to you that a female counselor might have above average strenght?
  10. So its physically impossible for a strong girl to be stronger than than the average guy? Gee i hope its nice and cozy in your bubble mate. And forgetting that side of the issue, from a gameplay standpoint it sucks that not a single female counselor is a hard hitter
  11. Good point, my guess is that the Jason abilities are detailed somewhere else, perhaps in the control. They don't need to mention the abilities on each different's Jason page since it seems (considering these stat pages and the gameplay video) they all have the same abilities. People won't visit the Jasons' stat pages to know each Jason's abilities since they all have the same, hence why it makes sense to only mention his strenghts and weaknesses.
  12. Shift = short range teleport. Morph = Map wide teleport. And it's not confusing if they all have the same abilities, which seems to be the case. They only show the strenghts and weaknesses, because all the Jasons all have the same abilities. If you do not see an ability in a Jason page, it is because he is average at it. What is the point of repeating a list of the abilities on each individual Jason page if they all have the same?
  13. They are listed as strenghts and weaknesses. This should convince you. The 18 minutes gameplay videof rom IGN starred Part 3 Jason right? He teleported and shifted, as the players in the game remarked right? Well look at his strenghts and weaknesses : absolutely no mention of shift or morph. That's cause he's average at both not because he doesn't have them, we KNOW he has them
  14. They all have all abilities, but each is better or worse at some of them. If they didn't have all abilities, then the abilities they do have would be listed
  15. Still a girl that works out (The Athletic girl for example) having below average strenght is laughable
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