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  1. Xbox: Lizard Man888 I guess it's not really a bad idea to try this. QP is full of a toxic bunch now and then. I had a bad experience today and I'm trying to find more friends I can play the game with. People I can rely more on who won't be overtly rude just because I'm not playing at my best because I'm still trying to learn.
  2. That's awfully kind of you, sir. I'll send you my tag. Thanks for taking an interest. I'm not sure of what else to say. I don't want to be too formal or anything.
  3. I'm currently having various issues with the online community. I'm frustrated, I'm angry, I'm not sure what to say because I can't trust anyone right now. I always have problems dealing with people. I'm not even sure if I should even be posting this, because part of me thinks all I'll get is people who want to shit on me and no one will do anything about it. Online games are just always full of jerks and the second I try to enter any I get attacked and mocked and harrassed. I'm not looking for sympathy, I don't expect it anymore. Everyone just decides I'm scum and hates me. I'm trying to get better. I'm just trying to enjoy the game. I can't even enjoy being Jason anymore because I'm afraid of people like this. Is it so hard to just treat people with respect? Is it so fucking hard to be nice to people? Why do I always get paired with fucking assholes. I can't even find a group online, cause when I ask for help with achievements all I get is fucking guff from people who treat me like shit just for asking for help. I don't even know if this will help or I'll just get more grief. I'm just so sick and tired and frustrated with myself. I've made no real progress with anything. I thought I was getting better and now this shit has completely wrecked my confidence all over again. It's not fair. I can handle losing, I can't handle people being assholes to me just because they won. I just want to have fun. Why do people have to ruin it?
  4. XBOX One, I probably should've put that in there. I thought I did anyway. Guess not. Sorry.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm a decent enough player trying to get better at the game overall. Getting there, but still could improve more. Right now though, I'm mostly just achievement hunting and trying to level up. I really want to unlock all the Jasons and everything. Currently at level 31, cusp of 32. Currently I'm after this one achievement, "A Classic" for the sleeping bag kill. I've kept asking for help online, but so far no takers. If anyone is interested in helping me, please message me and I'll share you my gamertag. I'd really appreciate the help on this. So far it seems like no one wants to even help if they don't get something out of it too. If anyone wants to help, please let me know. I'd really like to get this done already. Good to meet you all. Update: Got the achievement, nice player helped me out with it. Sorry to have bothered you all. Maybe I can ask your help with something else another time.
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