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  1. The game is not work correctly because they hack the servers that's why is not working. Gun media is fixing that we just need to wait.
  2. I don't know why they do this. If they are doing it for fun they must not have life. And I already warned the devs to avoid that they could increase the security of the game. 😕
  3. Yesterday was working and now its not working anymore 😭
  4. I want play f13 but Idk if switch version has non dedicate servers...
  5. They are still fixing, we are waiting. You can play non dedicate servers and private matches they are still working!
  6. I noticed when there was that engine update, they changed the skin color of Tiffany, AJ and Chad. They used to have a "darker" skin color ("brown" ) and are now "whiter". I wanted to know why they changed? What if they can put the old skin color back? I much prefer the skin color of the old characters to the ones from now.
  7. I'm here just waiting for they fix that. Lol i just want play with Tiffany
  8. This is also happening to me and I play on ps4 and switch and it happens on both platforms! The match starts and in 10 seconds I am unable to do anything and then I am kicked out of the match due to net problems and my Ping is fine! @mattshotcha I have an idea it could be tgames(hacker) who may be doing this because he a few months ago he said he was just doing something that could destroy all game servers on all platforms but I reported it when he wrote about it and I also sent a proof. I dont know if you did something about it.
  9. No its not. My friend took this photo yesterday on his phone.
  10. @mattshotcha Here is the proof that it still exists. My friend showed it to me and said yesterday that this glitch is still going on.
  11. @mattshotcha Congratulations!! Did you say you fixed pinehurst stairs glitch, congratulations know WHY? BECAUSE the glitch is still here with the new patch ... You could have been sincere in the patch! It looks like you haven't even tested this patch.
  12. I dont want say this but for take the mask off is still easy and this patch did not fixed anything...
  13. I am very disappointed the random counselor glitch still continues after the new patch. 😑
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