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  1. That's awesome, my birthday is also on Friday July 13th, now my fun fact: I was born on a Friday the 13th, and so was my Son.
  2. Since it was accidentally deleted: @wes I know your taking a beating right now so I'll try not to pile on. I just have a few questions about certain paths that were taken. The copyright motion was filed in 2016, with a termination date of June/July 2018. I know at first you guys were told that the active lawsuit would not affect F13:The Game however, as the 2018 deadline approached with no settlement in sight, I feel like someone had to be aware of the possibility not being able to add future content. I just wondering with this pending deadline looming, why was the decision made, to stop working on content, and concentrate on the engine upgrade? The engine upgrade, dedicated servers, bug fixes could have been worked on, and released after the 2018 termination deadline. Thanks for the response.
  3. This could work, if it happens when you "kill" Jason. Then he gets that one last to rise up or grab your leg or something as you try to walk away. Then you would have to hit him a few more times to actually kill him. "One last kill" or something could be unlocked when you reach a certain rank. ( I sense an achievement/trophy LOL)
  4. Love this show. I would hate it if there was no season 3. I can't imagine that all the crappy reality shows that Mtv airs, have great ratings. This show is the only reason my tv even gets turned to "Music Television"
  5. I'm pretty sure they have already stated that the smoke effect, was just a place holder.
  6. I've been waiting for another F13 game since the NES. I am super excited that we are actually getting one. Ben is right, the game that was funded was a MULTIPLAYER game, and that is what we will get. I'm not sure why everyone wants to complain about single player, when that isn't what this game was supposed to be. The attention to detail that has been put into this game is nothing short of extraordinary. I think the team has done a tremendous job. Giving the fans a game, that can totally immerse them in the world of Friday the 13th, is something that has never been done before. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the effort and love that is going into making this game. If you're a fan of the franchise you should be throwing your money at Gun Media, like Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a strip club. I can NOT wait to play this game, and you can bet your ass I will enjoy and appreciate every minute of it!!
  7. I would like to have an "unlimited time" mode, where matches last until everyone is dead, or escapes.
  8. Once a release date is announced, will we be able to preload? It would be awesome to turn this baby on at 12:01am on release date. On the other hand, it would suck to have to wait 6 hours for it to download it on release day. Thanks
  9. I love this show. Season 2 has been great so far. The preview for next week seems to show Noah taking one in the stomach. I'm sure it was only made to look that way, and they wouldn't give away a huge death on a preview. Anyone know how many episodes this season is?
  10. Kane is Jason. No other actor should even be considered for the new movie. I'm sure Paramount doesnt really care what the fans want, which is why they were trying for so long to make the new Friday a "found footage" type movie. I'm glad that idea didn't materialize. However I'm also not feeling the origin story either.
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