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  1. @DamonD7 Thank you so much for the links. Because of that I found the Camp Crystal Lake Employment Agency which is exactly what I was looking for. So thank you.
  2. I just joined the PS4 one. Waiting for the accept. Can't wait to play with decent people for once.
  3. Hello Everyone, my name is ThatKirbyGuy329, I am new to the community and the game. I've watched the game for quite a while on Youtube and now that I have it on ps4, I would love to start getting into the game. Maybe even join a group for more frequent gaming. Feel free to respond to me if you're willing to help this newbie learn I'm mature and very non-toxic and I will learn quick. So please any help is great or even invites to games to help me start up and learn. Just looking to have some fun on a new game. Happy Playing and see you out there
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