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  1. Just wanted to suggest some tweaks to Jason, councillors and match time. So Jason as we can all admit is pretty powerful. Maybe a bit too powerful for the game though. So if possible it would be nice to have a slight buff to the speeds of some councillors. A mild increase to health would be nice. Not too much more, but enough that win rates don’t make solo queues feel like an instant loss. Also being able to ping locations such as the telephone house so success is more attainable. Maybe using the flare could highlight the house on maps for a few seconds. The grab mechanic is also for lack of a description broken, resistance is futile. At least a better percentile chance would be nice-maybe a qte like the repair instead of the button mash. And the balance to this being Jason has higher chances when you’re low health and when a councillor is at 50%+ it weighs in our favour. please read and consider, an adoring fan of the franchise and game. Thank you.
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