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  1. It’s still messed up on the PS4. Tried three matches, and the same old.
  2. I love using the sense ability when shifting towards a counsellor. Problem for me is the game is so dark, despite making numerous game/tv adjustments, and it’s almost impossible to see them outside as Jason, especially if you kill the power or play in a lit room? Also keep in mind that your sense won’t always necessarily work on counsellors inside of cabins, outhouses and tents, when they choose the indoor/sense perk. After Jason rages however, you’ll pick them up anywhere, regardless of their perks.
  3. Yep, played a full game about 3 hours ago, and the next few crashed after that. Still screwed up.
  4. Down again. Game will start fine, but after Jason does his intro, you have about 30 seconds before it crashes? God I hate these pos hackers.
  5. Bastards. Wish there was a real Jason to take care of these hacking pos.
  6. God dammit, why won’t they just leave us the eff alone??? Seems to be working again on PS4 public forum, for how long is anyone’s guess?
  7. Yeah, the game is now completely unplayable for online mode. IMO the game was fine, and didn’t need a patch. Sure, the random counsellor/Jason selection was a bit annoying, but it didn’t affect the overall gameplay? It’s actually nice to not have 7 Vanessa’s all playing at once for a change! It’s only dipshit “looks at me” players who used the Pinehurst staircase hiding spot and spike throwing car crash glitch that fucked things up. Get a great lobby of LVL150’s together, and the game never ran smoother.
  8. Damn, that’s actually pretty funny. AJ the ultimate troll for a change, it’s usually Vanessa lol!!!
  9. You’re absolutely spot on!!! There was a time when the game chugged along quite smoothly, with a few minor glitches however, they weren’t detrimental to the overall gameplay. When the new patch came out, I also asked WTF?
  10. Yep, you’re probably right. At that age, they’re more than likely lining up their ducks for the beneficiaries. I’m sure the lawyers are loving every minute of it!
  11. Nothing is more frustrating than getting the sweater, take Jason’s mask off, and then seek Tommy for the handoff, only to find out he’s a noob, who runs right past you without picking up the axe/machete. That’s when a mic comes in handy however, most of the time it’s all for naught. Pick your battles, befriend reliable players, and run over the cheaters.
  12. Heartbreaking indeed OP. God, id be happier than a pig in shyte, if they’d just patch up the environmental kill freeze/shift glitch and move the car/boat/fuse box locations. I mean, how frigging hard could that be? There’s tons of new players jumping on this game, the cult following notwithstanding. It would be in EVERYONES best interest, to keep this game alive long enough for the sequel. With the right developer, and F13 purists involved, it could very well be a smash hit along with the big boys over at EA and RS. You’d have to think that at least ONE person, has put a bug in the ear of Cunningham and Miller, of how much $$$ they’re losing(VG, tv, film, merchandise) with this long and tedious lawsuit? They’re not exactly spring chickens either. Settle this petty squabble, revamp your wills and estates, and get to frigging work already! There are legions of new fans joining up, but many don’t have the patience(nor the attention span) to play a game that’s quite honestly, unplayable at times.
  13. To play as Pamela Vorhees, who kills more stealth like, than sheer brutality. Perhaps let her hide in cabinets or behind doors with no alarming music, similar to Jason in stealth. If a councillor defeats her with 3 blows, she must then respawn to her Jeep. There should also be a way to fix Crazy Ralphs bike, so one person can escape. Also, instead of just Tommy Jarvis respawning, the player could also choose Creighton Duke, Rob Dier or the telepathic chick from Part 7, who’m all can kill Jason in a particular sequence similar to Jarvis? There are soooo many possibilities(more maps, characters and kills notwithstanding). With the right players involved, the sequel can easily be in the top 10 GOTY, and will make Cunningham and Miller a boatload of cash, instead of their lawyers for a change?
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