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  1. Yep, can’t wrap my head around it either? New maps, counsellors, clothing, perks, Uber Jason, and new car/boat locations, would probably increase sales of the entire game dramatically, DLC’s notwithstanding. My understanding is that the folks at GM didn’t realize the potential for this game to be as popular as it was, so getting it “right” the first time, wasn’t a priority? Regardless, I think the impending lawsuit probably killed it, once word got out to GM(effing lawyers!!!). Such a shame, because this is the only game in my collection that has me coming back for more, regardless of being XP topped out? It’s very addictive, and extremely fun when playing with combination of noobs and vets. Can’t count how many times I’d help out new players chances of escaping, or leave them behind for Jason to kill lol!!!
  2. If they had any vested interest in the game, they wouldn’t be doing this constantly. I think it’s probably A as well. Still unplayable on the PS4 despite the patch.
  3. Yep, the first and second games I played this morning, went off flawless. Everyone after, went to shit like before. Got my hopes up, only to be squashed. Oh well, thinking of buying Predator HG on PS4, any recommendations?
  4. It’s still messed up on the PS4. Tried three matches, and the same old.
  5. I love using the sense ability when shifting towards a counsellor. Problem for me is the game is so dark, despite making numerous game/tv adjustments, and it’s almost impossible to see them outside as Jason, especially if you kill the power or play in a lit room? Also keep in mind that your sense won’t always necessarily work on counsellors inside of cabins, outhouses and tents, when they choose the indoor/sense perk. After Jason rages however, you’ll pick them up anywhere, regardless of their perks.
  6. Yep, played a full game about 3 hours ago, and the next few crashed after that. Still screwed up.
  7. Welcome bro, nice avatar!!!
  8. Down again. Game will start fine, but after Jason does his intro, you have about 30 seconds before it crashes? God I hate these pos hackers.
  9. Bastards. Wish there was a real Jason to take care of these hacking pos.
  10. God dammit, why won’t they just leave us the eff alone??? Seems to be working again on PS4 public forum, for how long is anyone’s guess?
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