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  1. If Tommy doesn't move from where he spawned and takes damage he'll get stuck in the ground, not sure if this is what happened to you but it may have been.
  2. Noun teamer (plural teamers) (usually in combinations) Someone in a team. It's not a made up word
  3. Brodski is the most badass character in the whole franchise (aside from Jason) so obviously I'm gonna vote for him
  4. Counselors should be weak, there should be no more then a couple of survivors in any match, in the movies no more than 2 or 3 people ever survived, I feel the game should be the same.
  5. They usually release updates a little later in the day.
  6. Honestly there's no point to ever use the fire poker imo, it has low damage, the lowest stun, and breaks pretty quickly
  7. Guys, they nerfed Jason's grab range but it's still just as easy to grab someone, either shift slightly infront of them, or chase them until they're out of stamina, same as before, my average number of kills per-game before the nerf was around 6-7/8 and it still is, if you really find it that hard to grab you just need to get closer, it's not hard.
  8. Body blocking the phone box is annoying and cheap, but there's nothing wrong with it. @rickyount02 Body Blocking is a term used in many games which refers to blocking someone from doing/reaching something by blocking them with your body.
  9. I fully understand where your coming from with this post, the game isn't as polished as alot of other games, but all that really matters to me in a game is that the good outweighs the bad, and in the case of F13, it does, I have tons of fun playing in private matches with friends, and even playing quick play I find a hell of alot more fun than DbD, in DbD it's just; Repair generators, and use cheap glitches like running circles around the killer to survive. But yeah, the game isn't great and needs alot of work for sure, but for what it is, it's pretty fun.
  10. If you find it that hard to hit a counselor, it's not that Jason's underpowered, you're just not that good at him, after the patch I (and most Jasons I play with) still get around 6-8 kills each game, the Jason changes were much needed, now it's actually possible to hit Jason with a weapon when he's trying to grab you.
  11. YES, please! It's happened to me countless times, me and my friends will often go into public matches trying to kill Jason, and so many times, when we try to use the sweater Jason will morph/shift through it. This change needs to happen at some point, I don't care if it's now, Christmas, or January of next year, this needs to be changed.
  12. I agree with Voorhees, Part 7 should have his +Grip Strength replaced with +Fear, this could cause things like seeing Jason to scare counselors more, if he does get this buff, when they add Uber Jason this could also be one of his strengths.
  13. This is so rigged, obviously Chad would get 100% of votes on favorite counselor if it was legit.
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