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  1. Thank you. I belong to a DJI drone forum & everyone helps everyone & all really nice. Have a feeling it'll be the same here.
  2. Thank you for the quick answer appreciate it.
  3. Hi- im new here, my name is Stoney from Ohio. Just getting back into gaming, got a ps4 & bought ultimate slasher edition. According to all I've read online the new version allows offline play as a counselor or Jason. Whenever i try i can't get past choosing a map. They ALL say locked till part 13. Only way ive found so far is to hit green triangle to "randomize" & i can play ONLY as Jason. I tried using the code that came with the game but no different. Tried reloading just the game disc (no code) but again, no different. Am i doing something wrong or missing something. Any advice on how to play offline as counselor will be really appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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