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  1. I was like you, I wanted to play on US servers as well until I randomly got into a US lobby and oh boy did I hate my life for accepting that lobby. Jason is literally unplayable with the ping you have as a European playing on US servers, truly a miserable experience. What I advise you is to stick to EU servers and when you find that odd guy that speaks english and is nice to play with send him a friend request and invite into the party.
  2. This is one of the most annoying things for me. Jason is extremely weak when 3+ counselors gang up on him, do you have some ideas for changing or making it harder to kill Jason? When they gang up on Jason unless they are potatoes you are just dead there is no way to go about it.
  3. I caught myself last couple of days thinking, if a F13 the game was ever to get a sequal or a Remake/Remaster what would it be like? So I figured what better place to ask this question than a forum full of people who stuck around with this game through the tough times. My question for you guys is if the game was going to get a part 2/remaster. How would you go about it? Change gameplay, add/remove stuff, add new mechanics. Whatever comes to mind, basically what is your vision this game could of been.
  4. Hello guys, huge F13 since I was a kid. I just started playing the game in December on PC, kinda late to the party but this game is so much fun even in this buggy/half dead state. So since the forum rules say I have to intoduce myself here I am hope it's fun around here.
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