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  1. Thanks for all the advise guys will have a look into what you said I m very new to going on forums and posting but will do something. I took the plunge and got it for the switch and happy to report a good amount of people play it and having a blast with it only wish I had discovered it sooner!
  2. Hi I m tom, i m 32 and a massive fan of the horror genre including F13 and very happy that horror themed games seem to be on the rise in recent years and never thought I would see a multiplayer horror game especially one based on such a great franchise as F13. I only discovered this game last year on my friends xbox and loved it (bugs an all) and play it loads when I m down, but I have a switch and wanted to know if anybody does still play it online for the switch? I really want to buy it but unsure if enough people have got it for the switch as have played a couple of online switch games that have died not to long after release and the multiplayer is the big draw for me. Thanks for any help guys and keep slashing!
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