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  1. I maybe in the minority here cause i never seen this brought up but i would like for the Jason weapons to have their own stats & what i mean by this is that like the counselor's with their weapons i feel like the weapons for Jason should have their own perks & give Jason abit more power but should have a compatibility to make more balance. Like for example The fire axe Pro : Increases destruction power Con : Decreases weapon strength Note : Any Jason that has destruction or weapon strength in their stats will not be affected in the weapons abilities when equipped Meaning no stacking so in case someone wants to make pt.4 more powerful than he already is he won't have any increases if he were to be equipped with the fire axe. Anyone's thoughts?
  2. Just happened to me right now!😂 was in a random lobby & when i was thinking about part 9 with the trident this happen when he rose!
  3. Not gonna mention it since gun media already knows what i'm implying here buuut i'll leave these here since these are rare occurrences for me on da switch.😀
  4. Ooof kinda harsh there bro i mean i understand the lawsuit puts alot Friday the 13th related things on hold but damn.😳
  5. I know such version exists thanks to various clips uploaded on youtube but has anyone seen the full version? The closest gotten was rediting the found footage on youtube & incorporated them in the uncut version of the film despite their poor quality but regardless has anyone seen it?
  6. Well me let start this out by saying that i loved this movie cause i remembered being around...10 i think?When i saw the first trailer for this movie & the movie definitely succeeded in my expectations when i was younger BUUUUUT as an adult i do see it's con & can understand to some degree why people hate this movie but regardless even with it's many flaws like it's predecessors i love the film & i'll provide a list of pros & cons on why the film works & doesn't work with me.😊 -Pros- Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger Whether you prefer a more serious (personally i prefer part 2 Freddy's personality but that's me) or a sadistic comedic version of Freddy you can't say that Robert Englund didn't deliver & boy does he in this film so i can't ever have Robert as a con as Freddy in any media. Ken Kirzinger as Jason just to let everyone know that i am indeed a Hodder fan & i do believe he's the best jason but credit is do with Ken & i loved his frankenstein interpretation of jason mainly because it makes sense in terms of timeline wise cause jason has been dead/in hell for over 10 so we must take into consideration his decaying/MIA state as it make sense for a zombie to be slow & lumber over time...but hey at least he kept his superhuman strength over the course of time.😜 Graeme Revell's Score I must admit i'm the kinda fan that if a new composer is taking over a franchise that has a memorial theme i hope & pray they do a rendition of said theme that fits in with the modern era of a franchise that has been dormant for years & while there was 2 moments that Freddy theme was used (mostly the opening logo & the ending scene) i wasn't disappointed cause the original music Graeme Revell composed was just as memorial to the point where i have nostalgic moments with it when listening to it by itself. (still waiting for that expanded soundtrack doe) The Action Yeah no need to explain the film's action was just brutal & just how i like it moving on.😁 The Film's Style Kinda hard to explain but something about using the particular hues for freddy & jason scenes just i dunno i like it as it defines on how they died & the elements of what made them who they are today but like it said it's hard to explain & maybe weird to others but it's just how i view it.😕 -Cons- Not casting Kane Hodder as jason Now before anyone clicks aways with their keyboards & calling me out about me liking Ken's portrayal as jason & not having Hodder in said role HEAR ME OUT cause while i do like Ken's jason i do feel it was an injustice not recasting Hodder as jason as he's pretty much the face of our favorite masked killer & while i acknowledge (& imo at least) the rather stupidest reason not having him back...ok abit of a rant here but his height?Really?!😠 Yes while Ken was an absolute giant as jason & while jason has been interpreted as a hulking man even as back with the late Richard Brooker in part 3 Kane was still a hulking man even with his slight smaller stature & to prove more of a point Give me a break he could've still pulled it off 😠...ok rant over but in all honesty having Kane back would've been a major plus to the film but my only gripe is how Hodder would've pulled off the more emotional side of jason 😕 but regardless having him back plus moving on. The Characters Aside from Mark & Will as i found them the most likable everyone else was just there & didn't leave an impression on me like so many Friday the 13th characters & imo i think bringing back surviving characters from both nightmare & friday like Tommy & Maggie would've helped the film alot & connect the franchises abit better. Deleted & Alternative scenes Kinda of an odd thing to list but alot the deleted scenes i wished were inserted back into the film mainly cause they would've given the characters better development & because i believe alot them are pretty good mostly the alternative intro which can be seen here freddy vs jason unreleased alternate opening Gib & trey extended interaction & the extended fight between freddy & jason minus Lorie's horrid "Place your bets" line. So yeah that's pretty much it um hope you guys liked what you read & that's it unless ya'll got questions feel free to ask & i'll reply as soon as i can.😊
  7. Is this a serious debate or a fun one?Cause if so i always thought Roy's overall were blue.😜
  8. Is this like the base or a reference photo for it?
  9. Well originally I thought they were demon claws that scratched Jason's mask mostly because of how huge the claw marks are compared to Freddy's but since it's been confirmed I'm quite happy with the answer given.😄
  10. Hm that blog definitely helped but i do have another question regarding the other maks & this is about the Savini Jason mask & what i read on wiki page for the game. "Savini Jason Mask has Freddy's slash marks and is a dark black color with a Part 7 inspired missing chunk, its one of the most unique molds of the Mask itself" I know wiki's can be tampered with by fans but is the Freddy bit true?Cause it'd be a nice to easter egg to Freddy & the nightmare on elm street franchise along with the implication that while escaping from he had a brief fight with Freddy & has the mark to prove it.
  11. Yeah i'll probably do that but i don't suppose you can tell me what the correct color of the part 3 mask is without all that yellowing lighting?
  12. Hey everyone so i mentioned in my introduction post that i create masks & props from the FT13 movies but one of the main grips i have with some of them is the colors of the masks mainly the original timeline one.Now i ask this because i have viewed the movies several times & always try to match the colors that shown on screen BUUUUT & a pretty big one if you ask me 😉 but nah for reals heheh 😆 anyways whenever i watch documentaries about said films the masks they show in production stills always show them in a different color & i'm not sure if it's the lightning they use that changes the color or maybe it's a color correction in the film itself. example See what i mean? So if anyone can list the correct colors the masks have in each movie along with the spray or acrylic paints that match the colors from the films it would be much appreciateded cause i'm really having troubles finding out these colors.😵
  13. Soooo my name is Christopher, im 26 years old i been a fan of the friday the 13th franchise for quite some time now to the point of creating masks & props from the movies as accurate as possible & i play the video game on the switch which i absolutely love but aside from that i hope to make friends who are equally as a nerd as i am & get along...i hope heheh.😝 Also just for the hell of it i wanted to share this manip of NES Jason i made in PS.
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