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  1. Hi! Is there a way to get the savini jason these days? [Omitted by forum staff] Thanks
  2. Thanks for your response. I updated my list - I will update it regualry. Btw is the game still in developement (patches)?
  3. Hi! I've seen there are many mistakes in the german text-translation in the game. Is there a wa to help out with that? I'm from germany. Thank you!
  4. Hi! I try to clarify the bugs I've expierenced as precise as possible. But I really can't list all relevant factors causing the bug, because the bugs often are not easily reproduacble. I just mention things I expierenced several times while playing. I'm a steam player. Bug-List: - councelors often stuck into the air when Jason tries to perform a kill animation after grabbing them - sometimes when you flee as Thommy Jarvis with the car you are teleporting outside the map barrier (often into the water) - when a counselor holds a spray can while Jason is grabbing him, it doesn't disappear during the kill animation and causes clipping issues. - the view of killed councelors at the end of an round sometimes is wrong - the german text-translation often is wrong - sometimes killing animations causes a jittering of the hole image - in the ending scene of a match when Jason return to his cabin, sometimes he is depicted as Savini Jason although he wasn't in the match - in the ending scene of a match when Jason returns to his cabin he always wears his mask even he lost it while the match - while car driving the car often jitters when you view it from the outside - when a killing animation starts the counselors long hair always "jumps" - the 120 seconds idle-timeout even is active when a already dead player watches the remaining game - sometimes when you play with NPCs all counselors stand still at their spawn point and don't move Suggestions: - counselors should get more EP while playing to rank up faster (e.g. some E.P. for evey locked door not just for the first one) - the last surviving counselor should get some bonus like a bit more stamina or the absence of fear (it also would be more movie accurate because the surving teen in the movies is a harder enemy for Jason too) - the general graphics and animations should get improved - more physically interactive envoirment (e.g. destroyable plates or tables) - achievements should also get achievable in singleplayer mode with NPCs - the profile (badges and rank) should get acceable in the offline mode as well
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