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  1. there schould at least one more way to kill jason without tommy
  2. i still belive in half life 3... i will belive in f13 further development
  3. I hope guys some day you will return to F13 franchise and restart this project as a sequel or further development of this magnificent game, and remember no matter what will happen next you are to me better then blizzard 😛
  4. i want to say you all a warm THAN YOU FOR THE PATCH!!! i hope you will do minor upgrades even after moving to another game and maybe sequel in the future. game is fun
  5. i like game as it is, its not DBD nor RE;PR. yet it just need a rework and less lawsuits
  6. i would like to know is there any date of next patch?
  7. new to the game and new here i hope game will be patched, i love it and i hope some day it will be made into better engine
  8. i bring beer and vodka
  9. i am new and whant to say hi. i am staying for long here
  10. where schould i do introduction, here od there is specific section?
  11. will there will be somekind of a patch, many kill animations are bugged?
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