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  1. well… yes and no. let me explain, playing as nessa does definitely give ya a stronger advantage due to speed and very high and fast recovering stamina. she is probably my least favorite counselor because 90% of the remaining players on this game use her and it does tend to fuck up the game. let’s say jason is facing off against five vanessa’s, one fox and one debbie. now, i don’t know about you but i think i’d take out the smart counselors first and leave the vanessas to fix stuff. most people that play her do tend to mess up on something at least once. i think the typical lobby should have at least 1-2 vanessas which are obviously played by the best people there but who would debate about being the best? it just seems cocky too lol. i do see where you are going with this though, i’ve seen some real shitty max level vanessas throughout my time. it would be nice to see nessa mains actually play as somebody else for once to see where the legit skills are set. i’ve seen nessa mains play as someone else and start dying a lot more and even faster, they’d probably get better if they just took the time to actually play as someone other than vanessa but oh well. if they want to play as her, then so be it.
  2. ah yes, chain stunning. the only time a counselor can stun me is when coming out of an animation. (or if i’m laggin my balls off) i think chain stunning is acceptable, i do it when i’m a counselor so screw it
  3. ah hell yeah... you're correct, totally forgot. right on man
  4. it is pretty ridicuolus and i don't think it was like this when the game first launched. it sucks knowing you're lagging like an absolute bitch and can't reach your full potential in an off host game. playing jason off host makes me look like an utter embarrassment. i haven't been doing this lately but, i host some pretty fun private lobbies usually after 11:00 pm ET and people honestly never complain because i am the only one connected to the internet at that time. mechanics seem to work fine and everybody spikes every now and then but it doesn't last long at all. if i'm ever hosting, anything goes in my lobby. you do what ya gotta do to win. spawn killin is allowed, slashin is allowed, i'm sure ya get the idea. the only thing i ask is for everybody to respect others, no racism, no homophobia, no harassment, etc. we just wanna laugh and have fun. sometimes it's just me and my two friends so we go into pubs which all of us hate, we're always looking for more people to play with. i believe we've talked on the forums before and we're both on xbox. anybody can always PM me on the forums if you're interested.
  5. i did all challenges way too long ago to remember the specific awards but from what you’re saying, i do believe the emote is awarded for going undetected on challenge 6 like you said... nothing should’ve been removed or changed, are you sure you played the right challenge?
  6. yup, spamming too fast transfers over for a lot of things. for example, if you spam too fast trying to escape a grab but use a pk, you will instantly pick up your “weapon” but it’ll be a lot bigger. another one is with the car door, eat the trap, spam too fast and you’ll be in the car trying to get the trap off your foot. there are several other ones that can occur in this buggy game
  7. honestly, i don’t see anything wrong with it. if anything, i believe it’ll help that player learn from their mistakes and only make em come back stronger, practice makes perfect, yeah? it’s all part of the game... what are we supposed to do, let them kill us? whole point of the game is to not die, and that goes for both sides but like somebody else said, there’s no need for harassment... it’s all for fun
  8. i don't really see how somebody can figure that out unless they've played on all platforms
  9. i used to play with a couple of em a few years ago, so funny watching jason gettin jumped by shelly's from the distance. mask would come off so easily haha
  10. hell yeah, my buddies and i love doin shit like that. it's not like they're gonna do anything useful anyways, the last thing we need is for the noobs to waste pk's and sprays. a random tommy will most likely just waste his gun within the first 10 seconds of seeing jason and play like a counselor. the most those counselor noobs will do is run around like headless chickens holding a car part or the fuse wasting all their stamina on the complete opposite side of the map
  11. this is why i just don't bother checking peoples levels, i never thought it was important especially with experience bonus x2 and all these dumb xp glitches these utter morons do. gettin to level 150 in 2017-early 2018 is where the real challenge was, it just simply doesn't take skill anymore.
  12. i've been discussing this with some league players i run with, they said it's the same inputs as before but only works off host, i haven't had any luck myself doin it though. i have seen them work around it, not sure why i can't do it anymore but oh well i guess
  13. it's easier to kill jason and find shit for the car/boat/box. i hit 150 in december of 2017 and i personally never cared about the maps as much but i definitely prefer small maps in the pubs because most pub players are noobs that like to put the gas in their hands, fuse in the inventory only to haul ass to a closet and stay there the whole game. when i'm hosting i usually just cycle through the original three until somebody asks for a different map but , i'll play whatever even though pinehurst and jarvis house are spread out too much... i just try to have fun
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