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  1. You done it, almost 16.5k i cant wait until this is finished i love the story about College Camp and how you found it. Watching your trailers and seeing the photos it makes it the perfect spot for Jason
  2. The dev team do know what there doing, i never implied they didn't. (if i did i didn't mean it) I was more stating if they couldn't make the EARLY part of 2017 due to any number of things that could go wrong and just decided to release the game anyway people would complain that it was unfinished or buggy. Id prefer to wait until its finished 100% and so would most people. i wasn't pumping the dev teams tires or calling down people but why complain about something that's partly out of there hands.
  3. yeah its just dust as when laphin entered the room tiffany disturbed it
  4. As you can see here Wes has said they are in talks with ms and sony about the voip as they way its currently setup is a instant fail and they are trying to overlook it. That leads me to believe that the game most likely has been submitted and its a work in progress towards certification. TBH I have been looking forward and waiting to play this since i backed it on kickstarter back in 2015. If Wes and the team said tomorrow that its been delayed for another 6 months or even a year the diehard fans would understand, as we dont want to play a half done rushed game.
  5. I purchased the Machete Steel Collectors Edition Rev1 back on kickstarter, since then i have a new gaming PC so I bought a download copy for Steam and i decided to buy a download for Xbox so i dont open my collectors case
  6. I love this idea and glade that its been put into the game. It was really annoying in some games when police were called in the first few minutes.
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