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  1. Once again, a nonsense post that omits any facts or data. Please do research and tests, and provide the results with your claims. A thread like this can't be taken seriously otherwise.
  2. I don't always quit. Its actually pretty rare that i do because i need XP. Sometimes its just too frustrating though when they circle around you and bash you like a cartoon character. Can't even practice blocking in that situation because they're coming from every angle. I've only quit out of like 3 or 4 matches as Jason.
  3. @DH1986 I've been tempted to rage quit when they're gonna kill me but then i thought about how shitty it would be if a Jason did it to me, so i just took the whoopin. Its been a while since i died as Jason now though. I make them work for it if they get Tommy & sweater AND get my mask off. Good luck catching me. I will collect knives and try to snipe that sweater girl while taking cover haha. I'll admit though, i have quit against level 150 kill squads. Not out of rage but just because i know they're better at the game than me and i don't know how to beat a good group that keeps pummeling me with every weapon in sight.
  4. @Fair Play I would like to get into private matches but almost everyone i meet/add on ps4 rarely get back on F13 or even online period. I also need XP though, and i don't know if private matches give that, so I'm stuck with quick play for 75 more levels.
  5. It happens to me nearly every time. I feel like its been forever since i had a "no survivors" match where i actually killed all 7 or 8. It'll say no survivors but only have 5/7 killed or something like that.
  6. I thought my mic was broken because the icon kept randomly disappearing from screen but people on my stream still heard me, so i assumed it was just a visual glitch. Haven't actually checked it since then because i put all my faith in the visual glitch theory haha
  7. i always wondered if that guy actually plays in his Jason getup or if he just cuts in the same ol' Jason clip of him every time 😄
  8. That was a stunt man, not Ken. He mentions that scene in His Name Was Jason because he wanted to film it himself.
  9. Edit: oops, double post. Don't know how to delete this on my phone. Sorry.
  10. I didn't survive this round, but I made a funny video to make them look like more of a joke than they already are...
  11. @ExpertDual Wait a minute... So different counselors roll different perks? This is confirmed? I had no idea it worked like that. AJ gives me a lot of garbage since she's my main and i usually roll perks on her. Good to know.
  12. Does anyone know what time they flip the switch to turn on double XP? Just wondering if i should play F13 tonight after midnight or just wait til tomorrow. If we get an event, that is. I'm staying optimistic.
  13. Because they knifed the car and destroyed it. Which is a cheap-ass glitch. That Vanessa deserved it.
  14. I think its just random. I got 2 legendary perks during my 1st three months of playing. But the other day i had enough for 6 or 7 rolls and got 3 more legendary perks. I just wish they were more useful ones. Edit: i worded that wrong originally.
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