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  1. I've had that door barricade thing happen too but i think it only happens when I'm trying to lock it from a weird angle. Not necessarily standing right in front of it facing it. I always assumed it was an error on my part.
  2. I get that people are gonna get pissy about bugs being in the game, but this is refreshing compared to the last game that I played. I played Jurassic World Alive for the last year and a half and those morons at Ludia have left game breaking bugs in the game since launch. They proudly announce how they're fixing like 325 bugs each patch and NONE of the game breaking bugs get touched. They only fix things that affect their income and just let matches get stolen from you with their shitty-ass programming. And they NEVER once had a dev communicate with the players because they said we're too toxic. So yeah, this is great for me to see this kind of communication over here and to see that the devs actually give a shit. I fully appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Everyone will always want things to be better, and that's understandable, but things could also be much worse. Trust me.
  3. I'd love to be able to use the Savini Jason but i have accepted that i never will. I was excited to play against a Savini Jason recently and then he quit the match a few minutes into it. Haven't seen one for about a week now.
  4. I'm on ps4 and usually play for a few hours a night without many problems finding matches
  5. I've only had a ps4 since black friday, so my times are low. But you can see which game i enjoyed the most, haha
  6. I've seen shithead suicides before, but had never experienced anything this ridiculous until a few nights ago...
  7. I usually don't have trouble finding matches around this time. I play for about 3 hours most nights. Every once in a while it has trouble finding people but not too often.
  8. @Friday-Fan-88 For me, its just a goal to have them all. I actually have only listened to 1 tape and am waiting to find them all to hear them all. How do you give up looking for tapes? You don't open any drawers anymore? I don't expect to find tapes unless its during a tape chase event. They are just an extra surprise when I'm looking for other items.
  9. The recent event with the double XP was great. It helped me level from the teens up to level 56 because i played my ass off during those weeks. Since the game is nearing its end, i think it would be a great idea to make double XP a permanent thing so new players like me can accelerate the leveling before It's too late. I know the game isn't ending tomorrow or even next month, but i don't know how long 100 more levels will take. Please consider doing this. I want those high level kills!
  10. I've only been playing for about 6 weeks and i was well aware that i was buying a game that might be dead online. Surprisingly, it's not dead. I actually wasn't aware of the lawsuit when i bought the game but even with that going on, i am having a blast on F13. It sucks that the game could end soon but the only thing we can do is enjoy it while we can. I'll always regret not getting it sooner but i will play almost daily until it shuts down now.
  11. I'll slash Tommy every time just to make sure he goes down. I don't want him finding the sweater girl and trapping me. I'll also start slashing in a crowd around the car or in cabins to slow people down. I prefer the grab kills but there's no shame in slashing. A kill is a kill. And sometimes you just need that counselor dead by any means necessary.
  12. He should be able to break tables and furniture so you can stop those morons who just loop an OP table for 8 minutes.
  13. Well, knowing that the final form of the game is nearly upon us, anything left in the game at that point is just considered the game. It would be worth learning if it's gonna happen to me too. One thing i won't do though, is knife cars. Never tried that and don't plan on it. I do have some honor.
  14. I had a match over the weekend where I gassed up the car AND put the battery in, just so my "teammates" could hop in and try to run everyone over. I just quit the match after they ran me over, and then tried to avoid them the rest of the night. I really wish we had a "blacklist" option to avoid turds like that.
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