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  1. I agree. I bought it on Steam recently just so I could try the new stuff and I almost refunded it immediately after seeing the unacceptable state the game is in. Literally the only reason they got my money is because I want to see the mod. I normally play on ps4 so I really didn't need a 2nd copy. I have yet to see a real match on Steam. And within a few hours I was level 150 because you can't find a legit lobby. The steam version is a pile of crap without this mod.
  2. You should be able to kick the players who run counselors over with the cars. Give the victim the option to decide if it was an accident or not.
  3. The downside is the constant shame you will always feel for rage quitting and bragging about it.
  4. Just chill out and they will give an answer when they have one. You're worried about something that isn't even happening yet. We're not even at the final update yet.
  5. I have a small youtube channel (this is not an ad, btw) and I recently realized that you could see a bunch of random stuff in the analytics. So I was clicking around last night and stumbled upon this. These are the most popular search terms for one of my "Jason kills montage" videos. Why is this weird word in 2 of the top searches for my video? I have no clue because this was the first time I have ever seen that word. It's very strange that it pulls one of my vids with that. And even stranger that it's apparently a popular search term. Shame on those people.
  6. I voted yes even though i rarely trap the shack. I have a few reasons for not doing it, but I'm coming around to doing it again. It used to confuse me when i placed multiple traps. I didn't know how to tell which one went off. And some Jasons have less traps and i like to save one just in case. But not trapping the shack has come back to bite me in the ass multiple times.
  7. I voted for Vanessa because almost every level 150 i face uses her and they just run and run and run. And run some more. I'll back out of the lobby if i see 3 or more Vanessas. Fuck that nonsense.
  8. I never really noticed counselors crouch walking before, but after reading this, i played a match last night and sure enough someone stunned me with a hit and then started crouch walking away. Fuckin weirdo.
  9. I'm sure you've all seen this glitch before. I like how it looks. I enjoy it every time it happens. This wouldn't be new content, right? It's already in the game. It would be cool if we could turn this off and on.
  10. I've noticed a few times on ps4 when my weapons wouldn't work. I wasn't sure why but it could be because of the car.
  11. Thanks for the advice, everyone. I will definitely think about all of this and practice some more. I must be doing something wrong because i don't seem as threatening as the good Jasons that i face.
  12. I've been working on my Jason strategies since my biggest flaw was my lack of blocking. Well, i spent weeks practicing it and it doesn't seem to do much. I still get stunned on blocked hits, and my mask gets knocked off too. I even practiced changing targets to block as many hits as possible. I think I'm getting close to just shelving this game until the next update. I dont know if its their perks or what. But i feel like Jason's mask shouldn't come off if only ONE hit has actually landed and every other hit was blocked. It's just ridiculous.
  13. I've heard people say that choosing Jason as your preference doesn't work sometimes. And it makes me wonder, when i keep getting chosen as a counselor while in a lobby with someone who was Jason 2 out of 3 matches and complained about being Jason, if that preference thing even works half the time.
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