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  1. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. Only reason I don't play random. Hate to come back as Tommy without thick skin
  2. Sounds like a troll who probably wouldn't be able to handle a few good skileld players on his own. No exploits. This person doesn't seem to understand That exploits are not allowed in tournaments. Once again, another pub stomper who probably got hurt by some toxic people. Now he wants to generalize everyone here as toxic.
  3. Lmao! You'd be such a pain for any Jason with that build 😂
  4. If it were me, I'd have Composure at 10 Luck at 8 Repair at 2 Speed at 8 Stamina at 5 Stealth at 1 Broken stat Strength at 1 Broken stat Running nerves, Preparedness and thick skin. Basically a no a fear Jenny that can keep up with Jason , repair, and run parts but will make a lot of noise until rage hits
  5. Haha it's almost Kenny but a more mellow version of him! And currently I believe jenny has 8 luck, she has just a fraction of a second left before Jason can grab her before she finishes starting the car. So I would assume 8 would be the cutoff. Cheers
  6. I get it. I've heard the same response enough. I created this account on the forums to express thIs one statement. Whatever game it is, balance needs to come from a higher level of play. Not casuals. I'm not the biggest fan of cod, But just to use it as an example, a lot of balance updates are not even noticed by casuals but more for the Competetive players. What difference would it really make to the casuals if the mask took 4 hits instead of 2? A little more mask HP? Do you know that if you shoot Jason with a shotgun, you are doing 25 damage? And guess what, if you time it right you can sneak in another hit before Jason gets a chance to block. Same thing with pocket knives. If timed correctly, you can sneak in a hit. Does that seem fair? Jason's mask coming off before he even gets a chance to fight back? Firecrackers.. shotguns.. pocket knives all can allow free hits if timed correctly. Yeah a lot of people don't utilize this, but the players that are hardcore players know this including myself. Friday is a fun game but each game in a multiplayer environment can create some Competetive nature. And it's not fun when things are obviously not balanced and the devs still don't see the facts but just ignore the balance and the due dillegenace they have to put in and just leave it to "it's an unpopular opinion" And the rage update.. made it even worse. It made Jason a lot more weak than he already is. If your not gonna fix Jason's mask, at least after rage don't allow full damage to be done on Jason's.
  7. Each counselor is given 35 Customization points. You have to have at least 1 on each stat, leaving you with 28 customization points. Where and how would you disperse those points and why? What perks would you use with this counselor? Key things to note: 1. You need at least 8 speed to jog as fast as Jason. 2. You need at least 8 luck to start a car/boat after stunning Jason before he gets out of the stun animation. Let's get creative here and not blow all our points on stamina/speed.
  8. 1. Increase the level cap. 2. Fix Jason's mask health. Should not be taken off as easy as it is now. Jason being in rage should make him OP, not weaker. Any damage done to Jason after rage is full damage since there is no stun. Don't believe me? Launch a private and turn stun off, see how fast you can take the mask off. Just one shotgun will blast his mask off. Get a pipe/wrench and see for yourself how rage makes Jason weak than he already is. 3. People still buy this game, but it takes forever them to get perks. Either offre permanent double CP/XP or allow them to upgrade their current perk in exchange of some CP. 4. Change some values of perks so not everyone is running the same exact three perks. No fear Jenny is a great build, would like to see more builds. 5. All outfits currently available / make it available on every counselor. And no I don't mean I want to see lachappas running in Tiffany's booty shorts, gender specific of course. 6. Offer more customization in private matches. The current update added so much depth, there's tournaments that alter these settings and can really make things fun. I know they are adding a function that allows you to choose which ability Jason gets first as opposed to the current morph, sense, shift, stalk order, respectively. 7. Give lachappa 6 luck. 8. Allow us to create our own counselor letting us choose where the 35 Customization points go (28 after you give 1 to each stat), and let us use them in private matches only. I'll be happy to take any of these.
  9. Wouldn't it be nice to have different colored weapons too based on how many days you have played the game and/or achievements?
  10. I personally believe Tiffany is the most useless character in the game. Sure she's got stealth but in a game against a good Jason, she is useless. She cannot really repair, and the last thing you want is to get grabbed because it takes that extra time to just get out of the repairing animation. Stealth imo is useless, no smart Jason would go out of his way to just kill the sweater girl when there's other things happening around the map. Chad, jenny, and Victoria can start the car faster than the animation of ONE stun including if Jason pulls you out of the car and you have a pocket knife. That's A free car start and Jason most likely doesn't have shift to stop you again. Chad Really Trump's in situations because he can still repair quite quickly with his luck, you might get lucky and not even mess up. Having a character that can jog just as fast as Jason and a counselor who doesn't have to leave after every 2-4 hits on a Jason can be a very deadly combo. I'm glad you out Deborah in your A tier, personally I think she is up there right next to Vanessa. I agree with everything else in your list. Edit: no fear Jenny is God like as well. Jenny needs some love. I mained her for the longest.
  11. Nothing's going to happen. The facts are in their face and most of us are tired and sound like a broken radio arguing with these devs. I still don't know where this part of the community thinks the mask isn't easy to take off. Especially in public matches. I know I can kill Jason's before they get shift as long as I have two friends. One counselor sets a trap for the other one to die on. The counselor that set the trap now commits suice and it's instant Tommy! No waiting, instant! Now it's time for Tommy to go to the shack and meet sweater girl. Tommy can demask in two clean hits with a machete since you don't want to stun Jason. I have countless videos of killing Jason when we are bored within 2 mins of game start. Even if Majority of players have over 100+ days, they will not stand a chance in public matches. Not saying all Jason's are gonna die, but in public matches yeah just about 90-95% success rate in killing Jason's before they even get shift on a small map.
  12. I still wonder to this day why you still put so much work to help the community. From your ghosting tech contribution and now the Tommy radios.. thank you for everything dude. Me and a few people used your damage calculation and took it a little step further thanks to your work. Thank you once again.
  13. Hey.. if this doesn't fall under the "new content" and if it was fairly easy for black tower to implement this.. it would mean a lot to the community. We've been playing with the same outfits for a very very long time. When thE clothing glitched occured, it seemed like you guys were all cool with it but then it got fixed later on 😕
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