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  1. I'm EXTREMELY glad I got this game for free from XBL Gold Halloween 2018! If I'd spent more than the $12 or so I have for DLC I'd be FAR more angry at the ludicrously buggy state of the game after OVER 2 YEARS... And the fact that the game is now in the hands of a new development team that has to learn the game's designs as they make patches is VERY concerning. I feel that this game can only maintain it's current state at best, but more than likely it will decline into a deeper mess of bugs and engine glitches. I love this game (to play as Jason, playing counselors is just ASS) but I feel I need to wean off of it and be ready to move on once that dark future comes.
  2. I got the game around Halloween 2018, have been level 150 for about 9 months now, play mostly every day (at least a few matches) I have held my tounge thus far about nuisance bugs like randomized counselors/Jason in matches and now the constant environment kill glitches. But going from 30 secs to over 5 minutes to even get a lobby, plus the terrible ping rates and host disconnections dumping you out to title screen, I got a little aggravated at my weekend plans of some long gaming sessions being ruined. And major server downtimes are generally a matter in EU, AU and other foreign countries, not NORTH AMERICA for crying out loud! The only achievement I have left is for ONLINE Jason matches, matches that have to actually be completed. With P2P lobbies only RN that is close to impossible to achieve, so forgive me for being grumpy about it
  3. These comments are unnecessary if we were talking about only 12-24 HOURS of dedicated servers being down. We are going on 3+ DAYS now! These comments are by this point very much justified
  4. Servers are STILL down... now 9am Monday morning, just jumped on after getting home from 3rd shift job. When is this lunacy gonna be fixed!?! Smh at this game's utter lack of support
  5. Many longer time players see slashing to death with no Grab attempts as "lack of skill" and deride those players as noobs or trash. I personally lean on the Shift Grab killing only side, but I feel the pain of dealing with pocket knives. I generally slash Vanessas & Tommy into limping status if the situation presents itself, then always go for Grab kill. I take it as extra challenge to regrab a player after a pocket knife, but I can't totally condemn a Slasher strategy. Jasons with slow Shifts, like Part 2 and 4, I give pass to for slashing since they can't really employ the normal long range Shift Grab ambushes I do as a Part 8 main.
  6. There's plenty of matches to find still on Xbox, though I would reccomend clicking on players' gamertag in the lobby screen to see each person's level. Avoid matches filled with higher level players (50 - 150) to ease your initial learning curve matches. Also, I would recommend buying the Ultimate Slasher version of the game, as all the DLC is included (like a GOTY type package). I think this edition is a physical disc only, so check Amazon/Ebay for deals
  7. So dedicated servers have been unavailable ALL of Saturday 12/14 and still at this time Sunday 12/15 for Xbox One. You see "checking session for room" which immediately changes to "Search cooldown" about every 15 seconds, up to about 3 minutes, then you get put in a peer to peer lobby. Pings are generally 100-250 at average best. Just before creating this topic, I lost connection to a game where I finally got a Jason turn. So because nobody is fixing the server issue, I just lost out on achievement progress for my single remaining achievement, 1000 online Jason matches... This length of time with no maintenance progress is UNACCEPTABLE. This game is hot mess of bugs even with dedicated servers smh
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