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  1. Yeah, I've noticed that. In quick play all but 3 people leave when they're not Jason
  2. So im looking for a chill group of Xbox Players to play private matches or go into public matches together, mostly because I'm tired of all but 3 people leaving when they're not Jason. I don't have a mic as of right now, but will have one soon. If anyone has or is looking for some people to play with, my gamertag is halosecrets526 feel free to add me Before anyone asks, I'm 21 so I'm not some squeeker kid
  3. Well shit, I just bought the game and turns out there's server issues lmao. Reminds me when I first started playing and we had to make "looking for group" posts to be able to play
  4. Hey, just a quick question. How many people still play this game on Xbox one? I used to play it a bunch when it first came out then stopped playing it after my friend switched back his home Xbox. I've been thinking about buying it, but since there's no new content anymore I have a feeling that it's pretty dead on Xbox. If anyone here plays on Xbox, is it worth getting or will I never find a match?
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