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  1. Well, League of Legends, Call of Cuty, DOTA2 are the best for me. As for the latest games, The Last of Us Part II has just been released. I haven't tried it yet, but I looked through several discussions about it, and I shoud say, the opinions were divided. Honestly speaking, I'm looking forward to playing it. After finishing The Witcher 3 (that was awesome), I couldn't find a similar good game to play, so I'm currently playing online games using Mr Bet Bonus Codes. What do you think about The Last of Us Part II? Are you going to try it?
  2. Interesting thread! It's a pity, noone posted here for such a long time. But I decided to change the situation ☺️. I live in Seattle, USA. But I'm thinking about moving. I haven't chosen a place to go, but I was lucky to find fodyo.com. This marketplace provided me with all necessary information about real estate all over the world. Having looked through it, I understood how much money I need. By the way, if you decided where to move, what state would you choose?
  3. I also play online games like The World of Tanks. Sometimes I play slots and roulette at coincasino as they help me to relax and make some money.
  4. Good info! I'm pretty new to Bitcoin and want to improve my skills. I was lucky to find a source where crypto community shares the reviews on various projects, wallets, cards and exchanges. And it is great to know a ready-made list of the YouTube channels. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks for the warm greeting, guys!
  6. I don't remember, but I guess, Mario
  7. Hi! I'm a newbie here. Just wanted to say hello. I'm glad to be a part of this community. Cheers!
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