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  1. Interesting thread! It's a pity, noone posted here for such a long time. But I decided to change the situation ☺️. I live in Seattle, USA. But I'm thinking about moving. I haven't chosen a place to go, but I was lucky to find fodyo.com. This marketplace provided me with all necessary information about real estate all over the world. Having looked through it, I understood how much money I need. By the way, if you decided where to move, what state would you choose?
  2. I also play online games like The World of Tanks. Sometimes I play slots and roulette at coincasino as they help me to relax and make some money.
  3. Good info! I'm pretty new to Bitcoin and want to improve my skills. I was lucky to find a source where crypto community shares the reviews on various projects, wallets, cards and exchanges. And it is great to know a ready-made list of the YouTube channels. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for the warm greeting, guys!
  5. I don't remember, but I guess, Mario
  6. Hi! I'm a newbie here. Just wanted to say hello. I'm glad to be a part of this community. Cheers!
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