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  1. Okidoki This game is oustanding! I mean, I'm a huge fan of Friday movies, espacially music by Manfredini and playing as Jason is a Must lolll By the way, what is it as Monitor ? Is it really boring like I read from forum or it's fun too?
  2. Ok, so buying DLC it's not necessaraly? I bought the Ultimate Slasher Edition CD. So I will try your suggestions thanks a lot friend
  3. Oh, ok! I've bought Jason 7 and Jason 4. And what kind of Level I must do to Unlock those Jason DLC?
  4. Hi! I bought two Jason DLC and I can't use directly on the game. I Restored Licences from my PS4, restart my PS4 and when I go to the Game, those still not there. So what can I do to use my DLC please?
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