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  1. Nice! Funny thing is I was also at that convention (I got both him & Thom Matthews to sign my F13 Steelbook case and Thom made a funny joke essentially about how the Tom's rule since the only autographs I have on it atm are his, Tom McLoughlin's & Tom Savini's) though when I got to him (Tom McLoughlin) he wasn't all that talkative (then again it was late at night so he was probably tired and I'll admit I wasn't exactly mister talkative at that point either, though I did briefly chat with the assistant that he had there helping him out at his table about my backer Steelbook version of the game and he gave me some advice on preserving it once I got it completely autographed that I definitely plan on following) and I honestly never really thought to ask him about the Pamela Tapes or how he got involved with the game (probably because it was so late and I was tired), which thinking back on definitely would have been awesome to hear about.
  2. Been playing on & off since 3pm (est), where I've managed to level up 4 times and so far as a counselor I've found 1 Pamela tape, died 4 times, escaped 8 times, & killed Jason twice. As Jason I've only gotten in 3 matches (well technically 4, but in my first match as Jason I ended up killing the host first not even 2 mins into the match and they rage quit) managing to get 16 out of 21 possible kills.
  3. Shifty may have stopped, but the F13 game Twitter page apparently hasn't
  4. tav7623

    Platinum Achieved!!

    Congrats, I myself am currently 4 Achievements away from having all of them (currently missing 500 & 1000 Matches as Jason, kill 1313 counselors, & demask Jason 13 times)
  5. Since my last post in late Jan I've been playing CoD: WW2, Injustice 2, Tekken 7, The Sexy Brutale (fun game, love the music), Metroid: Samus Returns (the 3DS remake), Tomba (PS1), Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy (I'm atm slowly trying to 100% complete Crash 1), Star Wars Pod Racer Revenge (PS2 classics), some Goldeneye 007, Episode 1 Pod Racer & Castlevania 64 (I got a Brawler 64 gamepad for the N64, which has so far been really awesome and made playing games on the system for me at least so much better, so I've been playing a lot of 64 games and ended up playing all the way through CV 64 for the first time as Schneider) though once the April update hits I'll be back to playing more F13: The Game.
  6. tav7623

    Fondest Memories of Gaming

    Man I have sooooo many as I've been gaming since the mid to late 80's that I can't just pick one so I'll post a handful. - My Dad coming home with an NES Action Set (w/ NES Zapper, Super Mario Bros. & Duck Hunt) when I was 6 - Getting to the final stage of Super Mario Bros.3 when I was 9 yrs old w/ the help of my sister and some friends (we'd take turns playing levels when someone would die) - Getting a Sega Genesis w/ Sonic 2 & Jurassic Park - Playing the hell out of Sonic & Knuckles, beating it multiple times - Playing Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the first time on the PS1 - Playing Nascar 98 with my sister and doing a "full" race (aka a 15 lap race with a full 43 car field) with the Paintball Mode (which would cause the cars to shoot paint balls out of the front fender and cause any car hit by them to wreck) cheat activated - Playing a ton of NFL 2k5 with my college dorm buddies (when me and my buddy Kevin would play against each other our game would suddenly take on an epic quality with everyone being glued to the screen as the game would almost always be decided in the final 2 mins and an average of 3 pts) - Playing in MK 9 & MK 10 tournaments at my local (and now sadly closed) retro game store which I typically won pretty easily except for the instances where my lone "rival" Wes would show up in which case we'd essentially trade victories each tournament we were both competing in and pretty much every match between the two of us would almost take on the quality of a epic EVO Finale. There was one time in particular where I somehow (part of it was skill, but a lot of it was luck) managed to come back from a 0-3 deficit in a best of 7 series twice in order to win the tournament (the way our tournaments were set up the Finale had the Winner of the Winner's Bracket and the Winner of the Loser's Bracket face off against each other in a best of 7 series, if the person from the Winner's Bracket won 4 of the 7 matches they'd win the tournament, but if the Winner of the Loser's Bracket won 4 of the 7 matches then the "Brackets" would reset and both would have to play another best of 7 series to determine the tournament champ and in this particular finale I had come in as the winner of the loser's bracket as Wes had knocked me from the Winner's Bracket earlier in the tournament. So for this particular tournament it essentially took us 14 straight matches to determine the tournament champ and because of us and another tournament this time for Smash Bros a week later going 14 straight in the finale the store ended up changing the length of the finale for all their future tournaments to a best of 5 series)
  7. tav7623

    Best obscure slasher films?

    I totally get that (especially with that opening scene and when you realize the ultimate identity of the killer), and I feel that I probably would've felt the same way if not for the circumstances of my first viewing of the movie which was with a pretty decent sized crowd of (at least 300) people (a number of whom had been drinking) on a 25 ft inflatable screen. Also this was about a year or two before the Blu Ray release so we watched from an old beta tape version (they guy who was doing the screening was apparently buddies with the movie's director and had gotten it from him) that hadn't exactly been kept in the best of shape which led to some unintentionally funny moments. For instance there was a part towards the end of the second act (If I remember correctly) where the main guy & his girl are having some "sexy" banter and given the state of the tape the audio had degraded so much that for most of that section the girl for some reason ended up sounding kinda like Ving Rhames (with a slightly southern accent) when she talked and I swear there was a part where she says the line "Come Here Baby" in that voice that had just about everyone there laughing their asses off.
  8. tav7623

    Hatchet trilogy. What's not to love?

    Other than Danielle Harris' god awful southern accent in Hatchet 2 (which imo was a whole lot more bearable in Hatchet 3) nothin I can think of (off the top of my head)
  9. tav7623

    Best obscure slasher films?

    Off the top of my head there are at least 2 movies that haven't been mentioned (yet) that I feel are underrated slashers worth checking out at least once. The first is 2000 indie flick Cherry Falls which starred Britney Murphy, Michael Biehn, Candy Clark, & Jay Mohr (who was imo actually pretty decent in this movie) and is about a serial killer who only stalks & kills virgins. The other one is the 1984 low budget slasher The Mutilator (aka Fall Break outside the US ) which is about a guy who along his college buddies head out to his dad's beach house for the weekend to close it up for the season when a mystery killer, who was hiding in the basement/garage of the house, starts stalking & killing them off one by one.
  10. Since Mid/Late Dec I've been playing CoD WW 2, Tekken 7, Wolfenstien 2: The New Colossus, The Order 1886, and Crash Bandicoot Remastered . Though once the new patch/content for F13 comes out (hopefully it'll be out by the time I get off work ) I'll definitely be hopping back into the game.
  11. Lets see achievement wise I'd say getting the Ph.D in Murder achievement, but as far as gameplay/in game achievements go As Jason: - Making a Tommy player accidentally kill themselves (while they were trying to protect another player) by running into their own trap while trying to avoid my throwing knives(I still got credit for a kill cause I had severely injured him with throwing knifes after making him waste his health spray) - Killing a Full Lobby plus Tommy in under 5 mins in 3 consecutive matches as Jason - Killing a counselor using only Throwing Knives As a Counselor: - in a single match I called Tommy, put gas in the 4 seater & left the keys right next to it, fixed the boat which I then used to escape on (with another player) within the first 6 mins of the match. I then came back as Tommy (this was pre-Tommy 2.0, pre-small maps, and happened before the update that marked where parts were on the map if they had been picked up & dropped by a counselor) and in the first cabin I went into found the phone fuse on a dead body, I then ran all the way across the map (it was the Packanack map, I found the fuse at the southern most house just south of the lodge and the Fuse house was the Northern most house at Woodbury), put the fuse in, called the cops, found the battery for the car so I put it in and got the car started (I left it so another counselor could escape with it, survived the next 4 mins, and escaped via the police. - In the first month of the game being out I was on a match in Higgins Haven and managed to fix the 2 seater by myself (flawlessly I might add) and escaped (after picking up another counselor) within 2 mins of the match starting (technically I got a bit lucky as I spawned right next to the 2 seater and the 2 cabins nearest to it happened to contain a battery, gas, & car keys) - Single handedly rallied a group of counselors plus Tommy into successfully killing Jason in a Quick Play match. - Drove 3 consecutive laps (without crashing or being stopped by Jason) around the large Crystal Lake map (i did that many mainly because I was in the 4 seater and was trying to pick up some additional passengers) in reverse while being chased by Jason and still managed to escape with a full car.
  12. I'm mainly on Xbox One and my stats for the game goes something like this: Time Played - 17 days, 15 hrs, 56 mins (or roughly 424 hrs which is good enough for 10th place among my friends who play the game) Matches as Jason - 170 (roughly) Matches as a Counselor - 940 (roughly) Counselors Killed - 1056 (which averages to about 6 kills per match as Jason) Killed by Jason - 573 times 47 of 52 Achievements (681 gamerscore) 1200 doors broken down
  13. tav7623


    If you don't have any traps, realize what they are trying to do and have a throwing knife (or 3) try to hit them through the windows cause you can kill counselors with throwing knives if they are already injured. .
  14. tav7623

    Friday the 13th on Sale

    Humble Bundle currently has the PC version 50% off
  15. Do what I (sorta) did earlier this year and have them autograph the NES game (in my case I only had Kane autograph it though I was seriously tempted to get Dash, Morga, & Graham to autograph it as well) that way you can still say you got an autographed copy of the Friday the 13th video game (btw I hope you have fun at the convention and if they have a panel with both Hodder & Dash then I highly recommend going as those 2 together are...imo at least...... hilarious as they'll be ragging on each other the whole time especially if CJ Graham is there as he'll keep egging em on)