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  1. Humble Bundle currently has the PC version 50% off
  2. Do what I (sorta) did earlier this year and have them autograph the NES game (in my case I only had Kane autograph it though I was seriously tempted to get Dash, Morga, & Graham to autograph it as well) that way you can still say you got an autographed copy of the Friday the 13th video game (btw I hope you have fun at the convention and if they have a panel with both Hodder & Dash then I highly recommend going as those 2 together are...imo at least...... hilarious as they'll be ragging on each other the whole time especially if CJ Graham is there as he'll keep egging em on)
  3. I got my shipping email from Limited Run Games (they are the ones handling the fulfillment of backer copies) about 30 mins ago, showed up in my spam/junk email.
  4. Backer copies are supposedly going to start shipping out Nov 6 per an update email on Oct 27th
  5. I had the same thing happen with 2 Pamela Tapes this afternoon, but supposedly the newest update (they just pushed one out about half an hour ago on consoles & PC) contains a fix for this issue
  6. You can see what they are gonna look like here
  7. They put out an update about 3 days ago on Kickstarter saying that as soon as they have it in their hands from the manufacturer they are gonna start shipping them (both regular & steelbook editions) to backers (those who got the signed edition are gonna get their physical copies with everyone else, but it won't have the signed slipcover which will be shipped at a later date) also |Heartbreaker| created a thread the very next day that shows what the Steelbooks will look like as well the backer exclusive slipcovers (which is where Rev.A and Rev.B comes into play) if you're interested.
  8. I have no clue as to the actual layout of the lake, I'm just going by the Tweet the game's devs put out to announce the release date for Mitch Floyd, Part IV Jason, & the Jarvis House Map, maybe they got it wrong maybe they didn't, idk, I'm just pointing it out.
  9. Looks awesome (and there is no way I'd been able to do create something like that), but there's this one teensy weensy problem (and I really hate to be that guy, buttttttt) in their tweet introducing the new counselor a few days ago it says that the Jarvis House is located in North Crystal Lake, you currently have it in South Crystal Lake
  10. Curious if this is Rev.A or Rev.B of the steelbook, also was this posted on Twitter or something (or was this something just for the forums)?
  11. I finally got the Ph.D in Murder Achievement tonight, it was on the normal Crystal Lake map playing as Part 2 Jason and the funny thing is I got it doing one of the Part 2 kills (all of which I could have sworn I had done, but I decided to make sure since I only needed 2 kills and didn't have an idea which 2 they were) on a buddy of mine (who was also 2 kills away from getting the Achievement) who was playing as Chad.
  12. I've found 2 so far (in the span of a week) about 2 weeks ago Edit: Make that 3, just found one on the Pacanack Lodge map
  13. Just found my second tape in the span of a week (one on the regular Crystal Lake map and one on the small Crystal Lake map, and both on a Sat) after not finding a single one since the game launched, so now I have Tapes #12 & #18
  14. Can't speak to that (with Part 8) as I main Savini Jason, but I did notice after the update had been installed that I was able to smash doors/windows quicker and get out of hit stuns a little quicker than usual.
  15. I finally found my first tape Saturday evening while playing the game on Xbox One (I was a level 76 at the time, playing as AJ on the small Crystal Lake map) and the funny thing is that while I was waiting for the match to start I was on the forums reading a forum post about someone finally finding a Pamela Tape.