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  1. I had a couple games where I found the propeller next to the boat and it didn't show up on the map and a game where I found the propeller in a cabin, did they update the boat to where the propeller can spawn next to it? As a way to persuade counselors to leaving on the boat/getting boat challenges? low cost color copy at 55 printing
  2. Just wanted to express my love for this game, basically. I got really tired of DBD's toxic community and constant whining, so I've been playing this game more and more. I just love it. Not to mention, the new update? Pretty neat that they fixed a lot of issues. I'm having so much fun, and, as a horror fan, being able to play a game which comes from a classic franchise I love? I couldn't ask for more. I'm really frustrated that there isn't gonna be any new content, but I'm only level 40, so I still have a lot of leveling up to do. Is there any game like this one coming up? I've been trying to search for some, but no luck. It's not a popular genre within the gaming community, it seems.
  3. So I'm playing as jason. Lobby full of people with mic's on excited. We all been playing a few rounds and it's awesome. Well I become jason. When I picked up the game a few months ago it would always glitch when I grabbed counselors so over time I just started slashing. Well I slash the first guy and he immediately gets pissed. I killed everyone and they are so pissed I slashed evreyone they call me trash and all exit the lobby. Wtf?? Why can't I slash. They even said I didnt actually kill anyone because I slashed them. Like how? I know the glitch is fixed but I'm still just kinda use to what I been doing. So why is slashing so hated?
  4. I'm gonna go with Paula in 'Jason Lives'. We see her get semi half thrown out a window then pulled back in but later we see that the interior of the cabin is just COVERED IN BLOOD. Like all the blood in her body was emptied into a hose and just sprayed everywhere. On the beds, the floor, the ceiling, and the bowl of popcorn. This poor girl just gets demolished, no matter if she felt everything or died early on but Jason just like incinerated her body. There was no body, just the entirety of all her blood sprayed all over the cabin
  5. I’m renting the Friday the 13th movies for the first time on Amazon and I’ve noticed that there’s 2 versions of parts 5, 6, 7, & 8 there. One is always unavailable to watch (the one that has the sleek, modernized picture) and I’m wondering if there’s any difference in them I should be aware of, like maybe one has extra scenes or is cut differently?
  6. Just to get run over by the other counselors. Playing a quick match on Xbox One Higgins Haven map. Jason comes to find me in the main cabin and I succeed at hiding from him. He tricks me into thinking he left after knocking out the power. When I go to leave, he ends up right at the door blocking my way out. I shoot him but due to a glitch I cannot pass him. So I let him come in and go to juke he grabs me so I knife him. Fortunately I found 2 knives before he showed up. I am able to run away and get to the barn but he grabs me before I can escape him so I knife him again. I take off and run to a cabin that is near the 4 seater car he chases me to the cabin but doesn't see that I hid. He is unable to find me but he ends up killing one counselor who returns as Tommy. They get the last part in so while waiting for them to start the car Jason sees me, and chases after me out of the four that are there. It's at this moment I realize I am his main target. So I kite Jason away long enough for them to start the car. I am running for the car with plenty of space between Jason and I when the driver takes off and runs me over. It was funny but sucked because I had survived so long, just to be betrayed
  7. Tired of the hosts always leaving when being killed and or being left behind by the other counselors.Would be nice to implement a host migration system, but of course there would be flaws with that as well. Do y'all think there should be a new way of changing this? Maybe not letting them leave during a game, or public match timeout? (15-30 min). Just a bit annoying when PS4 servers take a minute to find games sometimes, and as you find a game, the host leaves because it doesn't go their way.
  8. Given how Steve wasn't alarmed when he saw her and as far as we know she wasn't investigated for the murders, I'd say she was seen as normal around the town. So did she volunteer at the local homeless shelter or children's hospital?vidmate mobdro word counter
  9. Hello Javascript community, I have a question that I tried to find on the internet but was unable to find any answers to (I am still learning the basics and trying to gather my head around it all) For a Multi-vendor-marketplace, Would it be better to build the marketplace with a javascript framework like Angular (What would you recommend?) and the admin panel with Vue.js and laravel as the backend? or Would it be best to build both with Vue.js and laravel? I think this is called micro-front-end? Sorry if these seems like a novice and silly question. Just unable to wrap my head around it and unable to find the answer on the internet. Any articles, forums or information is appreciated so I can learn more about the topic. Thanks
  10. Just for my own curiosity I thought I remember Rufus Sewell in a non-speaking role as a background cop, I think in either Friday the 13th part 5: A new beginning, or Friday the 13th part 6: Jason lives. Has anyone else seen him? It's a brief shot where the main sheriff cop is talking and he in the background sitting near a window. I believe it was day time in the shot. It's so random but I wanted to verify I saw him but I can't remember which movie, and when in the movie. I'm looking through the movies right now to see if I can spot him. Thanks!
  11. I'm going through loads of slashers currently and its finally time i watch friday the 13th. So far i haven't watched any sequels but I've heard the 4th one is the best and the first is pretty slow. I might end up watching both but it'd be nice to know what people think is best. I know the story and the part 1 plot twist so I dont think id miss much story wise by just going straight to 4? I'd prefer to not watch more than ~2 unless i end up really liking them so order recommendations are most helpful.
  12. Seeing C.J. Graham and Steve Dash in this fan film was a nice treat for us Friday the 13th fans. I kind of want Elias to get his own movie, for it felt like his scenes were just crammed in randomly throughout the film. And there was not enough of Steve Dash, but I appreciate the work he gave us before his passing. Despite some decent/not so decent specials effects, despite the high body count of 43 (8 being done by Elias Voorhees), the film suffers from being a 20 minute short fan film that was rewritten mid-production to be a 90 minute feature length film. Some of the acting is stiff; especially from the young child actors. The biggest problem the film has is an editor who rushed to get this film out for Friday, September 13th. There are mistakes that need to be fixed, but almost the entire film feels like it lacks pacing. Some of the scenes feel like they’re out of order. I’m an amateur editor myself, I can admit that, but as cocky as it sounds, I kind of want to meet with the editor of this film, Dustin Montierth, and work with him on re-editing this whole film. Overall, it’s not the worst fan film, but it has some issues. It’s supposedly being re-edited for a Friday, December 13th release from what I heard. Hopefully, the mistakes that were made in editing are corrected. However, I don’t consider it a waste of time. Definitely check the film out while it’s still up on YouTube for free.
  13. last night aj on pinehurst. spawn by means of the primary residence go inner get a shotty and primary useful resource. cross out of doors see the phone box and a deborah getting chased. try to assist her and shoot jason (retro part 3) he morphed in the back of me and that i overlooked. i note he is ignoring deborah and chasing me. she follows me to the barn i am getting within the room with the alternative shotty jason opens the door bam shoot his face off. word someone left fuel throughout the map. come what may get away from deborah as she seems to be tunneling a person else with jason. fill the fuel and someone dropped the propeller. run and clutch it and fix the boat. deborah is unexpectedly coming near begin the boat and get the outta there. jason morphs to the water and i go right to fake him and he by no means catches up. watch the relaxation of the fit and she's either with him or doing stuff to get his interest. final two minutes there may be a victoria left who stuck on. deborah messes up the electrical box at the least 20 instances and jason in no way receives there. significantly hate teamers but what a fantastic feelinf to get away while you essentially have two killers after you
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