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  1. Considering Tiffany is the only one dancing in any of the camp openings, most use they get is taunting Jason. Oh and possible use for humor if someone is stuck on a roof and wants to give the remaining players a laugh. A bikini clad Jenny dancing cause she's stuck on the shack... that's all I say.
  2. I try to, at least, find a med spray and a weapon first and foremost (and before I had Preparedness, a map). Once I get those to start, I leave the rest for the other players. If I come a cross a pocket knife I'll nab it -- if not, that's okay.
  3. No, the Tiffany wiki pages for the game don't even list one. Only mentions that she's a color shirt swap of her "sister." Like Luigi and the MK ninjas (both genders). The two are also based of the twins from The Final Chapter. Since she's not canon to the games, guess it wasn't important to do so. I dubbed her Brittany when I see two Tiffany's in a match.
  4. I've found shotguns spawn in the middle room on the lower level of the house with the spiral staircase on a shelf or in the bathroom/showers cabin on either side of the building in an alcove. Sorry, I can't remember the maps they are on, but those locations are where I normally find them.
  5. It's random from what I can tell. I do like the fact that the parts are shown on the map when someone drops them (be it by death or voluntarily.)
  6. Most games I have played lately, I've come back as Tommy and have gotten slashed to death. They know Tommy comes with one pocket knife and don't feel like letting him use it. It's nothing to get mad over, really.
  7. Same. Set my preference and my girlfriend's account to counselor. Not only that but the 1313 kill achievement is a feat in-itself so I want to help those who are working for it anyway that I can.
  8. As long as people still play, this game is far from dead.
  9. The axes stun stat is low for starters. The Machete (the only other weapon that can kill Jason) and the Fire Poker are the only two lower than that. Attempt with someone other than Tommy stunning Jason and see how that goes.
  10. Hiding in the water or morphing away when the sweater is being activated is more of a strategy thus denying the satisfaction of killing Jason and not necessarily cheating. Jason's objective is to kill the counselors and their goal is to escape him or survive all 20 minutes, whichever comes first. Killing Jason is an added bonus cause Tommy doesn't always get called. And even when Tommy gets called, there's a chance the sweater won't get stolen cause they aren't actively looking for the shack. Some players can turn into self-preservation Jasons and it's within the confines of the game. The counselors just don't get that extra XP. Tips like that happen in games all the time, and it's not modding anything cause it's within the game itself. Cheating would be Jason being completely immune to the sweater.
  11. Personally, I think other male counselors outside of Tommy should be able to kill Jason, but only after certain conditions are met so it's not overly easy.
  12. Been playing on the One this weekend. I took a break for a couple weeks (to play some Game Pass games I downloaded) and picked it back up. It's still pretty much alive on the One. And lobbies are usually full (though I did have three matches with only three people, including me.) You'll find matches. The wait may be horrendous at times, but yes --- it's still playable. Just need to be patient.
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