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  1. In my case I've spoken to some of the early quitters (not rage ones) and most of them are chasing "The Sequel" achievement, so is logic if you don't wanna spend at least 417 days of your time getting and achievement that totally depends on RNG well, then you must look for a workaround, but that is blame on the game designers who put such a stupid requirement not the player.
  2. Ok next, 4 why does everyone start with flashlights? 5 Why you die when being thrown from a window that is just a few inches above the ground? 6 Why there is no ammo caches for flare guns or the shotgun instead of multiple spawns of the same gun?
  3. VLK

    Perk abuse

    For that outcome it depends on a lot of things: Perks: -Friendship -Potent Ranger -Slugger -Trasher Stats: -Luck -Strength Weapon: -Axe Low Hp Jasons: -Part 2 -Part 5 -Part 6 All those in combination make for a quick "bye" to your mask, BUT the perks are the most variable since even legendary versions of the same perk may have different stats
  4. Because they have emotional issues and they project / sublimate them through an inferior being whose partial "cognitive" response brings fulfillment / palliate the issue
  5. Yeah I miss my old PSX {Edit} I;ve just been on a lobby where everybody quitted when I was playing as Jason, being after The Sequel achievement that kind of lobbies are great to get that in no time, but for gameplay sake...well not so much
  6. These are the only ones I have about F13, most of my collection are predators and terminators
  7. Ok I hope someone can enlighten me on some matter: 1 Who is the dude that always get his ass killed at the begging of each match? 2 Why is it always Chad the one that get the close up? 3 Why does the match doesn't start at that point with everyone running like f--k in all directions?
  8. They ruined the game while trying to make everyone happy by nerfing it, its called "Destiny syndrome", you'll only keep the players that tolerate such an abuse, find a workaround /exploit or the ones that really like it
  9. Dude, you got two aims, auto aim faces you toward a potential target sticky aim which keeps you looking at the closest / priority target (I don't know how this game prioritizes targets but the most common is distance) Both methods at the same time are used currently in this game for combat mode, personally I'd leave auto aim for combat stance and sticky aim for throwing knifes / flares / shotguns, but that would require reworking the last two weapons so flares lose height faster and shotguns lose range (but being a long barrel shotgun in game that would be debatable). PD - I didn't say modifying throwing knifes because they're so damn easy to dodge unless being at point blank that makes no sense.
  10. I don't mind random counselors as long as they keep the customization and perks I use online for each one
  11. The ability to play even if the servers go off is priority, I have a damn big list about what needs to be improved but honestly since there are a lot of flaws and I payed nothing for the game (acquired during games with gold rotation) I'd call that getting even.
  12. I've been testing different' methods suggestions and using the fighting stance to break doors faster and it is not that good because ironically is the only time where you can see an actual difference between each Jason strike animation, most will miss up to 40% of the hits even aiming properly to the door (which makes it almost the same as breaking it in the traditional way, while the most accurate because of his animation is the part 6 Jason the time to break a barricaded door is almost the same, what changes is the time to start moving after the breaking anim takes place, while the part 4 Jason being the fastest for his destruction perk no matter the method (can't test savinni's as I don't have access to that Jason)
  13. For the record I am not a team player and I helped killing Jason as the sweater girl about a dozen times with random people (sadly the achievement is only awarded for the dude that play as Tommy 😢)
  14. It's gone for good man, grinding for CP until you find a replacement or devising another load out are your alternatives.
  15. I think Freddy vs Jason final battle is in that version of the camp (according to what's seen someone plan to rebuild the place).
  16. Sir, you have one of the weirdest game choices I've seen on the internet....
  17. Yesterday was messing with some nes emulators in my phone and I must ask, Pamela's severed head flying around like DooM 3 lost souls would be too....corny?
  18. Well, what can I say, I play alone most of the time, and until I got the sweater achievement I stopped looking for that particular item on game, I still miss the kill Jason achievement, but as it is unlikely I'll ever get it I'm more focused on the repair stuff achievements right now.
  19. 😮 ok, I'll try that as soon as I can, I'm on Xbox though
  20. I'd love to but need somewhere to host the pictures
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