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  1. Yesterday I was playing as the part 8 Jason and he is the most "preserved" version of undead Jason, the mask lacks almost all the cracks and worn from previous installments, lacks the chain and damage seen in part 7 Jason, now lets jump to part 9 meatb....Jason, that mask resemble more closely the damage sustained in part 7 tough the crack in the right eye is new loss more worn out
  2. I see the point but as teamwork is part of the mechanics of the game that should stay but as i said before once you got the required items, unless that requirements are met then you're on lone wolf mode
  3. Well that goes for the mask belts as well since they're leather I think
  4. Right now I'm back playing Brutal Legend, I've seen some interesting mods but cant make them work, oh and the latest revamp of half life is kickass too
  5. Best: DooM Worst: The name of your favorite shooter-looter here
  6. Too many arguments to one simple fact, playing as Jason against a team is a miserable experience for the Jason player given all the flaws / oversights in the game mechanics
  7. I still wonder how Pamela should behave compared to Jason
  8. Shut off is not an option, maybe a booster to a random stat and even then it would be unbalanced since god rolls on the perks make unlimited stamina possible, not to mention as Jason is already hit a target (that lock during combat feature sux because most of the time you get stuck) counting for the slow attack speed and the clumsy animation (because all Jasons use the same damn animation for attack), my suggestions for fixing the map and walkie talkies are: -map should mark (once you find them) the cabins with radios / power generators / fuse boxes, even if you don't have the required item so you can backtrack once you found them, the spots where you find corpses / points of interest should be marked too (sometimes there are items you cant pick at the moment but you cant come back for later) and the only players that should be visible in the map are the ones with walkies
  9. That's exactly the point, he should have them all worn out or whatever but should be present unless some random fish from the lake ate them
  10. Script rewriting, budget adjustments according to that rewriting, part of the staff getting in/out of the project because of reasons, that makes any project in such a development hell feasible not to mention the result most likely will suck and be way too distant from the original idea as a direct result of such modifications
  11. Interesting. didn't knew about the international releases, but then again profit would be the point of debate, since mods and fan stuff that have been released for free is usually exempt of such regulations because is not getting any profit
  12. Have very few interests in life (or way too many depending on the perspective) but gaming is one of the top because it is entertaining creative and until a few years ago (lootboxes and online gaming changed that perspective to me) enjoyable
  13. I think they CAN release it BUT they CAN'T get any sort of profit from it, meaning they can't sell it
  14. Sorry man but my browser doesn't let me see the vids, any way I think seeing Tommy in hosp gown slashing people with a knife like Michael Myers would be hilarious
  15. In part 7 min 49 sec 42 (when he kills that nerdy girl he have no gloves anymore, the chain is gone for part 8 and 9, besides the belt and the gloves are made of stronger materials than the shirt and pants so the fist to go in that regard would be his shirts / pants, by the way this is the best design of undead jason for me
  16. The work gloves and utility belt from part 6 are gone for part 7, the chain in the neck as seen in part 7 is gone for the rest not to mention the rags he's wearing and the cracks in the mask and the jaw
  17. In part 5 then is the impostor Jason, the ghost (I think this one is the same as part 4) and Tommy cosplaying Jason I prefer raggedy, they tried to make that Jason so stylish but ended up looking like a hobo or something Not necessarily, just introduce the zombie Pamela (part 3) as a skin for Jason and there you go
  18. Cilve Barker had that project since I was on high school, and it's been a while since those days
  19. This also happens when playing as Jason, you can grab but cant execute, nor hit
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