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  1. I'm done, finally I got to kill a Jason as Jarvis, hitting A like hell and it didn't do a damn thing, got killed, then I check my mail and tell me fluctuations on achievement progress ain't a bug it is just the game way of saying I have to do everything online, FK this, I'm done
  2. Vanessa+Marathon+Restful+Thick skinned = damn deer
  3. Well I agree with you, many actions share the same command and is easy to being confused, for example when Jason kills a counselor with the door contextual kill and that counselor have multiple items, all drop near the door, trying to get some particular item most of the time end on you closing the damn door
  4. The problem is that may need adjusting all perks too, since you'll get with the same OP result with some perks
  5. I'd like to see how many people would like to see friendly fire back, but with an on/off option meaning ON= you're responsible if you get your ass kicked by another counselor instead of Jason OFF = You keep playing being immune to everything other players do except bear traps / road rage kills and body blocking.
  6. I;ve seen this happening with AJ, other counselors just try to tank traps and jump through all windows they can find
  7. AJ is the only one that makes the match last longer because unless on plain sight she can't be detected until you get rage
  8. UBER JASON!, I like McFarlane's version but I think NECA is a lot better
  9. the remake Jason or Freddy vs Jason neca figures can provide you with a nice body base for pre uber jason
  10. I must recognize you have a lot of patience, remind me of a guy that made a diorama of uber Jason fighting enraged Rick from splatterhouse remake which was awesome back then, I'll see if I can find the pictures he posted By the way, you'll add the pink electric guitar?
  11. I don't own the game, I got it from games with gold which is a bonus when you have gold membership you can play the game without buying as long as you keep gold, some others might have with game pass (its like rent the game) and the achievement will unlock no matter the status of ownership in your account as long as you meet the requisites for that achievement, so that 2.84% is unlocked only for the one that play as Tommy, not for the others, and it is unlocked once per account, so bottom line is, I'll take it for a demographic sample of xb1 player base that have succeeded in that particular task and that will give me and idea of how high is the probability to get nailed when playing as Jason
  12. Ah sounds great, I have the batman predator and the batman figure is waay better than the predator which is just a repaint of jungle hunter This ain't NECA but found it among I pile of stuff I had In case you're wondering its made of molten steel, I painted it long ago
  13. I'll start with dead aim, I bought it and never actually played it, I think the ps3 can play it, and seems to be a multiplayer but of different kind of resistance I think
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intellectual_property By the way, we're almost near the ond of this round of the legal battle http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2020/02/friday-13th-rights-arguments-to-bring.html?m=1
  15. Nope, some counselors are already OP as is
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