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  1. What about the appeal they made to the court? @PackASnack_Lodge
  2. The state the game is in right now is better than the one it will be in once the developers decide to shutdown the servers for multiplier I was talking to @Dragonfire82877 about this and he said all we will be able to play is offline mode in a long while.
  3. We dont get anything except double xp because of the lawsuit.
  4. If the lawsuit goes well(appeal) why cant the developers ask Miller to grant them the ability to release new content?
  5. @Dragonfire82877 thank you so much for youre reply ill keep this in mind!
  6. @Dragonfire82877 thanks for the welcome and also if thats true does that mean offline play will be unaccessable too?
  7. When the court comes to a decision will the games servers shutdown making the game unplayable?
  8. I know that I'm not the only person to complain about this, so I'm going to keep this short.When I had muted a individual for the feedback that occurred in their microphone they were muted for that period, however when I approached the individual to go loot I was able to hear that person's mic.I kindly asked them to please mute your mic because their feedback was hurting my ears.The person tells me to,"Shut the Fuck up."And walks away as if he had just roasted the president in front of the united states.So if any Administrator reads this please tell Wes to fix this.Thank you. -Latcholay
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