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  1. Can the owners of the official Fri 13th website finally remove the 'coming soon' weekly events from the website, on the news page it's STILL there - advertised at the bottom of the page. This is ridiculous, you've admitted on the site that there's no new content, so WHY? if the advertisement for 'Weekly Events' still listed as 'coming soon' at the bottom of the page. Are you guys really trying to still advertise content that's not coming on purpose at this point, or is someone not doing their jobs properly? Seriously, there's no excuse at this point, that should be removed from the site. I won't post a link as I assume it's against the rules but just go to the official Fri 13th game site and go to news, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you shall see what I am talking about!
  2. It's been NEARLY 2 MONTHS since the Engine upgrade. The same Engine upgrade which was allegedly the big hold up to any progress being made on the dedicated servers for consoles front. Well........... where's the update? It's been nearly two months, sooooo......... what's happening with the dedicated servers? I noticed they can tweet out advertisements for their new 'Ultimate Collector Slasher Edition' of the game but can't give any updates on the Dedicated Servers (for Consoles), the ONE and ONLY new thing that they can add now that they've promised (yet again) that they are still committed to adding to the game. The Ultimate Collector Slasher Edition releases 4th of September. So here's the thing...... by that time it will have been 3 Months since the Engine Update went live........ the thing is Gun Media claimed last year when they were allegedly working on the Dedicated Servers for Consoles back in August 2017 that they 'should' have them up by October 2017 (approx 2-3 months later). Obviously, we know that they never made that deadline and we now know that in fact they never even began working on the dedicated servers at all at that point. But here's my point, if they claimed it would take approx 2-3 months to implement last year and it will have been 3 months + since the Engine Upgrade by the release of the 'Collectors Edition' (remember this was allegedly the whole thing that was holding up the process of them working on the dedicated servers for consoles) then one has to question ....... Wouldn't the Collector editions sell better (especially for consoles) if they'd sold them AFTER they'd produced those dedicated servers for consoles, that they've promised time and time again? The simple answer is YES, so one has to question WHY? rush the Collectors Edition out BEFORE the dedicated servers for consoles are implemented, especially as according to Gun Media's past tweets (last year), they suggest that by that point in theory they should be 100% finished and ready to go. It's 'ALMOST' like they know the dedicated servers for consoles are NOT coming and want to rush to sell as many new copies of the game at a premium price ($80) BEFORE people realise this........ Time will tell tho. What do u guys think? Do you think we will EVER get dedicated servers for the console versions? How long do you think that the PC servers will last for? How long do YOU think is a reasonable time to wait until we should start to expect news regarding the servers?
  3. So no news on dedicated servers yet, but they can advertise a new 'Ultimate Collectors Slasher Edition' of the game for the low low price of $70....... uh huh, yeh sounds about right. Let's see if those dedicated servers for consoles arrive before this new version does, surely by the release of this new version we could expect some kind of update on their status, given it will have been 3+ months since the Engines were upgraded (supposedly specifically so work on the dedicated servers for consoles could finally begin). One things for sure there is deffo no way they'd wait another 2-3 months AFTER the release of this new Edition of the game to turn around and declare that the dedicated servers for consoles were no longer coming..... I mean if they did that some cynical people might suggest that they'd already known they weren't going to deliver on the servers, but kept it quiet in order to sell more copies of the new Edition to those who were still expecting the servers to come..... but there's NO WAY that the devs would do that. Nah, I'm sure we'll see the dedicated servers for consoles arrive before the new Edition comes out, or at least some kind of update, after all the devs have been true to their word every time up to now!
  4. The two things I am just waiting to see is, 1) if the dedicated servers for consoles ever actually appear by December 2018 (MORE than enough time to complete them - at this point there are NO MORE excuses left to give, either they are done, or they were never being worked on in the first place) and 2) if those who purchased the physical art book/soundtrack ever got their copies by December 2018 (AGAIN there is NO EXCUSE for why in 6 months they can't FINALLY send people what they paid for over a YEAR ago!) If we get to December 2018 and these things haven't been completed (i.e. people are still waiting for dedicated servers for consoles/their physical art books/soundtracks) and people STILL make excuses for the devs not delivering these things by that point then those with any sense of reasonable expectations as consumers, will collectively be pushing our fingers into our eyes and shaking our heads! At that point (let me be clear I am talking about a hypothetical scenario where we reach December and these issues haven't been resolved) anyone who purchases anything else from these companies are just gullible fools! For now, I'm just waiting until December to see what progress has been made, if any on fulfilling these last remaining promises!
  5. Fair enough Not trying to argue with anyone on here either - Just feeling salty at the whole situation overall and how things in general have been handled by the devs since launch!
  6. I mean't new content. If the engine upgrade counts as 'development' enough to justify keeping employees on the books to work on more content 4-5 months down the line, then surely patches and the dedicated servers for consoles that are allegedly still being worked on would also count as sufficient 'development' to keep the option open to return to creating new content 'if' the lawsuit' were resolved soon.
  7. It makes me laugh the way they state that even if the lawsuit was resolved soon that development couldn't continue, because you can't halt development on a game for several months and return to it after...... it makes me laugh coz this would hold MUCH more validity 'IF' it wasn't for the fact that they just did EXACTLY that, held off on any development for the game for SEVERAL months whilst the Engine Upgrade was being finished.............. Soooo why was it perfectly acceptable for them during that period, but allegedly, even in the event the lawsuit was resolved tomorrow (I know it won't be but I'm just saying this is what they have said) it would be 'too late' to continue development for the game and they've completely written it off now! - Seems mighty 'convenient' to me! If they knew about the impending lawsuit deadline for new content to be stopped way back in January 2018 (which the evidence suggests they did) then it's even more 'convenient' that the development of other content was put on hold for several months for the 'Engine Upgrade' - which frankly wasn't much of an upgrade, so that upon the Engine Upgrade being finished and the SP being released, the announcement could be made of the lawsuit, with so little time as to conveniently not give them enough time to finish any of the other promised content before the lawsuits ruling to stop future game development came into effect.
  8. Paranoia Mode was clearly based around the notion of someone else being the killer (other than Jason) - i.e. Part V - even the teaser ended with the slogan 'Who is V' - It's no co-incidence that Roy was released around the same time that plans for Paranoia Mode were abandoned, I have no doubt in my mind he was originally intended to either have something to do with the mode, or at the very least be released at the same time to drive home the idea of someone other than Jason being the killer. Also, the SS Lazarus (the boat) is from Part 8 - so u see - this has nothing to do with Part 4 which is where the entire concept of Paranoia Mode originated from. Therefore the chances of Lazarus being a new code name for the Paranoia Mode project is slim to none - leaning towards none. 'If' this new mode had been named something in line with Part 4 then 'maybe' I could buy this theory of it being a renamed Paranoia Mode but for the above reasons I doubt it. Furthermore they spent A LOT of time and resources advertising the new mode as 'Paranoia Mode' so I doubt they'd rename it after all the advertising they did for it with the name 'Paranoia Mode'. Well, they presumably still intend to make Video Games after this debacle that is Fri 13th. Even if most of the Fri 13th customers are now wise to them and won't give them a penny for future projects, they still will want to maintain their image with other companies in order to better their chances for distribution etc of their future products. Even if the game is being panned critically, the fact is they still made A LOT of money from this and with the game going down the toilet now with the lawsuit and the continued terrible patches that create more bugs than they fix, the fact is, they'll use this as an excuse to not implement console servers (even tho they say they are still working on it, I am sure a new excuse is imminent). Eventually (I give it 6 months tops) they'll close the servers down for PC and this will be even more money they are saving - again leading the game overall to have been hugely profitable. Furthermore there are STILL many people who bought the game who will STILL sit there making every excuse under the sun for every bad decision the devs made with this game. For these people the devs could never put a foot wrong and these are the die hard fans who will more than likely throw more good money after bad and support the next game these devs develop. The fact is tho that unless some major changes are made behind the scenes, the same level of mismanagement will occur, but as long as the next game is as profitable as this one, I doubt anyone other than the consumer will care.
  9. I mean I think people are assuming it's summat separate because firstly it's a reference to the boat in the movies, so wouldn't make sense for it to be just a re-purposed Paranoia Mode and secondly it's not as if they haven't been working on unannounced things before, again, there were leaked videos going around showing counselors in pyjamas and other emotes that were complete but unreleased yet, so yeh, they've done it before, so it's safe to assume it's the same old, same old, with this 'Lazarus Mode' - either way don't expect a straight answer about it, 'if' it was yet another thing they were working on before the lawsuit went thru, they won't admit it coz it would make them look bad to have been wasting time and resources on other things when they still hadn't fulfilled the promised they'd already made previously!
  10. Yeh it was the name of the ship that took them to Manhattan in Jason Takes Manhattan. Perhaps it could have been a new map? It's a map that should have been worked on along with the Grendel. The thing that gets me is they released those smaller scale map variants of the first 3 maps. Most (like myself) saw that as a shameless attempt to pad out the maps with little innovation/work, now they could claim there were 6 maps coz technically there were, but only 3 of them were really different maps. The thing is that the devs claimed they did that to make the games shorter / more concise, BUT this is thing ........ 'If' they felt the need to make the maps smaller and the time shorter for matches in order to make them more concise, then WHY? did they make all the future maps large. Don't get me wrong, I preferred the larger maps myself. BUT most people didn't want to play the larger maps and so then it meant that the larger maps weren't in circulation as much. Why not simply have made smaller variants at the same time as the creation of the new large maps (e.g. the Jarvis House map) and then release BOTH the large (standard) and smaller variants of the new maps at the same time, this would have justified the use of smaller map variants as it would have shown a commitment to continue to provide these with the new maps and would have given people a choice of how to play the new maps (large or smaller). It would have also meant there were equal chances of the new maps being selected when put on random, compared to the 6 original maps (3 standard ones and the 3 smaller variants). The fact they abandoned the smaller map variants basically confirms to me they were only ever meant to pad out the initial maps available, to give new buyers the false impression that the game had 6 unique maps, instead of only 3! I also don't get why? when there was content that was already complete (like the leaked new emotes/pyjamas clothing dlc) and other content that was very near completion (such as Uber Jason) - why?, given that they were given approx a months notice to stop producing content for the game, they didn't just release that content BEFORE the deadline was reached (the deadline for them to stop producing new content). Surely they could have wrapped those few things up and put them out BEFORE the deadline. Why? hold on to them and not release them, especially the things that were proven by leaks to already be complete? It makes ZERO sense, they get nothing out of not releasing it and obviously invested time and resources to get these things to their finished/near finished state in the first place. I mean if people can hack the things and use them fine then how come the company that MADE the things can't release them officially within a month - especially after the completion of the new engine upgrade, if they'd have released them BEFORE the deadline came into effect (for the new content to be stopped) then there would have surely have been no issue?
  11. Whatever 'Lazarus Mode' was the fact that evidence came out they were working on it begs the question WHY? WHY when you've already made a TON of promises such as Paranoia Mode, Weekly Community Events, The Grendel Map, Jason X, Dedicated Servers for Consoles - etc, etc, would you be wasting time and resources working on yet ANOTHER 'secret project' for the game. This kinda stuff makes ZERO sense and is exactly why we are in the position we are in now where most of the promised content was never fulfilled and now never will be. If Gun Media had focused on actually fulfilling ONE promise at a time, rather than announcing a ton of other stuff and working on even more stuff (like the other emotes and pyjamas clothing dlc which we all know from leaks was already completed, but for some reason wasn't released) that they hadn't even announced then maybe stuff people were waiting on would have actually been released BEFORE the lawsuit started demanding them to halt further development. They announced weekly community events on their re-launched site August 2017 - the lawsuit prevented them making more content in June 2018 (approx) - in ALL THAT TIME they never mentioned the weekly events again and never even worked on them - yet still continued to advertise (I am sure even now it's STILL on their website) these events as 'coming soon'. I dunno, perhaps these guys suffer from major ADHD, coz it seems they were completely unable to focus on completing one thing before announcing 5 more and working on another 5 more that no one was expecting/waiting on behind the scenes - leading to nothing but disappointment. These leaks just further illustrate how poorly things were being run behind the scenes. The fact is they had over a YEAR + to release all these promised features - things that were announced as 'coming soon' back in August 2017 so them using the lawsuit as an excuse is quite frankly ridiculous, as if they had focused their efforts on the few things they initially promised instead of making even more promises then they would have fulfilled their original promises before this lawsuit affected the game and people wouldn't be so disappointed. The fact of the matter is, if you are struggling to fulfill your initial promises, you don't double down and make twice as many more AND at the same time work on things that no-one was waiting for, at a time where you are constantly trying to play the 'small company' 'limited funds/limited workers' card. Bad management ran this game into the ground long before the lawsuit was ever an issue.
  12. Now do a list of things that actually work as intended with the release of this patch, would be interesting to see which list is larger! I think we can probably guess the outcome tho!
  13. Yeh, what bothers me the most is that they won't even give any kind of legitimate reason as to WHY they refuse to add him. I mean at least add him to the Virtual Cabin, he's lit the last Jason they have the rights to they could add after Uber Jason, so why withhold him from the fans? Plus I might be wrong about this, but I'd heard a while back that Jason X (pre-uber Jason) actually has the highest Kill Count of ALL the Jasons that have been in the films! 'IF' this is true then he DESERVES to be added and his omittance is a TRAVESTY! Hell even if it isn't true, I'm pretty DAMN sure he killed more people in Jason X than Uber Jason did, hell he was in the film longer, that's for damn sure!
  14. Yeh, I wish they'd add more hero options for us to call for help from, other than just Jarvis too! I'd personally like Creighton Duke to be one of those options!
  15. I would LOVE to see this added, tho I don't realistically think it will be/even if it was, it wld be buggy asf. Given how the game is at this point, I'd have ZERO faith in the devs to be able to pull this off without being bugged beyond all belief. Tho I'd LOVE for them to be able to. I just don't think they could, even if they wanted to. I think the way this would work is that others could push the wheelchair fairly fast whilst jogging, using up stamina in the process but 'if' you managed to help Mark survive (who could also obviously wheel himself places, etc) then basically the whole lobby gets BONUS EXP, meaning that the lobby would always want for Mark to escape, so would do everything they could to help him escape for that BONUS EXP! The person playing as Mark could again gain MORE EXP than others for escaping coz it's that much more difficult, they could add new achievements in too for escaping as Mark, helping Mark escape, killing Mark as Jason, etc, etc! I just think it wld be frickin AWESOME for Handicapped people to be represented in this game AND it would be in the spirit of actual Cannon from the films if we were able to use Mark's likeness/name, maybe even get the Original Voice actor back to voice him 'if' he's still about!
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