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  1. You got this result because the game itself is so poorly coded it is very inconsistent from round to round... nothing else. All Jason’s have been nerfed though the years to a point where the whole original dynamic of the game has changed, instead of it being a challenge for counselors to survive, it’s now a game of Jason being challenged to kill and not be killed unless you are playing a bunch of noobs.
  2. Its all B.S , every Jason gets stunned and knocked on their ass , I’m not sure if it ever worked, but if it did, that was years ago.
  3. No people dont lean patience overnight, but wont lean at all if they dont have to do it.... I make them do it..... you are welcome
  4. Again .... I’m a firm believer of patience, it’s a game not a type 1 diabetic needing an insulin shot, also 8 out of 10 times people who do this quit when they are killed or are trolls.
  5. I agree with you 100% it’s always the young kids who have to mash the ready button, they are Also the 1st ones to leave the second they get killed.... I always make them wait
  6. Is waiting 2-3 minutes going to change that much in your life? you must be one of those new generation of kids who have to have it now or you throw a tantrum..... learn patience
  7. So you obviously haven’t done all the kills...
  8. I only kill Jason if hes being an asshole, like teaming, doesnt matter if they are low level or not
  9. I own 2 crash Cunningham masks, a part 8 and 7, and am about to order a part 4 shower scene, he makes the best masks IMO.
  10. People have way to much time on their hands, I don’t know why someone would want to break a game so nobody can play it...... losers, I hope they get the punishment they deserve.
  11. More like it was brought back in this last patch.
  12. It was fixed on a past patch..... regardless this is a bug I can deal with
  13. I don’t know if this has been reported yet, but if you have a knife don’t throw firecrackers before you use the knife, because the knife Is vanishing again, this has happened to me more than once.... old glitches die hard.
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