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  1. You are weak, but for the record I personally love when people suicide, it is their way of telling me that they suck and can’t beat me.
  2. There are way to many med sprays in this game, I hope you are joking
  3. I could care less about XP, I’ve been a level 150 for 2 years and have finished all objectives and trophies, I have close to 2 million xp and probably haven’t rolled a perk in a year in a half. I’m sure there are many more who have done the same
  4. Wow ,that is a shame because allot of people are still playing this game
  5. Wasn’t there supposed to be an announcement about a patch for environmental kills around the holidays? Did I miss this?
  6. Being Jason is much more challenging than being a counselor and there is a large majority of players that don’t like to be challenged.... that is my take on it.
  7. I’m sorry but I could not disagree with you more,, all Jason’s are easily stunned, add that to his awful combat, pathetic grab, make it much to easy to troll him, I’m very experienced as Jason, but to really work hard to kill a lobby of good players, I don’t have to work even half as hard when being a counselor, it’s not even close. killing Jason is the easiest objective to do in this game so easy it’s boring, if you are having trouble you are defiantly timing it wrong;
  8. I’m sorry bro, but I’ve been playing this game since launch, Jason is very easy to kill, I see low level people(most cases 10 year old kids) in Q/P do it with ease it’s a shame how Jason has been nerfed in some way or another in every patch , I hope you guys can do something about it before you leave this game totally , like the movies this game will have a cult following, people are going to continue to play this game for a long time.
  9. Sounds like Somebody needs a life and a job, this is a novelty game, people who think it’s competitive crack me up
  10. Jason helpers, troll and cheaters are in the category of toxic there is a difference, my group looks for Jason hunters , if they are not in a lobby, we just play the game by the book.
  11. I was a backer and have played this game almost everyday since day 1, I’ve been at level 150 a week after gun pushed the level to 150, I’ve finished all the trophies etc... a while ago, when I get in a lobby with Jason hunters , I’ll go along with it once or twice, if they keep on doing it I instantly turn into a Jason Hunter killer, I’ll get into a car and run them all over. ‘There is nothing more fun than running over sweater girl(which is a Vanessa with medic 98% 0f the time) the then backing over Tommy right when they are going for the kill. I am part of a 3 man group that hunts Jason hunters , and any Jason hunter who takes offense to this are hypocrites.
  12. All these things that are happening are just memory leaks going on when a game doesn’t have basic maintenance, this is why it’s affecting some and not affecting others
  13. I agree with all your points 100%, Jason was nerfed in every patch except the “rage” patch ( which actually makes him easier to kill) can’t stack traps, grab, promos for window breaking(giving a safety window for counslers ) etc..... most of the environmental kills have t worked for months... they say it isn’t “game breaking” ..... When they did the patch were Jason couldn’t be killed in rage, they fixed it right away, not being able to kill Jason in rage is something that was not game breaking either , fact is the meta of this game has become Jason being the hunted, I hate that this has happened but like I said ..... it is what it is, they don’t even do basic maintenance on this game, do you really think they are going to change this game for the better? I have less than zero confidence in that.
  14. I have been playing this game since launch was a backer so I will give my 2 cents, yes it’s very easy to kill Jason , it is one of the easiest things to do in this game. What people have to now understand is that this game is no longer about trying to survive as a counselor this is not challenging at all anymore, I look at it as a challenge to kill everyone while not being killed as Jason, that is what this game is now and it’s not going to change. People can adapt to it and have fun with as I learned to do, or be pissed off(like I used to be) it is what it is.
  15. There is not much you can do, 99 out of 100 times you die against coordinated groups.... just a fact
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