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  1. You would have to pay HUGE money to use the likeness of any of the people used in a DLC, corporations like KIss would want millions….use any likeness without permission….. talk about getting sued…. Sorry something like this will never happen.
  2. Oh , I am well aware that there wasnt going to be any host migration, that would take them WORK, something they have never been good at, I'm just saying, if there was ONE thing they should have done it was that.
  3. Did anyone here actually think they werent going to not fuck up more than they fixed LOL!!!!! My 1st game back I couldnt tell how many more bugs are in the game because the host quit right after he was killed. that is the only thing they should have tried to do was find the way around that.
  4. That is the problem, we don’t know what the facts are, I’m with you on the conspiracy theory garbage, it’s just common sense other companies have already started production f13 stuff again look at neca.
  5. there are loop holes to everything.......... stop making excuses for them
  6. so you are one of the many 8 year old kids that I keep running over in my matches.
  7. I have been here since the minute this game was released, and there has NEVER been a patch that didnt screw up a bunch of other things.... I dont see that changing.
  8. I would say ive ran over somewhere near 500 plus, I also play with another backer.... that helps up the number at a faster rate.
  9. I backed the game and opted for the physical copy which didnt come until months after the game was released, as far as all the cheaters, teamers etc... I just changed my strategy to just running people over with cars, its all ive done for the last year, I finished the game 2 years ago, so there was nothing else to do but kill everybody even not as jason. I will continue to run people over until the game just doesnt work at all, and that will happen sooner than later, Gun knows this, hence why this forum will be gone, it doesnt take much to moderate a forum.
  10. This is Gun media we are talking about remember? have they ever been clear about anything?........... they are piss poor, and will continue to be piss poor, until the very end, I regret backing this game because they never finished it Jason X and a ton of kills are already done, and could have been put into this game, but that would have taken a little work.... something gun is good at doing. They are very good at making excuses and blaming others for their failures, I wouldnt give them a penny of my money ever again, this is the 1st time in years they have given a time frame for a patch, usually its "soon" since this a basically a shutdown not a patch, they can leave without even looking at people complain about the usual patch messes you know that you will get, by closing this forum.... its the final FU to the players...... I wouldnt expect anything less.
  11. You got this result because the game itself is so poorly coded it is very inconsistent from round to round... nothing else. All Jason’s have been nerfed though the years to a point where the whole original dynamic of the game has changed, instead of it being a challenge for counselors to survive, it’s now a game of Jason being challenged to kill and not be killed unless you are playing a bunch of noobs.
  12. Its all B.S , every Jason gets stunned and knocked on their ass , I’m not sure if it ever worked, but if it did, that was years ago.
  13. No people dont lean patience overnight, but wont lean at all if they dont have to do it.... I make them do it..... you are welcome
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