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  1. The downside is that you reveal you are millennial , a pussy, and a crappy player, Jason is underpowered in this game, you must really suck
  2. If you are having trouble killing Jason than you must be noobs that are not getting the timing right, killing Jason is by far the easiest think to do in the game
  3. There is no future to this game, where the hell have you been?
  4. At no point in this games life has Gun ever done anything, why do you think they will do anything now.
  5. Illfonic just did what gun told them to do, do you think that sony is going to let the Predator turn into a bumbling idiot who gets beat to a pulp and killed at the drop of a dime? I think not
  6. when i started playing F13(1st hour it was released) you could kill each other with weapons....... Gun shot was instant death, , shooting jason while he grabbed someone was instant death......Ahhhh the good old days, jason had balls and nobody was safe from anything, now this game is a comedy
  7. I dont use exploits but I will run people over with the car, I do let everyone know before the match is starting, and most get a kick out of it.
  8. this is the only skin I would vote for.......No skin, then maybe the parents of all the 10 year old playing this game(and ruining it) would take notice.
  9. any spped advantage Jason got with the pinehust map has been patched out long ago, he is slower than he was at launch and the campers are faster, you can also still get chain stunned until rage.
  10. ive played against Jasons who slide as well, the can shift and morph over and over, it also seems that people who play as vannessa are the biggest trolls
  11. if you didnt play at launch you wouldnt know, the current grab isnt the only thing that makes Jason weak, this game was sold to backers like me , that Jason would be Op and people would have to work to survive, it is the complete opposite now, it is zero challenge to beat, chain stun, troll , escape, or kill jason, Jason should have been improved on the change in meta, not the opposite. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just kidding themsleves or doesnt like to be challenged
  12. The biggest problem with this game is how easy it has become to juke jason
  13. If you are coming from the perspective of what this game was at launch you will think Jasons grab is pathetic , if you come from the perspective of what the game is now you, will think its fine , I dont think anyone is wrong or right, due to this being a very different game now, Jason is the hunted, not hunter now, part of the current game is about stunning jason and seeing how long you can make him look like a fool until you either escape or die. A majority of the people who still play this game came in after the engine upgrade, so they have nothing to compare it to, people who have been here from the beginning can all agree that Jason has been severely nerfed from the jason at lauch, some may like it some may not but its fact.
  14. All I notice is that Jasons grab sucks badly, they should have never changed it, but that ship has long sailed.
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