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  1. Ya-ya-ya-yaaa, ya ya ya ya-ya-ya-yaaa, ya ya ya ya ya ya yaaa ya ya ya ya-ya-ya-yaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. I feel your pain on that one. I think it took me 20 tries or so just to shift upstairs in the Packanack Lodge in one of the offline Challenges. I think one of the hardest skills to learn as Jason is shifting indoors. But that doesn't mean it is impossible and it doesn't make it Vanessa's fault that you can't shift indoors very well. The top-tier Jasons make it look easy and have caught me plenty of times by shifting through a cabin. (they get some of the best jump scares from me that way). Btw- Vanessa is the counselor I play as the least...by far. Mostly because there are always 3 or 4 of them in any given lobby and I prefer to play as a counselor nobody else is playing. If it wasn't for perks not working properly, I would leave my counselor choice set to random.
  3. I call it "managing your stamina". If you cannot catch a counselor as Jason then it means they are better at playing as that particular counselor than you are at playing as that particular Jason. Nothing more. Nothing less. I've noticed a lot of people like to say players that troll or use "tech" only do so because they are crappy at the game. In some cases that may be true but more often than not it is just an attempt to dismiss the player who beat them in order to make themselves feel better. More often than not, the player trolling or using tech is actually pretty decent at the game but facing that fact means looking in the mirror to find answers why you lost. And really, who wants to accept blame for their own failures?
  4. Back in 2003 I visited NYC for the first time and of all the tourist attractions I saw it was seeing Dana's apartment building that got me the nost excited. I even dragged my friends to the Lincoln Center just so I could do Peter's silly walk around the fountain. https://tenor.com/beoS5.gif
  5. Playing as Jason all those Vanessas aren't too bad to deal with. In a lobby full of Vanessas I will usually spend the first 5min of the match dealing with all the objectives and maybe catch a few non-Vanessa counselors. Once I have my Stalk ability catching those pesky Nessas isn't so bad. Playing as a counselor all those Vanessas are a bit more annoying. The average Nessa player will run around looting drawers and leaving cabin doors wide open (unless it is a 1-hit door. For some reason they insist on locking those lol). So they are more of a hindrance to the group than help. But thankfully they make so much noise they will usually keep Jason busy for the first half of the match and because they are so fast, even the crappy Vanessas can take up a lot of Jason's time. In those kinds of lobbies I seem to spend the better part of my time locking up cabins they have gone thru like a tornado and looting their dead bodies.
  6. I think a better way to say it is Fortunately, PC and Xbox can't crossplay.
  7. Is there any chance the option to choose to be host will be added to console at some point? Not only would be be a welcome feature to consoles that would help curb the amount of games ruined by the host quitting, but it would also get ahead of hackers who are attempting to hack console lobbies as well.
  8. Neither. What's worse is counselors who chase him around the map instead of just escaping.
  9. I read somewhere that the reason why the developers can't stop the hackers on PC is because the hackers ARE the developers. It was just a sneaky way to release new content without getting sued. The hacked lobbies are a result of the Paranoia mode being broken and went sideways on them. (and by "i read somewhere" i meant i read the post i just wrote )
  10. Well the good news is you are incorrect about points 1 and 3. Jason cannot see objective parts on his map and Jason cannot listen in on the walkie talkie (he CAN hear someone speaking if he is close to them but not the person on the other end of the walkie). And your 2nd point about a stam bar for Jason would tilt the gameplay in favour of the counselor to the point where the game would be unplayable. There are dozens of things in the game that actually dont make any sense but in the name gameplay balance, they are required. (ex - none of Roy's abilities make any sense but the only way to include him is to give him same powers as the other Jasons)
  11. From what other people have said on this forum, when Jason goes into combat stance he will turn and face the bed you are hiding under. (havent done it myself)
  12. I'm not much of a collector but of all the figures out there the ones I would want the most are the Puppet Master puppets. Namely Blade, Jester, Tunneler and Pinhead. Anyone know if NECA is the way to go for Puppet Master figures? In fact, if there is any semblance of Halloween this year I plan on making my own Tunneler costume.
  13. Also wanted to add that I just assumed that this forum would remain active so long as we keep posting on it. It's when the most recent post is more than a few days old that I would expect them to finally archive it.
  14. I wouldn't say they HAVE to keep it open for bug reporting. But certainly this forum is very helpful for those who have encountered a bug/hack and would like to know if others have noticed the same thing and what you can/should do about it. (that is exactly how I ended up here) I think the average person learns about Jason Kills Bugs by coming to this forum. I have no idea what TimDuke did to warrant what you said there but it was pretty funny, even if I'm not entirely sure who I am laughing at. (you or Tim).
  15. I actually do like some Danzig tunes (I only own Danzig 2 and 3). His acting isn't bad either. Just check out the vid below and how well he "acts" like a tough guy.
  16. Game is 4 years old and we still... ...have people saying "thank you!" when someone readies up with 15 seconds left on the clock. 😐
  17. The game is 4 years old and I... ..still try and pick up that health spray on the little cooler on Jarvis east island . One of these days the prompt will appear.
  18. Best Buy has it listed on their website but it says they are Sold Out. I'm guessing they never got any shipments of them to begin with.
  19. So Private Matches on PC still work fine and aren't hacked? Good to hear that the game is still somewhat playable on PC. By everyone's comments it sounded like you couldn't play multiplayer at all.
  20. I've noticed lately that sometimes when Jason grabs you out of the car and kills you right away the game glitches out and you don't die (even though the game shows you are dead). It is just like when there was the environmental kill glitches that let counselors live. I saw it happen twice to the same Jason who used the "one handed choke" after pulling someone out of the car. Jason dropped the counselor but the game still showed they were "Asphyxiated".
  21. While I am not a PC player I do have empathy for the unplayable state of the game. However, I don't see it as a "Black and White" issue, like some other people do. Fault lies at the feet of the Hackers who have made the PC version unplayable. One can also cast some blame on Gun for not patching the game to prevent the PC hacking but that is a bit more tricky. Preventing hackers isn't a one-time-fix like other patches are. Chances are the hackers will just adapt to whatever GUN does and find a new way to hack the game. So I'm not surprised GUN doesn't want to invest the money to try and keep up with the hackers. As for the legal issues with selling a product that could be deemed "defective", I'm assuming that GUN still sells the game because they legally CAN sell the game. GUN might be terrible at coding but I'll assume that at least their lawyers know what they are doing. lol
  22. Yeah! Just like how Toyota and Lexus vehicles were targeted by hackers/thieves who were able to hack/steal the FOB signal and be able to steal the car from the owners. Toyota totally stopped selling vehicles because they are a "Defective" product. Oh wait. They didn't stop selling vehicles, did they? (thankfully the Thieves want high-end cars so my Rav4 is safe...for now)
  23. The main reason why I start a smurf account is because it forces me to use Perks I don't normally use and in turn make the game a bit more challenging. Pub lobbies don't present much of a challenge so its fun to start over and use perks that you normally don't bother with.
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