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  1. I pulled these stats from an old thread. Are they still accurate stats? I had no idea that the pan was so good at stunning Jason lol. Pan: 4/4 Stun, 1/4 for anything else. Pot: 3/4 Stun, 1/4 DMG, and 2/4 DUR Plank: 2/4 Stun, 2/4 DMG, and 4/4 DUR Fire-Poker: 1/2 Stun, 3/4 DMG, 1/2 DUR Branch: 1/2 Stun, 1/2 DMG, and 3/4 DUR Axe: 3/4 Stun, 4/4 DMG, and 1/2 DUR (Used to be 3/4 instead of 1/2. Hmm..) Wrench: 3/4 Stun, 1/2 DMG and 1/2 DUR (Used to be 4/4 durability) Pipe: 3/4 Stun, 1/2 DMG, and 3/4 DUR Machete: 1/4 Stun, 4/4 DMG, 1/2 DUR (Used to be 3/4 DUR)
  2. I would say that on average there will be around 30 posts from people looking for Private Matches at any given time on the Xbox. It is usually pretty easy to find a group to play private matches with. But Quick Play matches are a total mess on the Xbox at the moment.
  3. I remember a Jason doing exactly that to me while I was a counselor and it scared the living crap out of me. It was fantastic!!! lol
  4. For glitches that prevent you from being able to interact with the environment ( like the gun glitch or Jason stuck in his choking a counselor pose) I find the best way out of it is to go into the water until you start swimming, move around until you stumble or have another player hit you. I find the worst of them all is the drawer in the top floor of the Pinehurst house. But I do agree that the current glitches are almost as bad as the rooftop dancers. Normally I would just exit out of a match as soon as I see anyone purposely glitching but on the Xbox it takes so long to find a match that I end up just playing something else instead.
  5. By any chance do you have more than one account set up on your console? I have experienced mic issues with gamechat and they were related to me having 2 accounts signed in at the same time. I could hear other people talking but the little speaker icon was greyed out and I they couldn't hear me talking. (seems to be a very common issue people are having with the game).
  6. Slashing counselors has it's place in the game but Jasons that slash and ONLY slash are lame. I don't have a big problem with it but it does take some of the fun out of the game and makes the Jason just look like a "try hard". What DOES piss me off are Jasons that throw knives at cars. They know full well that the game will glitch and send the car flying and possibly glitch the game to the point where it is ruined and cannot end. (seen that when counselors are flung off the map and the game can't end). If you have a hard time catching the car then get better at being Jason. Don't throw knives and risk ruining the match. This glitch is just a bad as counselors that used to go onto the roof of buildings. In one match I had a Jason hit the car with a knife sending me and the car off of the map in the out of bounds area. When the game ended and I was still alive because Jason couldn't get to me, the guy playing Jason sent me a message saying he "reported me" for glitching. lol People are ridiculous.
  7. Yeah I am pretty much done even attempting to use Flare guns or firecrackers. They are more likely to cause you to glitch out or lose your pocket knife than they are to stun Jason.
  8. You can do whatever you want with the sweater. But dont be surprised if people are pissed you didnt use it to help kill Jason. If Jason dies everyone gets the bonus points. So ya its a bit of a dick move if Tommy is on the scene and wants to kill jason.
  9. Im glad i saw this post. I had no idea why my knife would just disappear. Now that i know why it happens ill just drop firecrackers. They arent worth risking your pocket knife over.
  10. I was referring to noob counselors placing traps in dumb places and wounding other counselors. (Middle of a cabin, behind an unlocked door etc)
  11. - Give every counselor you have the Thick Skin perk. Noobs will place traps in the most ridiculous of places. - Even if a cabin looks like it has been cleared, search it anyhow. You will often find goodies that the noobs didn't see. - If you can't find the car key or fuse, it is probably in a noob's pocket while they are hiding in a tent or closet. Place a trap in front of it and hope they come out eventually and die. lol - Open every window of every cabin before a noob jumps through it and breaks the window. - Don't bother getting the sweater. Tommy is more likely to escape as soon as he enters the game than he is to help you kill Jason. - Don't be afraid to use noisy counselors. Noob Jason probably won't notice the noise and can be easily run away from anyhow. - Be prepared to be sold out to Jason. Think twice about picking up the walkie. Feel free to add to the list. lol
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