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  1. @MattP The two PKs in drawers are randomly placed at the start of the match. ALL item placement is done at the start of the match. (People thinking a counselor's Luck stat will change this is a common misconception). So no, calling Tommy isnt going to change what drawer the PK is in. All items and weapons a counseIor has will be on the ground by their dead body if they are killed. If they escape, all items and weapons they had will drop at the campfire or shoreline closest to where they escaped. A common mistake by new players is running around looking for PKs like they are going to win you the game. They will not. They will simply postpone your death. Focus on finding repair parts (that can actually help you escape) and hope you happen to find a PK along the way. I would probably list item importance as follows: 1 - Map (so you can see any repair parts that have been dropped) 2 - Health Spray (lots of things can hurt you) 3 - Any weapon (helps keeps fear down) 4 - Fuse (easiest way to escape) 5 - Car Parts 6 - PK 7 - Firecrackers 8 - Prop (f*ck the boat) 9 - Shotgun ( 99% of the time it is wasted before Jason even gets to Rage)
  2. On Xbox the player base seems to be just as large as it was before the dedicated server was shut down. The problem is more about the quality of gameplay than it is activity level of the player base. Since the server was shut down I find it is actually easier to get into a QP match (Private Matches haven't really changed as they were already P2P). And probably the best thing to happen since the server was shut down is that you no longer have your lobby shuffled after every match. So if you actually find a lobby of fun players you don't have to worry about being shuffled into a new lobby. All the players will stay in that lobby until they quit or are disconnected (which unfortunately happens A LOT). The most important thing in P2P QP is making sure you have a good host. If you have a good host and decent ping then the game is just as fun as it was before, imo.
  3. As long as this snake-oil-of-a-game is still being sold, people will keep trying to play it. I find it funny that 2 people voted that they don't play it anymore. Then why on earth are they still coming to this forum?
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    That sums it up perfectly.
  5. LOL. Don't forget that counselor is also going to leave the door wide open when they come raid your spawn cabin. And after raiding your spawn cabin they will jump from cabin to cabin, raiding only half of the drawers, not marking any car parts and leaving all the doors open as they go. And I don't even have to say what character that player will be playing as.
  6. Any spawn that puts you in the middle of the woods and not near a cabin sucks. Probably the most common for me is spawning by the water on Packanack. But at least there is usually a health spray at the lifeguard tower. There is nothing worse than always being 1 step behind everyone else and finding that every cabin you get to has already been looted. But the spawn location that I hate THE MOST though, is spawning right in front of the tiny, 1 window cabin just east of the Packanack lodge. The reason I hate it is because it is also exactly where Jason can morph to. I have been spawn killed by a veteran Jason literally 2 seconds after the match has started because I spawned at that stupid cabin. I have since learned my lesson and will immediately start sprinting if I spawn there. My favorite place to spawn is at the little campsite on Pinehurst in the northeast corner of the map. If you spawn there and the 3 cabins are equally spaced apart then you can grab the fuse and fix the phone in less than 2 minutes. It's why when I am Jason and I see the 3 cabins are spaced apart equally I will immediately morph to the cabin with the fuse and make sure to scare away any counselors in the area (I try and avoid spawn killing counselors) before trapping the phone.
  7. I just noticed this thread today. Needless to say, some of the comments in here did NOT age well. I hope everyone is doing ok during these trying times. It has been almost a year now since we first locked down and it has been and still is extremely hard times for people all over the world. @OCT 31 1978 , my belated condolences to your loss.
  8. I agree that Jason hunters will actually try and escape if their attempt to kill Jason fails. The point I was making is that people don't kill Jason because it is easier than escaping. They kill Jason because they WANT to. If Jason hunters WANTED to escape instead of killing Jason it would be very easy to do so. Much easier than killing Jason. I agree that Jason is way too easy to kill but when people say it is easier than escaping they are exaggerating. In certain scenarios, yes it can be easier. But on average fixing the phone and running to police is by far the easiest way for counselors to survive. And it isn't even close.
  9. If you were simply escaping as any counselor would then no, it isn't trolling. But I'm gonna guess there was more to this story than you simply escaping in the car.
  10. Probably the most annoying part is the game freezes in the "Checking Session For Room" and won't let you cancel it. Pretty much have to restart the game if it lasts longer than a minute. (on xbox anyhow). One good thing I have noticed since the game went P2P is the game keeps everyone in the same lobby until they quit. The dedicated server had a bad habit of shuffling lobbies after each match. So at least now if you find yourself in a lobby of good, active players you won't get thrown into a new lobby when the match is over.
  11. Don't worry about that. Some people have a hard time understanding the difference between fact and opinion.
  12. - Checking Session for Room. - Connection Time Out. - Checking Session for Room - You were kicked. Host has left the game. - Checking Session for Room - You were kicked. Host suspended their game. - Did I mention Checking Session for Room?
  13. Absolute Hardest Way to Win - Escaping in the boat as a passenger, AFTER it has already left the dock. (ie - someone else is driving the boat and stops to pick you up.) I was thinking about it and I can only remember ever swimming out to the boat to be picked up and taken to safety once. Escaping by the boat is hard enough. Having someone in the boat actually stop for you is about 1 in 1000 chance. Being able to swim out to the boat, climb in and escape, even if it does stop for you is literally the least likely way a counselor can win.
  14. I'm not defending rage-quitting Jasons. I am just saying it doesn't bother me at all if they do. The match has ended anyhow so if Jason wants to quit and go sulk then whatever. It literally has no impact on anyone else other than getting the glory of killing Jason. The fact that there is a thread about this means that those rage-quitting Jasons accomplished what they wanted to.
  15. If that same group of Jason hunters decided to put their efforts towards fixing the phone, car, boat, or survive the night then the escape scenarios would be just as easy to achieve as killing Jason. In fact it would be extremely easy to escape. So while yes, killing Jason is quite easy if a group of experience players put their minds to it. NO, it does not make it easier than the other win conditions. The Jason hunters don't try to escape or survive the night so they don't help the argument one way or the other.
  16. Because it is humiliating to them and makes them angry. If a low-level Jason gets trolled and then killed, I got no problem with them rage quitting. It is understandable. Vet Jasons should have a thicker skin about it but whatever. The game would be over anyhow so it doesn't bother me at all.
  17. No. By definition looping means you return to the place you started. Over and over and over and over and.....
  18. As the previous poster said, each match is different and it depends on what Jason and the other Counselors are up to. But assuming everyone in the match is at least playing as intended, I would rank them as follows from easiest to hardest. 1 - Escape by Cops 2 - Escape by Car 3a - Survive the night 3b - Escape by Boat. (assuming it isn't a "-swim speed" Jason) 3c - Kill Jason The cops are by far the easiest way to win. The car isn't too far behind. But I'd say Surviving the night, Killing Jason and escaping by the boat are all around the same difficulty. Again, it all depends on Jason's playstyle and how much the other counselors help you. Overall I would say killing Jason is the hardest because it 100% requires help from another counselor. The rest don't.
  19. I disagree with your statement that, in your scenario, the only way to survive is to loop. Your scenario is quite common and a lot of people are able to survive the match without resorting to looping. I don't have a big issue with looping or anything. I just find it lame (although not quite as lame as people's excuses for doing it) and as a spectator I would would end up leaving the lobby if someone was looping for more than a minute or two. To me it is the same as hiding in a closet. Sure, it's part of the game and there is technically nothing wrong with hiding or looping for as long as you want, but it makes the match boring and tends to cause lobbies to clear out. And we all know how hard it is to find a decent lobby to begin with. That is my main beef with tactics such as looping. What would I do in your scenario? Hop from cabin to cabin, scavenge for whatever items are left by dead bodies, campfires etc and see if I can survive. In some cases if there is still a lot of time on the clock, I will probably just go find Jason myself and have a 1 on 1 showdown. Ya he will kill me but whatevs. Start a new match and game-on again, my friends.
  20. That is exactly why I like using Part 8 Jason. Best moments in this game are when you are able to get someone to scream out loud because you scared the crap out of them while in Stalk. Some of my favorite pastimes while using stalk: - While chasing a counselor go into stalk mode and hide behind a tree just so I can watch them panic (thinking I am shifting) and run in circles using up their stamina. - Stalk-Shifting through a door just as the counselor closes and locks it. Then they turn around to see Jason just standing there. Usually a simple "Hi!" causes them to freak out. - If you hear someone repairing the phone, stalk-shift into the cabin and wait for them by the phone.
  21. I don't know what is more annoying: Loopers in the game or Loopers who create multiple threads on this forum looking for validation for their looping in the game.
  22. I just noticed this the other day. NoS doesn't work if your counselor is set to random. Is there a list somewhere of known perks that don't work when you set your counselor to random? Its kinda disappointing as I like setting my counselor to random but not at the cost of giving up perks.
  23. Trying to invite players into a Quick Play lobby isn't going to work very often. By the time your friend accepts the invite the lobby will most likely be full. There are basically 4 ways you can play the game online. Quick Play with random strangers - This is the mode most people play. Just enter quick play and you will join a lobby with a bunch of random people. One of those people will be host (you can tell who is host by the lack of ping). Quick Play with friends - Make an in-game party and when the party leader joins Quick Play everyone else in the party will automatically join the lobby. Make your own Private Match - Create a Private Match and then invite friends. (You can also make a post in Groups and people will ask to join) Join Someone else's Private Match - Look in the Groups posts and ask to join someone's Private Lobby.
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