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  1. 100% Agree. I'd say close to 50% of the people who are accused of Teaming are not teaming at all. Just two days ago I had a Bugsy take off with the car on his own and never stopped to pick anyone up (drove right past me honking). By the time he came back as Tommy I was the only counselor left and he wanted me to follow him to get the sweater. So we went and grabbed the sweater (I had no intention of using it) and knocked Jason's mask off. And when Jason grabbed Tommy for the 2nd time (no more PK) I stood by laughing as Jason killed him. He called me a Teamer and no doubt would have voted to kick me. But no, I wasn't Teaming. I just wanted to watch him get what he deserved.
  2. I've been using Sneaky on my low level Alt account for the past few weeks and it is definitely a lot more helpful than I figured it would be. I find it especially helpful against veteran Jason players who know exactly when to time a shift/grab shift/slash as you are trying to climb through a window. That 25% faster window climb really messes up their timing. It has saved AJ's heart-shaped butt countless times. Another situation it comes in handy is when you aren't sure if Jason has morphed away or is in stalk mode. I had a Jason try and trick-stalk me in the barn on Pinehurst and I was able to climb out the window and then climb right back in, leaving him grasping at air when he tried to grab me. The problem with that is I think perks that have a % increase of a certain stat value are based on the counselor's base stat. So it most likely has a diminished return when used on counselors with a low base stat. In a lot of cases you are better off maximizing the counselor's strengths than their weaknesses (for % based perks that is). But tbh, this is based on an assumption as I don't know for sure how the % increase is applied to stats.
  3. No. It was fixed a number of months ago. I havent seen it happen in a long time.
  4. For the last month or so I have only played in Xbox Private Matches and I've been ok with that. Biggest thing I would like to see them change in Private Matches is adding a ready up timer. With QP not working there are a lot of people playing Private Matches without a mic which is fine but it means you have no idea why they haven't readied up or if they ever will. Its the one big downside to Private Matches (and the host quitting)
  5. If at any point Jason is running AWAY from counselors or hidiing in the lake, he has already lost and Mother is ashamed. If you lose your mask AND have allowed your sweater to be stolen AND allowed Tommy to be called then ya, good chance you will get killed. Deal with it and continue your murder spree. Remember it isnt Jason who is running and hiding (he would never do that). Its YOU who is scared of "losing a video game". Suck it up, buttercup and go kill or he killed. Dont be a bitch. Lol
  6. Agreed. Better off with stun weapoms. Flare gun has 2 uses but loses one of them post rage. But Id still say S tier overall. I still think fry pan has a higher stun chance like the baseball bat. Just flimsy. Agree about the 2X4 being an underated weapon. I dont use it as much as I should cause it looks like it will give me slivers.
  7. I will 100% trust you on that one. Next time I am Jason I'm going to blare Danzig's "Mother" into the mic.
  8. There have been plenty of times I have seen Jason doing a kill with a long animation and I have run up and done some sort of emote (usually a thumbs-up if I didn't like the player that was being killed) and then run away. And I can assure you it wasn't because I was teaming. I don't have a problem with emoting or dancing. I do take a bit of an issue with tea-bagging because I find it lame and over-used. But if you get bent out of shape about emotes then you are probably taking the game too seriously.
  9. Idk about any of that. Sure, there are lots of a-holes and annoying people out there. But if you are afraid to meet new people and only want to play with friends then you are missing out. Btw, annoyance is not limited to age. I've had a lot of fun playing with kids who are 30 years younger than me and had terrible experiences with people my own age. Sure, kids may be more likely to annoy me than adults but I am not going to stereotype any age group as better or worse than another. I'll base my judgements on my personal interactions with individuals and not their demographic.
  10. I agree that none of those are necessarily "Teaming". To me, "Teaming" is when a Counselor is actively trying to help Jason (letting him know where players are, opening doors for him, running people over etc). Even counselors who rat someone out in order to save their own ass aren't "Teamers". They are just a-holes who will most likely get what they deserve next round. I have been accused of "Teaming" a number of times. It is always because Jason chooses to leave me alone (for whatever reason he had) and so people assume we must be working together. I can say with 100% honesty that I have never ratted out another player to Jason. Even if they deserved it. I've set traps to catch counselors, run people over, shot them, closed doors/windows in their faces. But I have never sold anyone out to Jason. I rather be dead than a rat.
  11. On Xbox I find it rare that people change the custom settings. I have played a few matches with custom settings but a lot of them kind of ruin the game. Played a few matches with Tommy being able to stun Rage Jason and it just made him way, way too OP. Played a few matches with the Car/Boat already fixed and ready to go and timer set for only 10min. But if the car and boat are already fixed...what exactly is the point of playing? lol Played a few matches with Fear Level maxed out when the match starts. That was pretty funny as it took a good 5 mins for my counselor to finally settle down.
  12. Agreed. There are usually 60 or so private match posts at any given time on the Xbox so it doesn't take long to find a good group to play with. The biggest downside to Private Matches is having to listen to teenage drama while waiting for people to ready up in the lobby.
  13. The only times I consider using the boat: - Jason is trash / isnt really trying - I am desperate - I want to die If I do use the boat I will: - drop and run if i screw up the prop repair - not start the boat until I know Jason is distracted or just used Morph. - stay close to the shore if possible - assume I will die
  14. Of the in-game kills, I would go with the campfire skewer. I think its the only kill that leaves the counselor squirming in pain until they die. Boiling their face would be a close second.
  15. No need to apologize. You do you. Your comments may come out of left field and may seem bizarre to most of us. But you are always respectful of other people. Which is something a lot of your critics cannot say.
  16. After the recent patch I tested firecrackers while holding a PK in inventory a bunch of times and I didn't have any problems with the PK disappearing. But yesterday I had both in my inventory (don't remember if I ever used the firecrackers) and when Jason grabbed me outta the car I had no more PK and died. It was really annoying because I specifically let Jason grab me from the car so I could use the PK and run instead of getting out myself and getting slashed.
  17. Also, - make the badminton racket a usable weapon - Chad should be able to wear Pamelas pants that are on the floor. - the terrible music on the radios should stun Jason when he hears it. Especially that god awful Summer of heat song. - the boat should have a radio that plays Miami Vice Theme Song.
  18. I thought I remembered someone in an old thread testing Sucker Punch and saying it didnt seem to change stun chance. Never tested it myself. Idk if the stat of 4/4 for Bat and Fry Pan = 100% stun or not. But they do stun Jason more than any other weapons. The only times the fry pan didnt stun a non-Rage Jason for me is when it breaks.
  19. People who run you over suck. People who don't run you over but also don't stop to pick you up suck even more. Fixing the car yourself and then having the driver just leave you there stranded is the worst. 😢
  20. -watch other jason players videos for tips -use Offline bots to practice Shift ability (including holding RB to Stafe while in Shift) -trap objectives before you start chasing counselors around -when a high stam counselor wants to run circles around tables or cabins, DONT STOP. They WILL run out of stamina if you keep pressure on them and dont let them stand still. -break as many windows as you can -use TKs to get easy damage on counselors who are going through windows -if you get trolled, dont quit. Remember its the trollers who look ike ass-clowns to the rest of the Lobby. Good luck and have fun killin' !
  21. Are these still the stats for mele weapons? If so, Bat and Fry Pan are best options to get Jason on his knees. Bat: 4/4 Stun, 2/4 DMG, 2/4 DUR Pan: 4/4 Stun, 1/4 for anything else. Pot: 3/4 Stun, 1/4 DMG, and 2/4 DUR Plank: 2/4 Stun, 2/4 DMG, and 4/4 DUR Fire-Poker: 1/2 Stun, 3/4 DMG, 1/2 DUR Branch: 1/2 Stun, 1/2 DMG, and 3/4 DUR Axe: 3/4 Stun, 4/4 DMG, and 1/2 DUR Wrench: 3/4 Stun, 1/2 DMG and 1/2 DUR Pipe: 3/4 Stun, 1/2 DMG, and 3/4 DUR Machete: 1/4 Stun, 4/4 DMG, 1/2 DUR
  22. I swear every thread on this forum will turn into a dick swingin' contest if given enough time.
  23. @Shirohake there are plenty of helpful and informative members on this forum that will answer your questions without ridicule or judgment. Sure, you will have some trolls and mean-spirited members as well but that is the case on every forum, unfortunately. Hope you stick around.
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